If you do not grasp the meaning of the performance characteristics of the motorcycle and not to look at the lining, not everyone can guess what lies behind the catchy appearance and modest price tag. And it seems that the creators relied precisely on the fact that to meet these malokubaturnye sportbike will be on clothes.

Oh, that’s why each is more or less a large motorcycle exhibition is full of Chinese people with cameras and notebooks in hand. Once in Milan, I stopped one «agent of China» over his shoulder and said, walking around the news Ducati, he was not just writing down their observations and completes field Count in artful form. It is not surprising that the clones of famous models appear in the first economy of the world, like mushrooms after rain.

But at first I still marveled at the almost complete similarity of the new model with Patron Blaze c YZF-R125: the same section of the headlights, the same silhouette in profile, the same seat, with almost the same texture, the same plump stump of the muffler, the same plastic tail under the license plate.

However, upon closer inspection, the details give a copy: purl stitches steel frame, plugged holes for mirrors arm of the lever (mirror here, as in the original — the plastic on the front). But overall not bad copied. At least the driver’s seat ergonomics claims I did not have: the legs tightly hugging tank valves in place, nothing would not hurt, side-on plastic malleable metal brackets.

But inspection suspensions somewhat disappointed. No, the fact that the plug is not regulated, I was not too upset — this is the tendency of many basic units, even from famous brands, but the complete lack of adjustment monoshock, including the preloaded spring, in my opinion, is already strongly falls from the laws of the genre. After weight riders may vary by half. And what range will be moved shock, one known designers.

Well, check the behavior of the Blaze on the road. With a click of the start button in the depths of the plastic cylinder engine comes to life. The sound is amplified facings, but still shrill notes issue volume slider.

Start. I accelerate otschelkivaem transfer, up to the fifth. Of course, it is naive to expect that the motorcycle with the engine hit the acceleration. And the left foot in the city have to work constantly. Tachometer seems in this case no help: arrow adequately behaves just 8000 r / min and above starts to jump between 8000 and 13 000 r / min. I twist the motor to cut-off, simultaneously noting that almost no vibrations — thanks balancer shaft.

Blaze allows different positions for the wheel. You can lie down and behind glass, like a real racer, but his hands counter air flow in this case relieves not much — not enough speed. Note speedometer flattering rider: the true maximum speed of 115 km / h it shows 126. It is more convenient to go, just straightened, something like the «road builders» — so do not get tired at the wheel.

On the line bike is very stable. In my opinion, even too much. The steering wheel can not just let go, but it seems that even the change on a motorcycle backwards — and he did not stray hair on the side. If you compare the photo in the profile «Yamaha» and «patron», the increase in the angle of the steering column «Chinese» is visible to the naked eye. Perhaps this explains the highly visible efforts that have to put that tumbled him into the rotation. Although the motorcycle takes a turn with confidence, in the slope of the path is not easy to adjust. Approximately governed by the old Japanese stories, like «Katana». When something better and did not want. Now many spoiled «bike» handling modern, especially malokubaturnyh «sports.»

This bike is quite «assembled.» There is no hint of a shimmy, suspension and frame work as a whole (though my weight under 70 kg Equipo harsh ass). Feathers fork — perfectly adequate diameter of 33 mm. Brakes -tsepkie just good, with clear feedback. bond. Duro HF913 tires front and rear DM1022 on dry pavement comply. Unfortunately, as they work in the rain, could not be verified.

The second device, which I’ve tested that day -Patron Sport 200, even more «lightweight» (in horsepower)

Kick on sportbike? An interesting option is … The province’s for sure a plus.

But smooth glides and foot brake for sneakers, and a motorboat.

option. Formally, it is also a sports bike, and the family resemblance can also be traced. Differences by Blaze a lot: from the engine, frame and simpler in design to the steel pendulum suspension and brakes. That’s not counting plastic and release. In short, the other bike. Slightly less powerful but much lighter and much cheaper «Blaze.» And in fact?

The first thing that caught my eye Adjustment of compression of the spring rear shock (here’s a more affordable model!) And two-piston rear caliper (instead of the single-piston at the Blaze). Planting is also good, legs and arms in place. However, spin a little straighter than Blaze and the load on the hands less.

Let’s go! Acceleration is certainly more smooth, and maximum speed -only 109 km / h (111 on the speedometer). And then there are the vibrations on the steering wheel — not much, but noticeable. For long road — critical.

Transfer switch is not very clear, neutral to me for a long time it was not possible to catch: effort off 1-2 transfers were more than the force of their inclusion! But make allowance for neobkatanny motorcycle: often after running and replace the gearbox oil bounces back.

But the slippery (because of its shape) to normal foot brake is clearly not come as a tough, but unstable front fork. The motorcycle is unstable in the wind, and its noticeable «raskolbashivaet» when trying to rapidly enter into the rotation. And the diameter of feathers there is noticeably less than the Blaze — 30 mm. However, exchange rate stability, in principle, a good (tire then the same — Duro).

The brakes are less transparent than the Blaze, although problematic, I would not call them. However, a track they had not expected. As the motorcycle as a whole. And to show off at a cafe or prohvatit the city from traffic light to traffic light — why not?


Sportbike without sporting ambitions — for someone to live nonsense. What are they for, if the path to the «ring» they ordered? But the one who chooses the bike as a beautiful toy, maybe it does not matter. Anyway, at first. Sportbike as the first motorcycle? The same option. At the very least, the parents will not, perhaps, so to experience when they find out that he does not Willie, or Stoppa. But seriously, «sport» — a certain degree of image, and where less -boevoe weapons. Therefore, in the province of neizbalovannogo sure both bikes will be in demand. By design machines similar, but driving performance is a cut above Blaze Sport 200. On the other hand, and much more. And what the buyer is willing to pay them — just for odezhku or stuffing in the bargain — time will tell.

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