Strategy. Verdict: Green residue.

Civilization: call to power.

First impressions.

The surprises began even in the installation phase: "minimal install" I asked the 400 MB space. Maximum — more. If you have not, it is best to the maximum, because otherwise each time the library of the sweet sounds of the African chants and other pretty good (in the first two days of play) tracks will end up with the relentless crunch. Surreptitiously wiping away a tear after watching the video (epic creation), I suddenly heard a strange sound. For monitor someone croaked clearly, openly and brazenly pohryukivaet racked bushes. Especially strange to hear that, looking at the luxurious stucco, artsy Atlanta monumental caryatids and other delights of the main menu. Agree, developers could choose a less extreme as the title track. Hastily renaming of Mao Zedong in Lao Tzu (thanks to clever people with the history department!), And having time to marvel at the way immense number of races in the game, the future of Chinese newfound grandfather was in the middle of the wild woods with a shovel in his hand. And this is where the game was surprised again. Such absurd in the picture, the picture came to life. Whether able to do something with the color palette, or animated terrain and characters played their part, but when a man with a shovel walked (not crawling, not moved, not Rushed, namely walked) of primeval forest, life suddenly became more interesting. To the level of Age of Empires game is not up, but looks much happier and more cheerful "Alpha Centauri". "In such a game, and not a sin to play"- I flashed seditious thought, but I immediately drove her — in front of a pile of work waiting.

Field work.

After the departure of Sid Meier MicroProse with "Of civilization" afraid to blow off the dust, not to mention making some serious changes. A wild man too, can decorate a laser gun alien intricate bow, but it will not climb inside, because a lot of animals in the forest, and the nights are very cold. Activision have had more freedom. Of course, they did not pretend that their Call to Power has nothing to do with the original creations of Sid. Stray gamer can not immediately distinguish CTP of Civ 2, but there are differences, and serious.

First of all the game developers have tried to "demilitarize". These clerics, slaveholders, eco-terrorists and lawyers, in theory, help us to gain an advantage and win new, previously unseen ways. Electronic opponent, by the way, is not averse to take advantage of what some television evangelists, causing hardened followers of classical "Of civilization" gnash their teeth with rage and impotence. CTP tries to make us think that the engine of progress is not war, but trade. Speed ​​of movement on the scientific tree depends on the amount of gold in the country. Taxes in the game there, and the main source of income — is trade. He even came up with a clever and slightly slurred system "monopolies"That allows you to quadruple revenue from the sale of, say, beaver pelts, if one of your cities monopolize their market. Unit "caravan" It turned into an abstract line that same beaver constantly creeps in automatic mode. You can trade should not only domestically, exports and imports are often very profitable occupation.

Second, the system has changed resource allocation. "Civilization" controlled, in fact, with three pedals: the length of the working day, wages, diet. Yes, it is insane simplification. But is was not in Civilization simplifications? At least, if your state sick, you know what to do.

"Public works", Which replaced the army boring "Sattler"They lead to the delight of everyone. Cities unfasten a certain amount of gold on "Saturdays"And we distribute abstract labor on the understanding. In the vicinity of the city was built farms and mines, fisheries and tracking station. Over suburban land can be outrage 27th in various ways, the interface allows you to prioritize work a couple of mouse clicks and move on to other matters. And no longer "Sattler"!

Third, a quiet revolution has taken place in "fighting" part. So, what took you so long dreamed of finally reached and "Of civilization". There were stacks. Units can now be combined in groups of nine pieces and in such an indecent form roam the planet. Tactical decisions that have long been commonplace in other strategic games, "Of civilization" more pleasing novelty. Archers lining up behind the infantry and watered the poor flow arrows enemies while remaining completely unpunished. An impressive group of gunners can destroy the enemy with the first shot, and some units were given the right to shoot through the cage — what else is needed for a good artillery preparation before the final assault on the city?

