The variety of solutions for the bathroom space allows you to draw it to your liking. What attracts you — elegant shape and luxurious classic, concise and clean lines of minimalism? Or maybe you are looking for unity with nature through natural forms?

Elegant soft forms of furniture from the collection of Luxury, ETRUSCA, mix well with top in natural stone. Handles are encrusted with rhinestones. Finishing furniture is made by hand.

Sophisticated pattern Striped tone in tone complemented by exquisite pattern «damask».

Freestanding bath Nostalgy, POOL SPA, created for true connoisseurs of the classics.

Art Deco-inspired decor of the Italian factory OASIS to create a collection of Lutetia. The strict geometry forms part handles, furniture legs lines, refined finish — all the best features of the style embodied in this collection, which creates an atmosphere of luxury, typical of the 20s of the last century.

Bathroom in classical style — a symbol of respectability and prosperity. Freestanding baths with legs in the Victorian style, with volume gilded mirror frames, furniture made of expensive wood, taps into retro style — this beauty is timeless. All these elements require a decent background in a well-chosen finishing materials.

New Corian sink Soffio, ANTONIO LUPI, if grows out of the wall. The inner surface is highlighted by hidden LED.

The source of inspiration for the mixer Goccia, GESSI, served as a drop of water.

Shell Flower Rosso, GLASS DESIGN, reminiscent of the exquisite flower whose beauty emphasized luxurious frame.

The inspiration in organic design are natural forms and phenomena. The unity of the natural world does not preclude the use of the most technologically advanced materials, because they can achieve smooth and soft forms.

Minimalism in the bathroom can be described as «expensive simplicity». In this case, use expensive material and simple lines. Everything should indicate high quality.

Plumbing a series of Almond, SYSTEMPOOL, made of Krion Stone and very clean lines. Soft rounded shapes can be highlighted the contrast between the snow-white inner volume and an outer black finish.

Designed by Giulio Cappellini tub Oval, FLAMINIA, made of very durable material Pietraluce. For the model is characterized by a combination of square shapes and curved lines.

The new model is powered by Pera HOESCH — is a swimming pool with Jacuzzi, lined with tropical teak, which allows you to use the healing properties of water. The novelty is designed for three people, and can be installed outdoors.

In the spirit of minimalism concluded greatness, says the company KEUCO. Therefore, a new collection of bathroom accessories 60 Royal distinguish clarity, directness and purist style. Aesthetes-minimalists appreciate.

The collection of bathroom furniture Nendo, BISAZZA BAGNO first used golden larch, which has become an ideal material for natural expression of elegance and at the same time modern, minimalist collection.

New steam cabin Atlanta, REPABAD, attracts a stylish minimalist design. Among the additional options offered features aromatherapy and chromotherapy.

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