According to the pipe in the flow of waste water floating rags, paper sticks. All of this builds up somewhere — cork, now we have to find it and clear the water breaks, something flood, spoil.

Pipe half meter in diameter. Even the climb difficult. The work lasts for hours, for days. Channels hose pump station pulp and paper mill divers cleaned and a half months! Work hellish and customer nedeshevo- cost more than 15 thousand rubles.

Clearing of drainage and sewage pipes were trying to mechanize. There hydrojet nozzle. But they are helpless if meet the large rocks, logs. In addition, the water for the nozzles must be clean, filtered, or nozzle clogged quickly.

I. Shekhovtsov, first class diver, has seen all. He is the author of several hundreds of rationalization proposals and inventions. Its shell hydrojet flexible hose connected to a pump, which can deliver water or steam, or a compressor for supplying compressed air. The liquid medium under pressure fills the inner cavity of the projectile and pulled back jets while moving. The projectile moves reactive power into powerful jet wash away silt. But in front of the stone, timber, dense deposits. Tknuvshis projectile stops. The operator, seeing that for the shell hose is not dragged on, switch on the water at the head of the nozzle and the shell begins to scour the barrier until it is blur. A large rocks and logs can be towed by him to the hatch using harpoons or Bagrov.

Not Neman pulp and paper mill shell worked fifteen times faster than a diver and operation cost to the customer is ten times cheaper. That was in 1977. Now the inventor has created a shell of the fourth generation, even more perfect. The simplicity of design makes it possible to produce it in any equipped workshop or in pilot production.

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