Sleep at a cabinet meeting? Excluded!

The automated system eliminates videotrekinga, records and reproduces the actions (and inactions) of the Legislative Council of Karnataka (India).

Viewing pornography and afternoon naps have become commonplace in the Legislative Council of Karnataka (India). However, the current session in a new government building in Belgaum for the members of the Legislative Assembly may be literally «exponential»: in the boardroom was set automatic control system for video cameras, which records and stores almost all actions of the members of the Council. Previously there used camera with manual control, operators focused solely on their speakers. The new high-resolution camera allows censors to watch the situation around the speakers. Inappropriate behavior «fraught» as streaming video plays immediately on several installed in the lobby of the Council of LED screens.

Innovation, which is part of an integrated digital konferentssistemy DIS (group company Shure), also helps to fix the attendance at meetings of the Council, automates the process of voting on bills and other issues. The equipment was installed DIS Delhi integrator Elgin Electronics, whose experts conducted training for the technical staff of the Legislative Council.

«Previously, recording what is happening in the gallery occupies two operators of our TB-department — said a senior technician of the Legislative Council. — And now in the Chamber are four of the PTZ camera from Sony megapixel resolution of more than 20 «. Each camera is pointed at his side; sensors automatically focus them on a single or group of speakers. A live broadcast of the hall of the Council of the video reminds elected representatives, that the meetings should behave correctly.

«If someone fell asleep, or engaged in filthy things, the new video system» will bring it to clean water, «- said an employee of the technical service of the Legislative Council. — Sitting in the lobby of the audience can see everything that happens in the meeting room on LED screens. Because of this, many judges are afraid to sleep in the hall. «

The camcorder can also be controlled via mobile devices such as iPod’a. Recordings are saved on the server’s hard disk. «On average, the daily record for semivosmi hours takes about 12 GB of disk space. Weekly records are stored on a server, the other in the archive — explains engineer Elgin Electronics Umesh Saxena (Umesh Saxena).

New DIS conference system also helps to hold the vote and record attendance. «To date, the legislators had to either raise their hands, or stand in the voting for the bill or resolution, — says Saxena. — However, the new system provides electronic voting. In every workplace, there are six buttons with different functions («yes», «no», «abstention» and so on.); assessors are given 30 seconds to vote. Golostogo, who did not press the button during this period will be considered invalid. Within minutes of the voting results are displayed on the LED screens in the lobby and in the meeting room — in the form of a pie chart, graph or table. As for the attendance, all members of the Legislative Assembly issued a chip card. «

In addition, the new system provides automatic translation of the speech in three languages, other than the principal, which is an Indian dialect «Kannada». Translation behind the main language of only 20 seconds.

The system can be used by up to eight active microphone consoles, including the presiding judge, whose microphone is always enabled. However, the chairman unit is equipped with a «master key», breaking all the microphones in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Chairman of the Legislative Council Dr. Shankarmurti (Shankaramurthy) commented: «Our technicians and experts have studied a similar system in New Delhi, and then we decided to implement the same here in Belgaum. It is a perfect tool for the job, we are ready to install the same system in the Legislative Council of the State of Bangalore. «

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