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Two of the «PIPTSA» Chloe Grace Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse: kinoduet season.

September 5 starts continued vigorous comics.

Almost everyone who went to watch «Kick-Ass» three years ago, were quite surprised by the fact that instead of a comic book for teenagers we otovaritsya convincing deconstruction of the genre, full of references to the burning problem of fathers and children, and brutally stylized Makhach. Once we were invited to look closely at the girl Chloe as materschinnitsy Ubivashki and boy Christopher as psevdozlodeya nicknamed the bloody haze. As it turned out, in the course of shooting — especially as a result of the joint PR endless trips — the two together also shopped.

Not that they twisted love — after all, at the time Chloe was 13, and Christopher 19. But zakoreshilis thoroughly, and, as it turned out, the role of the older man in their relationship plays Moretz. «Clobber me constantly — complains Mintz-Plass. — Exercising for «Piptsa» she robust design to rock. » To balance the maiden carrot sticks, Chloe Druganov allowed to sing a duet with her Lady Gaga. «Keep singing Paparazzi», — says the boy-intoxication. «You always knew how to take a great high notes» — sums up the approval Ubivashka.

September 5, the two return to the big screen in «Piptse 2»; Mintz-Plasse will have to cough and how to tighten the current pop repertoire. «I’ve found us a new song — boasts Moretz. — Some and Get It Selena Gomez. Easy unlearns, great. » «Already I am downloading and immediately put on repit — rushing Mintz-Plass. — It is necessary to have time to learn the words. «

«Grand Central,» directed by REBECCA ZLOTOVSKI

At the box office since November.

Hanging at the Palais des Festivals photograph of film director Rebecca Zlotovskoy attracted attention primarily red lips, but after showing her paintings «Grand Central,» it turned out that beautiful girl is also a good filmmaker. Tahar Rahim plays a guy looking for work brought on by radiation from a nuclear power plant, and in search of an affair — in great love with the wife of Comrade (Léa Seydoux), also with radiation. Surprisingly well with a coherent picture of the metaphor of the base.



On sale from September 3.

Trent Reznor, passed way from the «Grammy» in the category of «Best Metal»

(for the song Wish, shock rhyme bad luck and fist fuck) to the «Oscar» for the soundtrack to fincherovskoy «The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo», a figure more than self-sufficient. The group Nine Inch Nails is completely subordinated to it: it goes on indefinite sabbatical, then suddenly there comes back to the accursed and wicked songs in the tradition of The Downward Spiral and The Fragile.



On sale from 24 September.

For ten years, Sting doing anything but writing: collected and falling apart The Police, performed songs of medieval English composer John Dowland, recorded with Charles Aznavour and the group «Tatu», singing for President Obama and Karimov. In other words, he brought the capitalization of its past achievements to the figures, which would have envied the relatives of the late Tupac. The Last Ship — the first since 2003, an album of original songs by Sting. With them, too, not everything is simple: the album is inextricably linked to the play by musician based on his childhood memories, which expects its debut on Broadway. But in the recording participated, among others, lead singer AC / DC Brian Johnson.

THE ROOTS AND Elvis Costello


On sale from 17 September.

After becoming in 2009 the House-Bend television show, Jimmy Fallon, Animals in Roots seriously upset their fans had time to get used to touring restlessness best in hip-hop live composition. But intensified studio work: before the end of the year the group will come two albums — the fifth and the sixth since the beginning of her TV career, and one of them Animals in Roots poured fresh blood a living legend and a member of the rock and roll hall of fame Elvis Costello, Plump a summary of which was a missed masterpiece. Just in time.


On sale from September 9.

Continuing to remain largely British phenomenon like OASIS (at home they Glastonbury headliners, ocean — warm up The Black Keys), Arctic Monkeys ne their attempts to build a transcontinental communication by Josh Homme. Frontman Queens Of The Stone Age producer and best album Arctic Monkeys Humbug and participated in the recording of AM.



By his second plate (first published in 2010) Monet — the most that neither is a superstar of soul, funk and other genres friendly. The first single to promote the album The Electric Lady is immodest title QUEEN, sung with the participation of Erykah Badu, and a remix of it quickly fashioned himself Prince.



Stand over the last year the young Canadian r’n’b-crooner has achieved universal recognition, sharing online free mixtape, but also being re-released on CD, its sophisticated, languid ballads came in a respectable draw. In front — a full-fledged debut album, which could place the birth of a supernova caliber of Frank Ocean.



One of the most unpredictable musicians of the past 20 years, the last «album» which was printed collection of music, ready to fight two records, the first of which will be like an acoustic. Fans received ambiguous (and unbearably beautiful) Mutations and Sea Change quietly jubilant, the other listened and single Defriended suspect beck all cheated.



Initially the record company branded as «too positive» (!), The fourth album MIA We waited last spring, then last spring — and continue to wait for the fall. Known for its independent-minded singer managed to promise that if someone asks her to change Matangi another note or syllable, it will release it on their own.




Releasing grandiose album The Suburbs, Arcade Fire finally entrenched in the status of the new Radiohead (as far as is possible in principle with living Radiohead). No wonder that most enlightened frozen in anticipation of variations on the theme Kid A — the more so among producers disc featured James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem).



The new album The Black Keys, probably not far off: the band recorded it in the spring of this year. Of course, not everyone is their album called El Camino, was awarded four «Grammy» and The Black Keys turned into the main rock band America — but I want to believe that, Dorval to fame, they are not nervous and not conceited.

New «Mad Men»

The premiere on 26 September.

If someone does not know, said: outstanding stendaper Robin Williams first tasted fame neshuteynoy it on TV, as a comical Americanized alien in the TV series «Mork & Mindy» (1978-1982). Thirty years later, he returns to the screen in the incarnation of «Mad Men» — the show «Crazy» (The Crazy Ones, CBS); Williams plays — do not laugh — the eccentric owner of an advertising agency, which he runs with a couple of touchdowns and practical daughter (Sarah Michelle Gellar). One of the agency’s employees shows James Wolf — aka Bob Benson of Mad Men (do not laugh, part two), and the action takes place on Madison Ave … sorry, in Chicago.


Premiere: September 26.

The airwaves back another popular favorite, Michael J. Fox. The last major test of the actor was slain Parkinson series ABC «Spin City,» which left Fox in 2000 — a year and half after announced his illness.

In the new series («Shaw Michael J. Fox», NBC) actor will play a leading TV news trying to recover from a five-year medical leave. The fate of the new Fox show, of course, will depend entirely on how adequately the Renaissance hero zarifmuetsya with access to hospital the actor and whether MJF in its current state to pull the long strap of serials.

«Masters of Sex»

Premiere September 29th.

Another attempt to work out a win-win combination: the early 60 e + savoring gender and social inequalities + promiscuity: «Masters of Sex» will tell the story of a pair of sexologists — William Masters and Virginia Johnson — who studied human sexual behavior at the University of Washington in St. Louis since the end of 50 -x at the beginning of the 90s. Relations within the tandem scientist were no less exciting than the object of scientific interest: Masters divorced his wife to marry Johnson when he was 65, and she — 55. Cast: Michael Sheen, Lizzy Caplan, Beau Bridges. It will be crowded and interesting.

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