Smartphone Philips Xenium W737

Philips has released the next model of the «energy-saving» range Xenium. At the first examination the impression of a solid, highly detailed unit dark blue aluminum housing (except for the back cover), protective border on the front, no squeaks, no cracking and does not fall off, not washed and not break …

The smartphone can be placed on any surface scratches will not. I wore two weeks W737 in your pants pocket jeans in a variety of bags, backpacks, etc., but not a single scratch earned. The same proved to be a strong body and painting.

Consider the device closer. On top is the power button and the 3.5-inch headphone jack.

If the location of the holes for the speakers, no one causes irritation, the vertical arrangement of «On / Off.» Annoying many users. Say, in the pocket do not put, and the button is required to work. For W737 such prejudice is not true. The edges of the smartphone beveled, so false alarms are excluded. Moreover, at the tight turn button.

To the right are two volume buttons, bottom connector Micro USB. On the left is a mechanical button on the power-saving mode. It works on the following principle: to chop off all connections Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, blocked automatic software updates and other online fun. The screen brightness is reduced to a minimum, and in fact, the «inactivity» is limited to 15 seconds.

Finally smartphone provides a pop-up window, which is pleased to announce that the work is increased to 29 (… 37) percent.

The function is very useful — I personally was useful in the journey: do not bother seeking outlets in the mountain passes of Kefalonia. In the complete «lethargy» W737 is able to work more than three days without recharging. He takes calls, SMS, that is, ordinary working «babushkofonov.»

Many may not like such a categorical approach to energy conservation. Say, what about the Internet and other achievements of civilization in the form of Bluetooth and other games with entertainment? And here are just so good.

Mechanical button just outside mechanical. But inside is rather flexible software configuration. You can change the backlight time, to cancel or turn on the connection to the Internet / WiFi, etc. Of course, any of these steps will increase the battery life.

Let’s return to the front. It is the front camera, speaker and proximity sensor. About the «front» camera is nothing special to say — 1.3 MP for video conferencing. However, I do not know what it is. Or rather, I never know people who have used these conferences. But the producers insisted supply smart phones like cameras.

«Telephone» speaker is loud enough, only a vertical layout grid. Why this was done is not clear. When walking to accurately press a smartphone exactly to the hole of the ear. Any gesture towards the face total loss of auditory contact with the caller.

The screen W737 has a 4.3 inch, qHD 540 x 960 pixels, 100 pixels which is not up to the size of Apple. It would be possible to hold on … Screen TFT-IPS. Viewing angles are very good. Image not zamylivaetsya and does not fall in the negative, the icons and fonts are displayed without «chipping.» But the brightness is clearly not enough. At the midday sun to see the menu, almost unreal. This is not a negative, and the usual reality of modern screens. Sensor support 5 points taps. It is also a plus. Just I do not know where the five fingers can be applied. All Apps Android sharpened initially present under the two fingers: the first finger pressed, another double-clicked, then these fingers slightly spread the screen in different directions. The rest of the movements of the evil one. I think, in a very distant future, for example, on Mars, they will be in demand.

Years after 149 or 500 when the American Mars forwarders grow tentacles. It will be convenient to those friends with 16 fingers scaled picture beloved dog.

The main camera is located at the rear. Features it is also more than modest — only 5 megapixels. Setting the standard: photo, video, panorama. Filter Set standard «Sepia», «70», etc. What prevents add another hundred filters? Nothing prevents. Unless some kind of arrangement with Instagramom, Google and other personal motivation.

The processor in the phone Qualcomm MSM8625 dual-core and 1.2 GHz with 768 MB of RAM and 4 GB internal, expandable by sticking a microSD card up to 32 GB.

Usually here you need to follow bench-mark to show the performance of the processor. I do not put them specifically. What for? Perc. It supports (and holds, and «rolls» with no brakes) all known toys, software and video.

I would like to focus on the immediate benefits of Philips Xenium W737. And the benefit lies not only in its battery 2400 mAh. There is a whole set of technical advantages that bring smart phones to the level of charge born in 1997.

Remember bellied Nokia 3227, which had to be recharged every two weeks? Then it seemed to savagery. Even the charge lost by itself … And now it seems riding bliss.

Device: Philips Xenium W737 Frequency GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz Operating system: Android 4.0 Resolution: 540 x 960 pixels Battery capacity 2400 mAh Processor: Dual-core 1.2 GHz Dimensions: 128 mm x 65 mm x 9,9 mm Weight: 172 g


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