Mowing ovets- occupation for professionals. Sometimes it is full of elements of gambling sports. Originated in faraway Australia DIY shearers competitions always attract crowds of passionate fans.

But in a large farm where livestock herds tens of thousands, not to sports passions. It should be cut as soon as possible, and for the work taken, not only professionals, but also clumsy. In the midst of farm work for a haircut distracted a lot of people.

The staff of the Kalmyk Research Institute of beef cattle (KNIIMS) headed by Doctor of Biology AG Kharaeva saw a solution to all problems is to put the sheep shearing on a conveyor, or rather, just two.

Ring of cradle conveyor moves the sheep, whose feet are secured in special grips, do not injure the animals. Sheep driven upside down. Oddly enough, the animals pretty quickly get used to this position and do not show a significant concern, and the last «trip» on the line long. The second conveyor belt goes under of cradle. It is designed for the transport of shorn wool to razbrakovschikam. Production line caters to a team of 16 shearers, each of which carries a maximum of two operations. One, for example, cuts out the right side, the other — left, the third handles the scruff of the neck, and so on, until the animal is completely bare. If someone hesitated and missed his land — not a problem at every post provides a safety net to remedy the admitted flaws.

As in every pipeline, the dismemberment of complex operations on elementary eliminates the need for skilled craftsmen. Even novices working in dispute and the tire is significantly less than when they had to deal with a sheep «as a whole» Greatly increased productivity, liberated scarce manpower. The economic effect from the introduction of innovations is three hundred thousand rubles a year.

And what is interesting: pilot plant has successfully operated in the walls KNIIMSa essentially opens up the prospect of full mechanization of shearing. There are already close to the semi-automatic device where only manual operation is not suspension of sheep line. Everything else will be able to make the machine. Authors are not news professionals mechanization, to such perfection is not encroach. This step is to make someone else.

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