Solomin two faces of a single soul

Beginners and very purposeful singer Svetlana Solomin, she — SOLOMINA, decided to conquer the listener with the Internet. On request «Solomin,» produces countless search results — links to the tracks, interviews, sots.seti … Today soulful songs Solomina gaining popularity outside of the World Wide Web. Its very fresh track «nice» sounds on several radio stations, and the song «chestnuts» — in Ukrainian-rotation radio in Chicago. Open and cheerful Svetlana on the example proves that nothing is impossible for even the most daring dreams.

You call your Internet producer. As he helped you in becoming a musical career? You posted the track … and what happened?

And I heard this song on Facebook Oksenyuk Basil, who lives in Las Vegas. He really liked it, and he wanted to help. He was the first person who believed in me, thus, strengthen my own faith and helped me greatly in the beginning of my way, for which I will always be grateful to him. And of course, my listeners and fans originally appeared thanks to the Internet, because it is the only way to promote that I used at the beginning. All who follow my pages in the social. networks were and are witnesses to my formation as an artist.

Internet blurs the boundaries. Your first video «Dream is not about us» also appeared with the help of the Internet, or rather, man, «the network», which you have not crossed himself. Tell us about this moment.

This clip really happened by chance. There were materials from the video samples that we did with my other photo-graph in his studio — it was necessary to evaluate my «kamerogenichnost» and I just got up and sang for 1 double whole song. Some time later, I showed the footage a new friend on the Internet, who has lived and studied the art of post-production in New York. And he said: «Let me make this video! I need you even filmed so-and-so. » I am with my friends it took off in Kiev and sent him, and he had all mounted. For the first time we saw each other personally with him a month later. So to get the clip.

You did not study music, but possess great voice. And as far as I know, always wanted to sing. What made you start to translate dreams into reality?

Honestly, sometimes I was grieved to the topic of my lack of musical education. I strongly do not have enough knowledge about how the world of music. All I can do, and occurs at the level of intuition and feelings without any understanding of what I’m doing. Therefore, I am now, is in the free mode, I start to play music and really want to master the instrument. I think it will be a piano and harmonica. I really always wanted to sing, but is engaged in the management of other artists all the time discouraged myself that was not yet time. At some point I realized that I spend all my energy and time on people who do not really need. But I could spend it on yourself — a person who is interested in it 24 hours a day, because it is the biggest dream of his life! The only real dream. And when I was in itself made this decision, we began to be people, opportunities emerge circumstances. As is always the case.

Do you remember your feelings when you first came on the scene?

I literally a few shows ago, beginning to enjoy the scene and, in general, feel anything while standing on it. Prior to that, all my performances took place, as if I was a couple of minutes unconscious — so it was great excitement that I have not seen or heard, and then went down the stage with the thought, «God, what was that?» Now I, of course , still I worried, but no longer in control and enjoy. Make themselves felt a constant work and rehearsals.

You’re away from the «Format» standards? As you yourself call your music style?

The problem is that the songs I did not come to mind at will, or request, and … just come and it is clear how a particular song should sound. Because of this, I find it difficult to determine their size, this business of music critics. I can only say that at the moment, Solomin develops in two completely different directions. First — this is the English-language songs with live musicians, beautiful, lyrical. They can be attributed to the soul, country, someone is trying to call it a lounge. And the second — the birth of the song «Untitled,» which I wrote for DORNaBANDA — direction of the dance club tracks in Russian.

Everything, down to the clothes, image and composition of speakers in these two areas are totally different, but one and another, and I am very close and peculiar, something like an alter ego. This is my version of a decision on the compromise: for themselves and for the people. I decided not to choose at all, and do both directions in which everyone can find in Solomina that close to him personally.

You sing, including in English. There is a purpose to conquer Europe? Initially, I, like many young and ambitious artists who wanted to sing in English. Moreover, to sing in Russian I did not succeed. But time has placed its emphasis, and I became less categorical. But I believe that my English-language material has the potential for the European market and, of course, I would like to — at the big show biz. This is my dream and goal, and I’m going for it. All in good time.

I saw your «wish board» with pictures of Grammy Awards. And you is serious! Solo at Wembley too grandiose plans?

On this board is scheduled solo at Madison Square Garden. My mother always taught me: «No matter what you dream of: small, large, or the average price for that dream one — your life.» Therefore, why not dream of high stakes? I did not hit for it (smiles). By the way, 98% of what was hanging on my board desires 6 years ago, celebrated.

Recently you released the track «Untitled», authored by Ivan Dorn. Tell us about your cooperation. Where it started? Whose idea was it? How to work together?

