Strategy. Verdict: Commando, Amigos!

Commandos: beyond of Call of Duty.

This addon has undergone the most violent advertising and promotion’u that we had ever seen. Launched in February, a demo version of the addon was all, uh, a new word in the industry. Now that we got at the mercy of the final release, we were clear reasons for this promotion …

This is the least similar to the set of additional missions in our usual view. These levels are not narisuesh left back for half an hour at lunchtime. They are, as one would expect — miniature works of art, pieces of eight. Actually, this is a small new game … Or what to call it …

News from the front.

Top news — in our team recruiting, and female. She called Dutch Contact, in Russian it will Shpiёnka. This, of course, not Tanya from one offensive play — no mass destruction here will fail. The maiden arsenal only banal and poisonous lipstick pistol, with which it zatselovyvat Nazi death. Even driving a car can not.

The rest of the gang, too, of course, will not go away and even to train a fresh focus and use of new "fichey". Silly as some ducks, the German fascist invaders are now beckon to certain death is not only the sound of fake radio station, but also a pack of cigarettes, and even accurately puschёnnym stone … But first things first.

Green Beret turned from a tough guy in a difficult monster. Mighty blow (perhaps even hairy) fist he now sends Fritz tucked into a clear knockout, and then handcuffed. Without the use of such "tactics" some missions did not passable. Moreover, Beret, as well as other team members, cleverly throws trophy cigarettes, to which the enemy patrol rushes like rats to the sound of some pipes, and not averse to occasionally throw towards the enemy weighty weapon of the proletariat. Oh, and, resting his mighty shoulders, the Thunder can move some heavy items such as field kitchens …

Sniper has not changed: in fact, new in his arsenal are only the aforementioned cigarette Kamenyuki yes.

Marine. This, in addition to the skillful handling of boulders, learned to put on enemy aqualung. Why would he need to — I will not say.

Sapper and so cool. Loved by many trap in conjunction with such enticing nearly full pack of cigarettes more easily do their dirty work.

Driver, in addition to all the other talents, learned to shoot a rifle and attention, intended to use the cudgel! Hmm, at Pyro Studios obviously like Dark Project …

Spy I personally like The greatest of all. In addition to traditional cigarettes now you know what to put in a trap, when you go to a German) and a syringe with a cyanide, he got handcuffs, ether in a jar (there are suspicions that it is chloroform — cloth attached) and a hanger. The last tool is worthy of some explanation. If you remember, before the enemy could get the form, only raided by local clothesline. Now — where serious: we give Fritz sniff cloth, chilling it and act rack, that is, ugh, undress. Sometimes a candidate for dressing up, staying in a dream world, and probably with a broken jaw, takes brings. The corpse can not undress, which, of course, logical — not quite aesthetic krovischi stains and bullet / stab wounds badly promote conspiracy.

On the job.

Do you think that playing in the original Commandos was difficult? Naive. BtCoD — real hardcore. Nervous asked to not even try. Load buttons in the middle of the mission does not have to use ten or even a hundred times. At the sight of the first job even hardened veterans of the invisible front climb on his forehead eyes. On a small island, where just swarming with Germans, we prescribed blow lighthouse, radar station, still about five turrets, and after all this down from a cliff on the elevator (!) And live to sail in a boat on the horizon.

What tricks have to go — words indescribable. Needless to say that the explosions came running together the whole garrison, and a barrage of our four guns because any corner of the case does not help. The whole area can be seen, and a false move, and the more the body is not removed in time enemy is total instant alarm. All this gives rise initially quiet panic and the desire to quietly shut down the computer and go play checkers. But then comes the decision itself … Try — it turns out! Rejoicing! Then unnoticed before the Nazis from the corner sends the ferry indispensable Spy … Oh yeah, it’s Commandos. For this, we love them. This is not some fake. Stark, a man’s game.

Clearly, no one strategy does not work, even twice in a row for the same mission. Theoretically, passing a lot of options, but in practice it works only one that the authors had in mind, and is the only major drawback Commandos, which is very comfortable and feels in the reviewed addon.

Among the new, photographically exactly are drawn, say, lokeyshenov — near the island of Great Britain, Bonn, the Netherlands, Crete and even a spicy, in light of recent events, a place like Belgrade. The story that shakes us all over Europe, I will not retell, sorry. Sharp, stylish, historically accurate — all in the best traditions.

Performance characteristics (TTX).

No, no, do not hope and do not worry — technically nothing new here, and could not have all the relevant "features" waiting for us to complete Commandos 2. Everything is in place, including, of course, the ability to split the screen into multiple windows to watch especially liked patrol. New buildings and especially the machinery and asked: "Look at us this very hour!". No, really, beautiful, hell … Some deadness pictures animated birds flying, splashing surf and other cute little things. In other words, Pyro obviously threw all their forces on mission planning, and it is generally happy.

But, and this is also one of the main news appeared Tutorial! Wow! Earlier never showed leniency toward beginners, the game suits very detailed, intelligible and mostly non-interactive tour of his inner world. Available on one roller for each character, and all sorts of equipment and facilities there deliberately plywood, and the Nazis the most that neither is true. Special psychedelic feeling — to see how Green, for example, takes a slow and stately cut throat vermahtovtsam defenseless … Then give play two relatively simple training mission.

In short, a solid top five. However, half of the score is still off. Reluctantly, the tradition remove 0.5 for belonging to a dubious tribe addons …

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