Superheroes — GLORY!

Tsikogda understood national pride. Do not think wrong — I am a patriot, and even stayed in their homeland despite the 100,500 options out of here in a country where the sun warms the tender, the streets are always clean and natives smile at each other well-fed European smiles. I love my country, but I would not say that I am proud that I am Ukrainian. You can be proud of something, what I have achieved. But in the birth of a certain side of the border is not well at all — any of my merits — it’s like gonorrhea that I have a hairy chest: a genetic accident!

These lines I write in the midst of Gamescom, and here in Cologne, I have revised their attitude to national pride. The fact that most of the interviews and the early tests of games we were not able to stake out in advance — now have to run around between the stands bison games industry and grovel, proving that we have a cool magazine that in some distant Ukraine has already spent electricity and invented the Internet . It’s nice to see the developers, which a year ago, we have already carried out an educational program — they happily waved and asked how things were going at the Ukrainian gamers. Some new people also left a very pleasant aftertaste: the guys from Perfect World, the USSR and Red 5 Studious even aware that Ukraine is not somewhere in Africa, and claim that our country is important to them. But, proving every Bethesda (in the eyes of their managers clearly read «Something you rarely have ceased to happen …»), Activision {«Do you still want to interview the creators of the Call of Duty? Then we will again refuse your request «) and EA (» Ukrainian magazine? We look at you more … bolts! «), That the Ukrainian gamers, too, it would be nice to chat with the developers of our mediation, involuntarily begin to understand: what is important Mission hanging on us. We were — Ukrainian gamers and game companies. Na’Vi, Vostok Games, 4A, Frogwares, «Igronavty» and «Spire!» — We all do one good thing: to tell everyone and not only the gaming world, that there is a country — Ukraine. And we do it, by the way, with one of the most beautiful forms of art — computer games. As a result, you, starting from the next room, waiting for the coolest bunch of exclusives — we had accumulated so many yummy that we do not even know where to start. Watch Dogs? Wolfenstein? CoD: Ghosts?

In general, the honor of the motherland is protected — and that is, and your credit: reading us, you support Ukraine’s only gaming magazine, well, we have to take responsibility for yukreynian shpilers trumpet to the whole world. After correctly say: if you do not Sunday woke up and risen, so Saturday was a success. You felt that this phrase does not fit at all with the previous text? And here is the fit. After a few minutes we’re going to a party Wargaming, to show the world: Ukrainian gamers can also famously danced, igniting all hang out. Ah, the harder it is still working — to keep the country’s image on the playing level.

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