SOLDIER Pitt, the service goes.

When it comes to Brad Pitt, for a long time, no one thinks that his life is similar to the existence of a rocker with a crowd of groupies behind the wall of the dressing room and a bucket with chilled champagne. He is the father of many children, his girlfriend Angelina Jolie just made a terrible operation, and even an actor for 11 years headed the production company Plan B, which in his life linked to the darkest and complicated story. In June, the world finally see the sci-fi blockbuster «War of the Worlds Z», in which Brad saves the world from an army of zombies. It is said that he did not speak for almost a year with the director Marc Forster (being the producer and lead actor), they say that the production of phantasmagoric tape, which is frenchayz, spent more than $ 400 million. Work on the project began in 2006, and in 2012, in an interview with Vanity-Fair writer and one of the creators of the hit TV show Damon Lindelof has admitted that he was shown 72 minutes of film material, which is urgently needed to save, and it was absolutely not clear where else 50 minutes timekeeping claimed in output.

This year, the heroes of «Generation X», which vied wrote journals 90, carefully making the iconostasis of them, will be a serious test of Hollywood. In the past year, with a whistle failed «John Carter» and «Battleship», which had a deep giperbyudzhety 200 million, and this season the Colossi with similar estimates titanic lead for just a «iksery.» Johnny Depp has a strange western «The Lone Ranger» worth 250 million, Keanu Reeves Perform «47roninov» (release tape about a homeless man, who became a samurai, was postponed for a year — payment system increased by 175do 225 million), while Pitt is «War of the Worlds Z» . If Paramount’s Pitt luck, the studio and their financial partners can return spent money and preumnozhat them. If not, «Z» will be literally the most overrated zombie film in the history of cinema. The main question is what possible defeat could end career of Pitt, who, despite his fame, the fees cover, children and Angelina Jolie (not to mention about the design houses), apparently believes that deserves much more. After all, he’s a great actor (everyone knows that), got four nominations for «Oscar» (not won even once), and all the latest serious picture with him («Robbery casino», «Tree of Life» and especially «Coward Robert Ford Assassination of Jesse James «) at the box office showed no clear results. Hollywood needs Brad as a macho of «Troy» or (at worst) «Inglorious Bastards», he needed his devilish charm of «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» and «Ocean’s 11». Few people are interested Pitt businessman, which this year will have fifty years.

«We live in a world ruled by violence — Pitt said in an interview with reporters Cannes, presenting his tape» Casino Robbery «in 2012. — Killer me to play a snap. Where more problems I had, if I portrayed on the screen of a racist. » During the work on «War of the Worlds» Brad had a chance to apply the killer instinct repeatedly: a lot goals flew writers, up the hill, where is his residence, from the balcony which offers great views of Los Angeles. And every subsequent visitor Pitt certainly had in mind the image of the Greek hero Sisyphus, who had to push the stone up the mountain, and he always rolled back. This summer and find out who performed the futile work: powerful customer or hired staff. Not a bad deal for the project, which the creators — and the producers, and director Marc Forster — initially perceived as an easy way to make money. All moved infinite sympathy for Pitt, which still looks like a Greek god. The gods also never retire, so Brad, by definition, could not happen trouble.

1992 Last year Brad Pitt arrives for the premiere of «Cape Fear» by Martin Scorsese — where he had a date with his girlfriend Juliette Lewis, who just starred in a film about a psychopath ripped off the rails. While Lewis talk to the press, the actor sat out on the sidelines, in his eyes flashed sparks anger. «Brad, Brad, — shouted at him because suddenly appeared on his face beam lighting, — can we ask a few questions?» «Well, of course,» — said Pitt. «And what it is — to play in the series» Beverly Hills, 90210 «? — Shouted a voice. Brad laughed and said that in fact he was not shot. At this point, the light is turned off immediately, and the reporter went to look for new victims. «That’s the way it was — says Pitt. — Blackout. I just threw it in the trash. «

21-year-old man from Missouri never played pretty rich guys in a difficult situation, as in the aforementioned TV series, but he had to play at least a spectacular appearance cowboy Jay Dee, who immediately falls to the center of hell in the world in the thriller by Ridley Scott’s «Thelma and Louise. » JD appears on the screen only for fifteen minutes, and during that time have time to give Thelma her first orgasm. «A huge step in the career of Brad», — says the actor bass, funny imitation of the ideal voice-over artists golosu.Tipichny accent resident of Missouri returned when Pitt begins to analyze the situation surrounding their choice. «I just knew right away that JD — it’s the same as me, a guy from the South. And since I will not need wild strain, I can break a big jackpot. «