Rather, the author of the songs performed DORNaBANDA, because in addition to Wani, worked on its development and Roma Bestseller and Jack Pahatam. They are incredibly strong creative team. The most daring of all those with whom I have worked. This, clearly, was the clearest musical experience in my life. I would like to be as bold as the guys — they do not set themselves no frames and borders, are not guided by the format and are not afraid to be misunderstood, and yet — they are a real buzz because doing. During the recording, which lasted several days for 5-7 hours, Vanya, without stopping, dancing, generating new ideas. I just sat there, staring, and kept thinking how it’s cool!

How would you describe your way of -nesereznaya, rock, romantic, girl from next door? .. Or you’re not going to stop in the same framework, and will vary and surprise? Now, with two musical directions, my image is also divided into two parts, each of which reflects a facet of my present. In one way I’m feminine, natural, calm, even, one might say, is neutral, while the second — I have his complete opposite. We are inspired by the ideas of the ’90s. Who is ready to form the image of a scene in which, incidentally, will include not only me. I selected a great team of the same crazy people like me, and together we are working day and night on the fact that people like what we want to offer them.

In August, you have planned undoubtedly necessary for every artist event — the opening of the site. What else to expect your fans in the near future?

Yes, we are now actively working on the site, which will also be divided into 2 parts — 2 different Solomin. In addition, in late summer planned shooting video. Already there are preparatory works, built scenery, selected staff and participants. It will be very stylish. A qualitatively new level in my work.

You have a lot of songs in acoustics. Perhaps in the future he will see the light and acoustic album from SOLOMINA?

I do not know how it will look my album. Perhaps we will do the example of Veuonse 2 disc, or release them separately. Frankly, I do not think about the album, but the songs have accumulated enough. Soon we will be releasing singles.

You were invited to act in films. What would it be for the film, who do you play?

Yes, this is my first movie role. The film is about show business, very funny and life. Apart from me in the film is removed a lot of famous people. In order not to reveal all the cards, I will not say who I play, but an interesting and controversial character. The soundtrack to be my song «Life is like a movie.»

You are the public relations director of the stellar football club «Maestro». How fragile girl working in an environment of creative and sports men? Now I’m trying to move away from active work pr director, but often come to practice and see the guys. Once we have traveled throughout the country to match the concerts. The bus 30 men and Solomin (smiles). Mark quickly got used to me and began to make his own. Always fun when they start in front of me to tell some «male» history, and one of the newcomers said, «Guys, here is the Light», and our captain Fozzy (approx. — Alexander Sidorenko, the leader of the group TNMK) responds, «Good , Solomin — his kid. » I am very pleased and flattered to be represented by players ‘Maestro’ older brothers who are for me the mountain and always help, they can.

I really like all of them. This friendship can be called a real success.

Working in PR is helping you in the promotion of your project?

Well, tell me it helps that I know the kitchen inside. Do not cherish illusions unnecessary, do not go on about the people who think that I — a fool and another canary. It helps that she can write lyrics, compose documents. Assistant I had just recently, before that I did everything myself. Of course, I have friends journalists, PR people, they help me as much as possible. But without a good commercial product — will not help any communication, everyone will say, «Well done, you good music, so it is a pity that in our country it does not sell.» What I often heard until recently.

You can call yourself an Internet addicted person?

Definitely, yes. I’m online 24 hours a day. I am justified by the fact that my work is directly connected to the Internet. But if you do not lie to yourself, then yes, I think it is a dependency that just do not bother me, but it helps.

Do you have a life motto? What? «We need to be rather than to seem.» I really like these words. I can not stand hypocrisy and trying to get those whom I want to, not just pretend. People are now, it seems to me, all tired of all artificial — talking about this global trend, back to basics. Organic food, organic clothing … If you are funny and fun, but the build of a gangster — nothing will come of it. Be funny and fun! Tomato is not trying to pretend to be an apple.

What do you wish budding performers who dream to be heard, seen its audience?

A couple of times I had messages that brought me to tears. In these people, my friends, wrote about what I — the only person from their circle of friends, who took it and began to carry out his dream, that I have for them an example and guide. Probably already in order to inspire other people to acts worth it all to venture.

Most importantly, make sure that your desire — the truth that it is not imposed «Gold Rush» and the pursuit of fame minute. If you can honestly answer himself the question «Why?» Without admixture of selfishness, then you can be sure that this desire — your guiding star on the way to implementing its mission. And then you will be much easier in transition and not to lower arms. Every day when I wake up, I think about what I can do today for their development. The whole day doing this and in the evening before sleep, am getting up, dream, think of something. This is not a job, it’s my life, that’s what I breathe. And the temporary difficulties, I sometimes do not even notice, because clearly see your goal and understand that segodnyashy of obstacles — is only part of a long journey. You have to believe that everything is going according to plan and everything that happens in your life to take, if you read a biography of a successful person! And, of course, remember that the success — it is 1% talent and 99% of labor.

We, in turn, wish to Svetlana implement all our plans, increase the army of fans and will surely make for a grand solo at Madison Square Garden!

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