Special BMP — 800 L

Jig-class household is equipped with quite a powerful 800-watt motor. Tool handle kerf in the tree depth up to 100 mm in steel — 10 mm.

Located on top of the body setting dial indicates the presence of an electronic system with which the user can select the desired frequency range moves. At the bottom of the housing of the pendulum action switch stages.

The model number of the notable features for its class. For example, the saw blade can be installed without an auxiliary tool. The support base is made of a casting, which adds to the stiffness of the whole structure and, as a result, increases precision cuts.

Skobovidnaya equipped with a soft-grip handle. The design of the jigsaw is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner to remove the waste directly during operation.

Price: 1850 rubles.

Anchor LE-600 / 60EM

By its power jigsaw relates to the middle class, the LE-600 / 60EM equipped 600-watt motor. It is able to make cuts in the wood — 60 mm deep, in aluminum — up to 8 mm in steel — 4 mm.

On the handle is located wheel setting speed limits. Stroke frequency is adjustable between 500- 2800 strokes per minute. On the side of the body a traditional pendulum action mode switch, which will strike a balance between speed and quality cuts.

The saw blade is fixed in the lock without the use of additional tools. The base and the gear housing — aluminum alloy. To reduce the vibration generated during operation, the system provides balances.

Skobovidnaya equipped with a soft-grip handle. Trigger wide and comfortable, there is also a lock switch.

The package includes a rip fence, which is useful for cutting long workpieces in size.

Price: 1250 rubles.

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