«I was pursuing a dream that someone popolzovalsya my toothbrush,» — said Pitt me, resting his eyes from under his camouflage cap. He kneels in front of the sink with a screwdriver in his hand, just finished attaching the wall porcelain brush holder. Today Pitt Saturday he should tidy up their apartments — two-bedroom apartment in West Hollywood, which he recently shot with his friend Buck Simmons. After the blue and certainly freydistky symbol Brad worries fixed on the spot, he begins a tour of the house. Underfoot revolve three dogs that move so quickly that only have time to fix the pink tongue and movement of legs. Outdoor Pitt shows croquet court and a basketball hoop. «We will throw in the evening» — promises an actor. One of the rooms packed with musical instruments and recording equipment. Another almost empty, only a few boxes lying on the floor. Relentless Californian sun pounding through the windows. Finally, we come to the place where, in fact, lives Pitt. The bed is a mat that is pushed into the cabinet. «Just here too bright for me,» — says the actor his extraordinary bed.

Pitt was born in Oklahoma and raised in the town of Springfield, Missouri. In school, Brad than just not doing: team sports, debating club, the training committee, minor roles in school musicals. Play performances and he continued at the University of Missouri, where he studied business journalism with an emphasis in advertising. But even when he left his staff and in 1986 moved to Los Angeles, no one had not occurred, that he wants to become an actor. «But no one was surprised, — commented Jane Pitt. — He likes to try everything. » Formally Pitt arrived in Southern California to go to art school, but there and looked. The most powerful actor Brad experience at that time was staying in a chicken suit who was standing at the door of a fast network Polio Loco (the holes for the eyes Pitt had chicken neck). «I went to acting class — says Pitt, with whom we sit down in the kitchen. — And one girl was impatient to go with the flow in the sample for the scene she needed a partner. In general, signed a contract with me. » At this point, the kitchen fly like mad dogs, followed by a neighbor stomping Pitt Simmons Pancake with a box in his hands. While we shake hands, Brad cleverly tells the story of a friend who was moonlighting at the casting «Where the river flows» looking for real fishermen who could play in the movies. Simmons talked with hundreds of fishermen from Montana, and eventually got the part myself — so they Pitt met. «Everything has its place and time,» — philosophically remarked tank, going to the plate to fry eggs.

«At some point I realized why the actors suddenly stop doing that successfully done before, — says Brad. — You find yourself surrounded by a bunch of people who in various ways, saying: «Do this, do that.» And they seem to hint that you achieved something and was about to lose it. Many actors because of this begins to manage fear, they are afraid to make a mistake. But that’s part of the business, it should be taken into account. » Also part of the business is a HYIP.

On the basketball court Brad does not work with the same ease as during the installation of the toothbrush. The metal bracket that secures the backboard behind the ring, does not want to be installed. «I’m very disappointed,» — mumbling to himself Brad knocking the ball on the asphalt. Then he begins manic dribbling toward the place where they should be located and shield ring. Simmons plays the role of protector and takes care of Brad so tightly that almost pushes it into a mesh fence. But Pitt subtle movement is inverted, rushes to the goal and dunk hammering in the imaginary ring. Everything happened so easily and gracefully, it seems: a guy is not even particularly trying.

1994 always knew that leave Missouri — tells me the actor lights a cigarette. — But it’s like in the song Tom Waits: «If you do not sleep, you will not see the dawn. And while you will not leave without taking home city of the world. I love my town, I just need to see something else. As soon as I opened the book, or turn on the TV, right in front of me there were other worlds, I wanted to know. » Of all rumochnaia Scotland was chosen the most incorrigible. In the air — a mirage, and it seems that objects blurred. It is clear only that Pitt can not concentrate. At around noon he was sitting in a bar in Glasgow. The actor tries to come to terms with the state of hangover that haunts him to Edinburgh, and finally distance itself from the perspective of shooting «Interview with the Vampire.» But here in the pub there it is — the kind of radiant barmaid, which occurs only in the movies. Or, as we have now, in the stories about movie stars.

For those who thought that our young conquistador carries only drinking, note: the morning we spent on something to satisfy all the desires of the tourist-Pitt, who longed to see the building of the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, one of his heroes. And then there were the breakfasts and confident indisputable gesture Pitt demanded a beer. When we actually had planned to jump on the train and rush to the Scottish Highlands, to capture the Loch Ness monster. Really. But with each beer I removed all prospect of a trip. Beer went just fine. And the bartender. She just glowed, and this gave the threat. So long as we choose to focus on «Interview». Neil Jordan’s film was worth it. «For me, the films have always been associated with cowboys and Indians — Pitt says to me, trying to explain to me the heavy burden actor. — When they offered the role of Cruz Daniel Deyu Lewis, then, as I was told, he was puzzled, but at that moment I thought, «Lord, have mercy, again, this actor’s garbage!» And now I’m a little began to understand what it means rejection of Daniel . When I read the book «Interview with the Vampire», it was wild delight. And the movie, I thought, too, is excellent. I was proud of the future film. It’s not for me — to act in the film, which would then not very cool. » The film’s director Neil Jordan thought so too: the more that Pitt, just like his character in «Interview» before filming was looking for release. Previous film «Legends of the Fall» almost broke it into small pieces. Moreover, in tandem with Pitt played by Tom Cruise, whose character, in contrast, did not seek liberation, and wanted to control everything. I was born the legendary duo.

