Station of Metro Line «Terreiro do Paco» Lisbon

Opening the station subway line Terreiro do Paco was vital to improve transportation between the capital of Portugal, Lisbon and its suburbs, as this line serves about 20 million passengers a year. The line connects the Terreiro do Paco Lisbon to Barreiro, a city on the southern bank of the River Tagus. The project was completed in December 2007.

The designers of the new subway station in Lisbon considers the expected passenger traffic and set the task of improving the availability, safety and comfort, based on the best standards. To meet these requirements, vertical transportation equipment has been crucial in the development of the project. A special role in servicing passenger flows play escalators.

To improve the circulation of passengers between different levels of two groups of stations are installed escalators, four devices each. The capacity of each of the escalator 11 700 passengers / hour rate of 0.65 m / s, lifting height of 11 m. In connection with structural and architectural constraints escalators designed specially for this project.

Structural limitations

Presence of the concrete beams in the place of installation of escalators made to change the angle section escalator with 27,3 ° to 0 °, to provide a minimum height of 2.3 m. It was also designed intermediate portion of the six degrees of horizontal.

Architectural constraints

It is important that the lead angle corresponds escalators mechanical constructions existing concrete stairs.


Assembling these escalators were precarious. When the car arrived at the place of installation, all construction works have been completed. Was the greatest caution is needed to avoid damage to surrounding structures.

The installation process is started with a low-level escalators. They were taken to the place, hanging on the ropes above the opening in the floor, designed for top-level escalators to get to the lower level, located two floors below (10 meters). The equipment is very heavy, and it was important not to damage anything. This operation was repeated 16 times, since the escalators are four, and each of them is composed of four parts. All parts are collected in limbo as this metro station, and the materials were delivered to the upper level.

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