Style and Beauty.

Stylish Spit.

1. To create this hairstyle, as in the photo, hair length should be at the belt or use a hairpiece. On washed hair along the entire length, apply a light foam. It’s a little weighing the hair and allow them to keep in shape.

2. Clean zacheshite hair, gather in ponytail braid and large braid.

3. If the hair is false, first attach them to the base of the tail, and then proceed to weaving.

4. To make the hair volume, during the weaving form large rings.

5. Then the end of the spit into the bend under the base of the tail (for gum), and lock invisible.

Fashion trend.

For a long time, braids have been unjustly forgotten. A couple of years ago, they are again in vogue for several seasons, and do not lose their relevance.

Braids can create interesting and unique images by combining different techniques of weaving,

Elements or braids spikelets may be used in wedding and evening hairstyles.

About Jennifer Aniston hairstyle since the TV series «Friends» in the 90s dreamed millions of Americans.

Asymmetric hairstyle with soft waves in the style of Meg Ryan for a long time enjoyed incredible popularity.

In the 70 women copied not only make Twiggy, but her hair cut like a boy, which made the model famous.

Bob, elongated-to-face as Victoria Beckham, has forced many girls say goodbye to long hair.

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