From 18 to 20 August, in Artek the final of the International contest of young singers of popular music «New Wave — 2013». The winner was 12-year-old Ukrainian, ward Producer Center «PARADIZ», the participant of the project «GolosDeti» Sofia Tarasova, with a score of 197 points.

On the first day of the competition participants had to submit to hit the country. Sofia sang Tina Karol «Namal». In the first competition day the young singer won first place. The second day of the contest was decisive, Sofia Tarasova presented to the public and the jury popular song Justin Bieber «Vau» and just blew up the whole room! The judges were delighted and unanimously set-jumping from Ukraine santke solid 11 points. In sum, the first and the second competition day from Kiev Sofia Tarasova became the owner of the Crystal Wave and the winner of the international contest of young singers of popular music «New Wave — 2013» with a score of 197 points.

Recall that in the fall of Sofia Tarasova with the song «We are One», also represent Ukraine at the international song contest «Junior Eurovision 2013», which will be held in Kiev.

In 2013, Sophia luck twice: in the words of the young performer, she is extremely pleased that she had the opportunity to represent Ukraine at two competitions, the girl was a long time for their dreams, work hard, do creative work from his childhood:

— This year I have a fruitful creative, just finished «Children’s New Wave», and then I start preparing for the «Junior Eurovision 2013». I am grateful to all my friends who support me and believe in what I do, and I have dealt with the fact that all 24 hours a day, I sing (laughs) and that is what I live and very happy, — says Sofia Tarasova, ward nU , «PARADIZ», winner of the contest «New Wave 2013»

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