Storytellers free city

The pre-election struggle in the city — apparently so intense that has started to affect the mental abilities of some representatives of organizations who wish to push their candidates into the Duma. Recently, the city began to spread prelyubopytny agitation meant «not for distribution».

A few years ago there was a free city of Togliatti movement activists who assured everyone that the policy of «not doing.» Although regularly striving for power. And the claim that «the movement of our city,» and that they «Moscow does not control.» Keeping silent, however, with that lanky affiliated billionaires and lovers of Faberge eggs, also a billionaire. Just want to warn you that every possible overlap in the texts agitok this calendar movement to texts of other organizations, movements and so forth., Delegate their candidates for the City Duma — is pure coincidence.

So, PR of this movement, though pretend to speak on behalf of the majority of citizens, in fact, it seems to me, are trying to use the ears of his countrymen as hangers for pasta. Shines and other countries of n.

However, in order. In their leaflets, they somehow bold writing: «It is not for distribution. It is not propaganda material. » And then the text in each paragraph that — lovely heart PR man of the formula: «if not for the intervention», «lobbied», «personally insisted,» «to eliminate all», «salary increase», «will be insured», «work residence «, etc. And such «masterpieces» — «not for distribution?» Well them to the toilet or something?

Doubtful, of course approval. Anyway. Persuade them — a lot of honor. But what they write on, clearly suggests that they are not friends with the head. They assert that their «leader» Mayor Andreev «knocked out Merkoushkin billion on the road.» So, literally, without quotes — I picked up and knocked. Imagination paints a terrible picture. I can not even think to Sergey I. so disrespectfully treated the first person in the area. I suspect that this movement PR mayor Andreev did not sow, and enclose a huge behemoth. And as «leaders» like? Pretending not to notice?

And they have something more — more, he and de «criminals pushed from the feeder,» and «do the work of the City Hall open», and buses bought, and in general, «the situation has greatly improved.» In general, not a year in power and 12 labors of Hercules. Good «friends» of the mayor, either themselves in the twilight of consciousness, or other fools hold. Folklore recalls: «obliging fool -opasnee enemy.»

Well, if the association went folklore and fables, the Remember and grandfather Krylov with his fable about how a fly sitting on the horns of a bull, all buzzing, «we plowed,» as she manage and organize them.

Then simply counts: a quotation from agitok movement and concrete facts. From life. And not because of someone’s fevered mind.

The propaganda material «has bought 70 new buses for the city (which was not in Syzran or Samara).»

In fact: funding for the purchase of buses with a capacity of more than 18 seats on a lease made in 2012 at the expense of the regional budget in the amount of 185 800 thous. Rubles and the budget of the City District — 1877 thous. Rubles (99% and 1%, respectively) .

The propaganda material, «the situation has greatly improved with queues to kindergartens … Enters the year one new to kindergarten.»

In fact: it is a problem at the federal level. In total since 2010 in Tolyatti created 120 new additional groups that have taken more than two thousand young citizens. This fall, the builders will pass turnkey two reconstructed kindergarten. The regional budget has financed the work. Provincial authorities are actively solve the problem. And after the regional treasury money for the first time in the last 20 years has been built from the ground up and put into operation a new kindergarten «Ladushki» 18 quarter, thousands of Togliatti parents have hope. Construction «Ladushek» cost the budget in the area of ​​268 million rubles. The price of capital recovery kindergartens on Leninsky Prospect — 90 million allocated by the Government to provide additional places in the garden. The government of the Samara region in the next four years to spend about 4 billion rubles for the construction and reconstruction of buildings and kindergartens plans to eliminate the queue that is currently registered more than 10 thousand children.

The propaganda material «knocked out Merkoushkin billion on roads (or Samara, Syzran or received nothing — only Tolyatti).»

In fact: for the repair of highways and driveways vnutrikvar-experimental in the current year from the regional budget at the initiative of the governor of the Samara Region Nikolai Merkoushkin directed an unprecedented sum. Recall, the planned volume of funding long-term target program «Modernization and development of local roads Tolyatti» in 2013 is 1.176 billion rubles. Where 1.082 billion — funds from the regional budget.

The propaganda material «to start to solve (sic! — Approx.’s) Problem defrauded real estate investors …». In fact: in the area there is a program to help defrauded real estate investors. The Tolyatti seven problematic sites where purchased housing 800 people. Vice-Governor Alexander Nefedov notes that while other municipalities are finding solutions to the most complex issues and the number of drops (eg in Key Nele and Syzran), in Togliatti, on the contrary, the problem has stopped, because the local authorities did not lead active work with any equity holders or the developers. In the region as a whole managed to reverse the situation: the number of problem sites has decreased from 144 to 45, while the number defrauded real estate investors has decreased twice.

The propaganda material, «… personally insisted that Togliatti became the participant of the program of repair of sports facilities.»

In fact: this year will be built in Togliatti 10 universal sports grounds with artificial turf and lighting. The cost of each of them will be about 5 million rubles, funds were allocated from the regional budget. Recently, thanks to the initiative of Nicholas Merkoushkin finally opens «Lada-Arena».

The propaganda material «… voted for that salaries of teachers of preschool institutions has been increased by 56% in the industry.» Indeed: such an increase in the payment of teachers was stated at the election to become president of the country Vladimir Putin in February 2012. Due to regional funds increased salaries of employees of institutions engaged in social services for the population, disabled children in specialized preschool. Also in 2013, expects to increase salaries of teachers and pre-school facilities for these purposes from the regional budget allocated over 330 million rubles.

The propaganda material, «began to develop a network of MFC — decreased queue.» In fact: Latin-comrades Togliatti, probably do not know that this regional program and the like MFC opened in many cities, settlements and even villages. Togliatti then stood on a par with the Great Chernigovka and El-hovkoy, thank Andreev.

The propaganda material, «In 10% of the unit reduced the mayor’s office.» In fact: it was after the intervention of the prosecutor’s office.

And after all this unbridled «we plowed» humbly remind you that the area is helping, helping, and will help the city-worker. Provincial and federal grants and subsidies could be more, but that’s dependent on the ability to operate the City Hall and City Duma.

So, success and faith in the forces workers Togliatti! And storytellers want to ask: for whom are you holding his countrymen, if you think that they believe in these stories? People, be vigilant! Do not let the demagogues fooled. Most wonder: who benefits from the intervention of storytellers in Togliatti business?

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