There is something more cunning. Nuclear war, for example. There is such a strategy: store more nuclear missiles, keeping them in a safe place. Best of all — a submarine in the middle of the ocean. At the same time prepare paratroopers. Military bases — in this role acts town with a population of 1, located on the picturesque island not far from the enemy coast. At one o’clock "B" all warheads are sent flying. The goal — large industrial centers, cities in remote areas, military bases enemy. The sea of ​​special effects, all die. And the sky has tumbled fallout and paratroopers in the UGC. Guarantee — hundred percent. With a good scenario, you can destroy a big civilization in a single turn.

How much do we have … Fourth — you already know — we threw a thousand years. Underwater city and orbital settlements — would not you curious to check on fellow cosmic bombardment? Confused only unconvincing ending — how can the discovery of alien life compared with the attainment of enlightenment?

On a poor interface and general dryness.

About him, and wants to dry separately. From the marble pile of buttons and screens look intimidating, but actually enjoy all this economy is very convenient. Interface may have lost the aesthetic charm and clarity (meaning some cuts on panels offer a happy owner of the documentation), but it works flawlessly.

Instead of dozens of additional windows — tabbed pane at the bottom of the screen. With it you can do almost everything in the game — to manage the process of construction of buildings and units, change the allocation of resources to group troops. Change the political system can not be — to have a special pull-out menu where "stored" Screens science, statistics and other elements of luxury. All important messages (killed someone, something built somewhere idle plants) grow virgin icons in the screen. Click on them with the right mouse button, and they will die. Click virgin — and they are all show and tell. And how do you this: on Ctrl to select multiple cities at the same time for all specify a preset "queue" construction of buildings. Honestly, you feel like in the cockpit of a sports car — the professional players "Civilization" They will be very happy.

And now, as required by the laws of the genre, let’s gradually reduce the temperature of the narrative. The fact that the treated "patches"We’ll talk. The main drawback of CTP, in my opinion, in the complete absence of atmosphere. She was gone, but the face is not necessary, even at the level of Civilization 2. Call to Power, with its "Sports" interface looks even drier. No, graphics and animation, and music — everything is in place, I was a little bit of something else.

Remember, it’s nice to make a discovery. Or build some garbage in the city. Or Citizens Celebrating. Or Rioting. Or (though not to the point) — under the touching music first astronaut landed on another planet Master of Orion. Or the first freight train arrived at the station Electric City. That’s all this tinsel, and from which it seems strangeness of what is happening in the CTP is not at all. Dry menu "Select the following science"And nowhere to go to the first train, and our city — it’s just a list of buildings not yet built.

The developers have done everything that we were comfortable to play. And we succeeded. But to revive the game, despite the sea of ​​animation, they failed. However, take a look at wargame’y — they do not have souls, and people play — because they love poraskinut brains in his spare time and do not look for in computer games what they never had.

Other deficiencies.

You’d be surprised, but the game has a mistake. And mistakes. Of course, they will be ruthlessly destroyed by the first patch. Or the second. But the third — for sure. Script Editor, a latecomer to the train, there will be a little later, at the time of writing the review (summer ’53) finishes its beta testing.

For example, in the game there is no such need in a very large piece of strategic games like auto save. And another table of records. More important is that stupid program does wrong "avtokonets stroke" and "avtosmenu unit" — Trusting in the power of their "Pentium"You run the risk of going mad trying to figure out why all of a sudden turn is finished, when it would seem, it has not really started. Comrades, the army sometimes chips and pohlesche rooms — awkward movement of the mouse you may well send the cavalry in search of end of the world, and sometimes the computer from all the possible ways of getting to the point "B" choose the stupidest.

The notorious balance of power raises serious criticism — the story of a detachment of chariots, solemnly efferent battleship, seemingly forever buried a succession of patches in Civ 2, again with us. Fortunately, the file unit.txt open to all people with straight arms, and the first modification of CTP is already waiting for its first players. Most alarming Wonders. The authors have tried to make it so "very, very different" (Since I did not work with science and units), which it seems to be overdone with "wonderfully". Such "miracles" able to unbalance anything, not to mention the green Call to Power. And at the simplest level, the game rivals do not even try to challenge your right to raise all the wonders on the alphabetical list.

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