Agility is amazing!

COURT on the wings and the air cushion to expand the arsenal of means of transportation on water. ARE THERE OTHERS? NEED. ENGINEER SAYS Magnitogorsk Mining and Metallurgical Institute AS BAKSHINOV and offer his own invention — GIDROLET.

Twenty years ago Bakshinov worked in the blast furnace of Magnitogorsk. He was a journeyman, master and invent. Transferred it to the designers.

At that time there were hydrofoils (SEC). Bakshinov wondered whether it is possible to overcome the inherent in the design of this restriction? The fact is that when a certain threshold drag wings sharply increases cavitation wings lose stability, and all of this is no longer cope.

Do not make any movable wing? Alex Stepanovich built dozens of models. At first reluctant, then all the better and better they began to swim. It was strange, «water strider» …

«This ship will not be able to swim at all!» — Said the expert Bakshinovu. Alex Stepanovich model brought to Moscow and demonstrated to the experts in the sink — float!

After the due date, he has received a new refusal, already referring to the scientific authorities.

By the time the «pond skater» turned into gidrolet where Bakshinov worn by the plant, Magnitogorsk hitting the exotic and unusual view of the apparatus for water speed. He experienced dozens of screws (and screw is not easy), tried all sorts of angles of attack and their installation relative to the plane of the frame, tested the designs carved on the conditions and reaching new application came before the Committee. Fortune smiled on the inventor. He became interested in the idea of ​​one of the experts. He volunteered to bring an application to the condition and did it.

— What sort of dynamic wing complexes? What rotors? Is not it float? — Said in Bakshinovu CRI named after academician AN Krylova.- I remember five years ago, we have already given the conclusion of VNIIGPE. It says, do not float!

— You come and see — suggested inventor.

They sent a representative to Magnitogorsk. As it happens, in the presence of the distinguished guest’s visit triggered effect — and gidrolet went. Something’s wrong with the transmission, then the engine seized.

In the conclusion, which was then the inventor, was first a little bit «for health» — offer a completely new, not previously studied, the use of the principle of gidroleta probably will provide some scoring power in comparison with the SEC at the speed of 200 km / h or more. Next — just the opposite: power per vessel is likely to be close to the helicopter, at a Froude number equal to 10, diameter, and hence the weight of the screws would be prohibitively large, certainly arise aeration and cavitation, a «test model gidroleta, representative of the Central Research Institute Academician Krylov Lukashevich AB, have shown that in the conditions of still water were observed (?) systematic failure rotors. Shock perceived as the resistance movement of the ship will be a danger in relation to violations, loss of vertical balancing vessel, indicate the deficiencies noted the impossibility of creating gidroleta … «

Scientists at the Institute of Mechanics — Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences VF Shushpanov and J. L. Yakimov — led mathematical calculations, which confirmed the effectiveness of gidroleta at speeds up to 1 OOO km / h. They recommended further research Bakshinovu offered to conclude an agreement on creative collaboration. «We consider it appropriate to develop experimental and theoretical work on the improvement of the scheme and constructive embodiment gidroleta and to this end to build a large-scale model, accommodate instrumentation …». The contract is concluded. By the Institute of Mechanics, Moscow State University joined GPI Giprometallurg-installation, MGMI, Chelyabinsk Regional Committee of DOSAAF.

…On this sunny day gidrolet we went. He ran with surprising agility distance. The rate was at least 70 km / h.

If you make aerodynamic fuselage, titanium screws with variable pitch independent drive, reverse, dreaming Bakshinov yes assistants, so some workshop so little money (but you see everything — from the family), he would build a super-ship.

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