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Retro wave.

1. When you create any hairstyle is important to prepare the hair. In this case I recommend to wash your hair with shampoo from the line of System Professional Smoothen and apply conditioner from the same series. Thanks to them, the hair will become docile and laid them will be easier.

2. Apply the lotion Resolute Lift — it will create the optimal basis for the subsequent laying of hairstyles and gives the hair silky shine.

3. Make a left parting. Screw the hair on large curlers and posushite hairdryer if little time to prepare. If time permits, you leave them to dry at room temperature.

4. It is important to respect the right direction cheat curlers: the right and left of the parting, curl wound down.

5. Remove the curlers and comb the curls towards cheating.

6. Secure the pins or invisible behind. Apply spray Sublime Reflection, to give the hair shine.

7. Finally, fix her hair with hairspray Perfect Hold.

Fashion trend.

After the screens costume film «The Great Gatsby» in fashion back hairstyles in the style of the 20s.

Hairstyle a la «cold wave» incredible demand today -aktrisy and representatives of show business are choosing it for publication.

* Such stacking optimally to do on short or medium length hair.

* A modern version of the «wave» allows easy negligence.

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