Pitt shrugs off questions about the cold on the set between him and Cruz, repeating what Tom — a great actor and coped brilliantly with the role. No heat and could not be: Cruise in life is tense as a string, and Pitt is surrounded by friends, who tell him that the one he lost. Brad even on each survey bought a bike to quietly get out of the friends away. When the shooting ended, the actor threw great and walked to where he called intuition. But as soon as it arose uncertainty, he immediately finds a new means for moving in space.

«I really like Cruz, honestly like it — Pitt convinces me. — I’m just at some point began to perceive it as a character of the film, all to have, — he laughs. — People — they are serious. «

At this very moment a gang gomonyaschih local collapses in the pub. Someone buys shotu for all visitors. And what about the bartender? She still witty, funny, cleverly plays with words. Here she sits down at our table. And before the situation is completely out of control — this is when we face a bottle of champagne «on the house» — the conversation gets serious. The film is almost finished with Pitt remained miserable few weeks, but in our Brad «interview» there is an intermediate final — the moment when it comes to River Phoenix, whose role is actually played by my companion. Pitt’s voice, which is usually played at normal volume, enters the confessional whisper, and the seriousness of tone rolls.

«I knew quite a bit of Rivera, but would have liked more, — says Pitt.-His death all killed. You just have to understand that none of the young did not reach such heights as it is in the «My Own Private Idaho.» And all covered so terrible sadness, as if we had lost something really special. » The intense dramatic moment ruthlessly spoiling the sound of cork flying out of a freshly opened bottle of champagne. Glasses filled with over seemingly hushed bar hangs laughter, and suddenly the barmaid said she had freed, and wondered where we want to go further. Night program already seems to us in the form of the highway, bent into a huge question mark. «Oh, — said Pitt, as close to me. — You understand that from Glasgow today we do not go away? «


If asked Pitt to name the most significant event in the life of the last year, he looks at you like an idiot, and say, «I’m getting married!» His bride — the new princess of Hollywood’s 24-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow, who had just starred in «Emma «and her parents are not the latest in showbiz people: actress Blythe Danner (» Prince of Tides «) and TV producer Bruce Paltrow (TV series» St. Elsewhere «). «I can not wait, man,» — said to me, Pitt, and it is from the heart. Together we mesim dirt on the film by Jean-Jacques Annaud’s «Seven Years in Tibet,» the history of Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer. Now we we stamp somewhere behind the shooting camp under his feet squelching mud. «Marriage — a great thing, you just imagine that you someone says» I want you to spend the rest of his life! And I will marry only once in life, do you understand? «A few days later he sees the bride to celebrate the two-year anniversary. Brad and Gwyneth try not disappear from each other out of sight for more than a couple of weeks. «Before, it was the» rule of three weeks «, now reduced to two — laughing Pitt. — You can, if anything, check on our phone bills. «

As many know, the first time a spark slipped in between filming «Seven.» Part of the filming of «Seven Years in Tibet» was held in Argentina, and all the while Paltrow spent with Pitt. There he proposed to her. «Why do people get married? — Asked Pitt and immediately begins to sing lyrics Allman Brothers- «Because it — sunlight. She did such and there. » Soon the two of them will play in the film of his father Bruce Paltrow Guinea «Duets», and then get married. Because right now in America there is a happy young couple. And then everything will be like a fairy tale: in the morning they will watch movies in their pajamas, Gwyneth cook something, and Pitt finally enjoy the way in which it has become a home. » «I’ve already ceased especially somewhere to go — he tells me the actor. — She’s hanging over me, but I always take her home when I want. That’s about the way we maintain our balance. «

Night fell, and the whole crew Anno numbering a hundred people had just finished her dinner. Leaving appliances, all disperse in different directions. We can not say that the circle is, what to do in particular. There is a small room for massages, pool table, which is located next to the cafeteria. The most advanced of the filmmakers are trying to play a strip darts, but the game is somehow damped by itself when it comes to the most interesting items of clothing. Also prominently displayed is dragged along a guitar, you can take and bawl songs in the open. And some get drunk. After five months in Argentina and at least another one in Canada, the majority of the group stupidly want to go home. Pitt goes to his trailer. And, of course, he will say goodbye gracefully: leave your phone number and offer to call if something really needed. Under the starry sky Canadian I look at the yellow box trailer, which disappeared Pitt. Barely audible, as the record plays out Shawn Colvin. I remember Brad talked about how he enjoys the life of the current period. «I think I’m not doing this just for Guinea, her family and a couple of close friends — it sounds in my head a voice actor. -I Just have to try and pass this way. » Then I decide to leave Pitt alone and tell my driver that it’s time to go. «But we will go slowly — the driver tells me. — And here is full of deer. When it gets dark, they take off on the road like mad. » Well, it went quiet.

