Stylish handsome men in red «doublets»

The summer red, faded favorite flowers. Time is impossible to cheat, but it can be negotiated! Purple foliage of some trees and shrubs can permanently extend the feeling of the summer extravaganza in the garden. Bold bright red accents are particularly impressive with the background light colored roses and flower herbaceous perennials.

Usually leaves most trees and shrubs are colored green, albeit in different shades. But as in every rule, among the flora there are exceptions. One of them — krasnolistnyh plants «haircuts» which delight the unusual play of colors. They are especially good in combination with the «neighbors», decorated with white, yellow, apricot and pink flowers, because in the background of dark red (sometimes almost black) leaves bright colors look even brighter.

Perhaps the most famous representative of krasnolistnyh — barberry. Their height reaches 2-3 meters, and sprinkle with spring branches not only leaves, but pretty flowers. These «weapons» prickles plants are perfect for creating clipped hedges or for compositions with different flower perennials, such as daylilies or autumn asters.

The perfect backdrop for a flower bed of roses, especially rozovotsvetkovyh varieties will be high sheared hedges of beech forest (Fagus sylvatica) Purpurea. Tip: If you want to make a more refined flower garden, next to the rose plant herbaceous perennials with silver leaves, for example Stachys (Stachys) and wormwood (Artemisia). Among purpurnolistnyh there are trees and shrubs that are worth far more than simply serve as a backdrop for winning more sophisticated «neighbors». They, no doubt, worthy of their portion of attention and admiration — it physocarpus kalinolistny (Physocarpus opulifolius) Diabolo and elderberry cultivars such as ‘Black Lace’ and ‘Black Beauty’. The first in May, covered with white flowers, the other from June pink blossoms decorate with a lemon scent. And the bright flowers of these shrubs in combination with the dark «clothes» look just great!

Krasnolistnyh perennials

Laying on his site a large flower garden in which krasnolistnyh trees and shrubs form a pattern or structure is set, the color palette can be further emphasize dekorativnolistnyh perennials, whose leaves are also red. Perhaps the most famous is the plant — Heuchera (Heuchera, pictured left), from which many kinds of carved leaves painted in different shades of red. It is perfectly suited, for example, a flower bed frame. Among sredneroslye herbaceous perennials with bronze leaves can be noted penstemon (Penstemon) Husker Red with white flowers or ciliated loosestrife (Lysimachia ciliata) ‘Firecracker’ — with yellow.

1 Cotinus coggygria Royal Purple and Salvia officinalis Purpurescens beautifully framed variegated ground elder (Aegopodium podagraria) Variegatum and point loosestrife (Lysimachia punctata) Variegata.

2 Skinny Black Lace elderberry leaves appear almost black. Against the background of light green Cotinus coggygria looks even juicier. However, last autumn the leaves are painted in crimson and oranzhevozheltye tone and gain a spectacular brightness.

3 The already saturated yellow daylilies near dark red physocarpus kalinolistnym Diabolo looks even brighter. Solar beauties accompany blue cornflowers (Centaurea).

4 of roses in pastel colors are also more in tune temnolistnye «partners» such as beech forest Purpurea, which is great for creating a sheared hedge. Against this background, double flowers appear in the most favorable light.

5 Flower Garden with apricot tones, complete with purple barberry, will not go unnoticed. Here grow nasturtiums, and daylilies mnogokolos-ship (Agastache). In the background, towering panicles makleyi (Macleaya).

6 leaves Rowan Ken spring and summer are green, in autumn, they are copper-red.

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