Structural optimization

It began optimization of the territorial bodies of RTN. On this, at the end of the extended meeting of the Ministry, on 28 January the head of the Federal Service for Ecological, techno logical and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor) Nikolay Kutin.

He noted that, pursuant to the message of the Russian President DA Medvedev about the optimal placement in the country of the territorial structure of the federal bodies of executive power, a scheme providing for substantial optimization of the structure of the territorial bodies of Rostekhnadzor.

As a result of its application to change the number from 84 to 38. As explained Nikolai Kutin, by optimizing the number of staff inspectors will increase, and the number of administrative and managerial staff, in contrast, will be reduced:

— Therefore, we are taking systemic anti-corruption measures aimed at improving the efficiency of our work.

Head of Rostekhnadzor stressed that structural optimization and focus on something to upgrade the administrative logistics processes within the agency without reducing the security requirements of Russian companies. This is guaranteed by the fact that of all the territorial departments of Rostekhnadzor, which will be «enlarged» saved their functions and powers for the implementation of activities in the regions of Russia, which will maintain the existing relationship and, in the long term, improve their gear.

Nikolai Kutin informed that the measures for the reorganization of the departmental structure will be completed by July of this year.

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