1999 Brad Pitt is waddling in Lisbon: another American on vacation. In his hand he holds a camera and something all the time relieve waist level. «I’ve learned a few tricks from some paparazzi-holes — explains the actor. — Paparazzi-Nazis. They are all the same to me: the horns, flowing tail and glowing eyes, like a Cyclops. » Pitt shoots Portuguese vagabond on a bench, and a flock of doves, which his displeasure scatter in different directions, uvilivaya from the lens. Now comes the last week of May. «I’m not busy, and Jane (his girlfriend, the actress from the TV series» Friends «Jennifer Aniston — approx. RS) on vacation. So we thought that we should travel a bit. » Pitt tries to formulate its own state at the moment, and selects the most apt word «vagrant.» «I’m finding, — he says, and adds some reason in French. — Eksplorasen. » I ask what he is looking for. «Well, it’s like a game — is responsible actor. — I just watch other people’s lives. I’m interested in another culture as one that is arranged. » Pitt has not played since the «Fight Club» by David Fincher, who is coming out this month. To play for a couple with two terrorists Edward Norton idealist, rejected suggestions Brad Robert Redford and Cameron Crowe.

Pitt looks relaxed. His girlfriend Aniston returned to the hotel, it seems to be no particular reason to worry, but nevertheless the atmosphere electric. Maybe I’m just weird that so imposingly could feel the man who just last year and held-by the fact that encloses life concrete fence. «We Jen just spend time here and see what happens — I said Pitt. — We just want to make this place special, ours. It did no one gets, right? «Pitt now plans to investigate art dekoshnoe cafe, which spotted earlier from the car window. It moves along an inclined road so deftly and quickly, even if someone recognized him and, at the onlookers simply no chance to get the camera. If you’re so famous, like Pitt, it is necessary to use the most advanced in the world tactics. For example, you come to the conclusion that the safest way to explore the city — riding a bike. Any pedestrian you pass, and if the car will appear with the paparazzi, it’s easy to hide in a side street. But even if you go around the city on foot, then you can apply your strategy. «First of all, you need a good hat,» — says the actor. Today it hangs Puma. «You have to constantly change hats — continues to Pitt. — And you have to be points, and you have to constantly be on the move. » Pitt and Aniston pretty well. «I would rather concentrate on that when I go alone — says Pitt. — Because I do not want to … «His voice breaks and I suggests:» It’s called chivalry? «-» It’s called love, as I understand it. «

David Fincher knew that Brad Pitt should play mysterious provocateur Tyler Durden, as soon as he finished reading «Fight Club» by Chuck Palahniuk. When it came to filming, the project is to be expected the clouds began to thicken. Especially after the Columbine tragedy. In the picture you can see the glorification of terrorism, anti-corporate, it shows that in the home, you can assemble the bomb. I remind Pitt that maybe this is the type of film that is so afraid of President Clinton. Paintings, in which bad people do terrible things without the slightest moral grounds. «And the question is, then what? — Plant Brad. — What is art? Art should carry us out of this world, forget about all the problems. And then come back. «Fight Club» — this is not of this opera. This film pushes the right buttons in you. It broadcasts truth. It’s like RacLiohead. They’re Kafka and Beckett’s time for our generation. And the film sounds as loudly and clearly as their music. » For the «Fight Club» Brad had to shave nalyso. «I Felt fucking — recalls the actor. — The best haircut of my life. » I am interested in who it did. Pitt shook his head and mumbles to himself. «Because — he almost growls. — It will be a, you know, nice little point in our conversation. I do not want to share with you moments of nice little dude. I want to be an evil and ugly. » Pause. «Well — finally, he says. — Jen I shaved head. We neighing with it. Just do not make this a nice little moment in the article, I ask. Just write that she shaved me. That’s all. » «We wanted to shave his head off even more than himself — recalls David Fincher — but his head had acne. And Fox plowshare guide us: «What are you doing? His teeth knocked out, and now you want to shave your head yet? «

From this story Pitt to draw conclusions about the industry of contemporary celebrities. «You know what’s funny — he says. — Every time I lightens hair, everything started to stink in this regard. And every time makes the dark, no one gave no mind. » Compare paradoxical, but it works, I immediately recall several colleagues who yazvili in this regard. «You see — Brad smiles from ear to ear when I tell him about it. — You saw a real absurdity! But this is my life, man. All my life!»

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