Near Ephraim Fremaux offered to move in with him. I admit Volchek, we flew together in Sochi sanatorium «Actor», asked the council. Oleg live theater, it is not created for the family. Are you ready to forget about their dreams and plans to become a wife, mistress, nurse? «

I was silent, knowing that even to Ephraim can hardly leave his beloved profession. Always I knew my calling — to be an actress, and therefore threw Pedagogical Institute, where she studied at the Faculty of History and Philology, in spite of persuasion mother to leave his native Ivanovo to Moscow, to Moscow Art Theatre School.

Actor genes at me, probably from his father, Ivan Andreyevich. In his youth he was a competition in several theatrical high schools, but the war began. From the front, the father returned to disabled after being injured lost an arm. About the theater had to forget. He engaged in archival business. My mother, Vera Prohorovna, was the director of the city’s largest store «Fabrics» and a very beautiful woman. She knew not only all Ivanovo, but also a significant part of the theater in Moscow. For us to come on tour the capital’s teams, artists and bought the famous Ivanovo textile. Many famous men tried to hit on her, but my mother only smiled in response. She love la papa.

One of her most loyal fans and friends was the leading actor of the Theatre of Musical Comedy Emanuel Mai. I was friends with his daughter and called simply Uncle Monya. He was the uncle of the present Galina Volchek Sovremennikovtsy touring Ivanovo, of course, visited in May, and it is then not without pride, he said: «This sofa slept Misha Kazakov, on — Eugene Evstigneev. Who’s there just did not sleep! Efremov, Dal, Kvasha … «

Monet to his uncle and I went to consult when it decided to go to Moscow in the Moscow Art Theatre School. He listened to me, wiped away a tear and said, «Light the profession you’ve chosen a difficult, but I’m sure you will do it. In any case, I will give you a letter to Eugene Evstigneeva. He is now just at the Moscow Art Theater. With Galka our lives for a long time, but I will not refuse. » I promised to deliver a message, although, to be honest, not really count on the help Evstigneeva.

In Moscow, I went long before the exams in May. I wanted to be like everywhere, see everything, but bypassed theatrical institutions, make better for the Studio School no.

Viktor K. Monya Covo, who scored the course, I liked it. He took me directly to the third round. He said: «Everything. Consider you have a student. » And I began jitters. I decided after all to go to Evstigneeva. I find out when it will be in the theater, and stood at the stage door. Seeing Evstigneeva, she rushed to him:

— Evgeny!

— A? What? — He recoiled.

— Emmanuel Isaakovich May asked me to tell you hello.

— What? Yes? And you, in fact, anyone?

— I Svetlana Rodina, came to arrive at the studio school, but I’m afraid — I pass. Emmanuel Isaakovich told that I’m with you … I can — and mix.

— Do not pass? Why is that? Who gains? Karlovitch?

— Yes, Monyukov.

— Mm-m, well, okay. Do not worry, everything will be fine.

And left. I froze in confusion. The letter did not give.

When I enlisted, Monyukov pulled aside:

— Light, I told you that you practically adopted. Why has connected Evstigneeva?

— I did not connect.

— Yes of course! We sat in the House of the actor, and Lily Jour-kin whole evening stroking my knee and saying: «Kaglych, Light hogoshaya girl! Kaglych, need help! «(Lily lisp, but this speech impediment it does not spoil, on the contrary, gave a special charm. — Approx.’s?)

— What Zhurkina? — I was surprised.

— Like what? Lily — Evstigneeva wife.

— Yes, I know it do not know! And Evstigneeva nothing requested only gave greetings!

Somehow explained. With Li-lei and Eugene A. I met a few years, began to visit them on Suvorov Boulevard. They loved to recall how «treated» Monyukova.

The course we had no «star» and not friendly. With me learn Boris Nevzorov, Alexander Korshunov, Love Martynov, Nikolai Popkov Natalia Egorova Lyudmila Dmitrieva, Stanislav Zhdankov. Popkov immediately twisted romance with Egorova. In the first year we had lived in the same dorm room. There were six of us. Girls pick up a good, only Egorova was uncontrollable — prickly, quarrelsome. Kolka met in our room, had no qualms neighbors. She hung a curtain in front of the bed — okay. I did not know how to behave. We could not sleep!

One time I tried to rent a room in a communal apartment, then got married and moved to her husband, the actor Alexander Pushkin Theatre Starostin. Our love affair with Sasha quickly complete the wedding. I married for love, but this family did not happen. Maybe because God did not give the children and the life from the beginning I had no luck — Sasha was drafted into the army. Started having problems with his parents, I had to move out. When my husband came back, we settled separately. The relationship was normal, but I knew that haste, took childish infatuation for love. Especially since at that time in my life I was a man with whom few could match …

Efremov has always been one of my favorite artists. His film, I knew it by heart. «Alive» Oleg Nikolaevich saw on one of our shows in the first year and fell in love. He was beautiful, slender, youthful, and he emanated a special energy that used to be called charm, but now called charisma. It is no accident in the «Contemporary», and then at the Moscow Art Theater in Ephraim was nicknamed Fuehrer, his creative will obey even the most stubborn and proud man. What can we say about weak women …

Under the charm of Oleg Nikolayevich got a lot of famous actresses — Doroshina Nina, Tatyana Lavrova, Anastasia Vertinskaya, Irina Miroshnichenko Lyudmila Maksakova … With two — first with Lily Tolmachevo and then Alla Pokrovskaya — he was married. I knew that he has a wife and a girlfriend Alla Nastya, and on what did not count, Ephraim adored from afar, with occasional meetings at the Studio School and greeted shyly lowered her eyes. He beamed with characteristic sly squint, «Well, hello, hello.» Oleg we have a fairly rare, though, and he headed the department of acting. MAT experienced an era of change, and he spent whole days in the theater, trying to breathe new life into it. While rehearsals «Stalevarov» We, the students, they are visited. On the scene of blazing fire blast furnaces, folk artists in overalls and helmets fought for productivity. It was amazing, new, fresh.

In the second year, I also began to play at the Moscow Art Theater — Monya-ing took me to his play «our debts.» Such academic theater was rare — that the student is not just entrusted with the role of words, but also one of the main. Of course, not Juliet and Nina Zarechnaya, but only … the boy Yura, but still jealous classmates. The troupe was well received. My «stage mother» was Strizhenova love — the wife of a sex symbol of the sixties Oleg Strizhenova also the Moscow Art Theater actor. Their marriage went to pieces. Several times I became an unwitting witness to family squabbles.

One day, sitting in the fitting — Kira Golovko, Strizhenova and I — and suddenly the door flies open and appears on the verge of Oleg:

— You sit lyasy sharpening, while the husband does not care! Just look what I go! — And pulls his pants. We Kira Nikolaevna together ahaem: linen Strizhenova belted soldier belt. — To what came! In no shorts no gum — outraged he said. Luba flashes:

— What kind of circus?

— I wish you were ashamed even to strangers!

They soon parted. Lyuba’s son Oleg and Sasha was four years. Mother led the boy to the theater …

In me there was nothing boyish, but it did not bother anyone. After the premiere everybody congratulated on a successful debut. I was in seventh heaven, but if not for the boy Yura, could get the lead role in the play «Contemporary», «Valentin and Valentina», from which the pregnancy went Irina Akulova. She immediately sought a replacement. Oleg Tabakov (he was then director of the theater) personally asked Karlovitch let me rehearse Valentine. He refused — on the nose of the Moscow Art Theatre premiere.

I do not mind, I think — our master is afraid of losing a promising student. Yefremov himself somehow made me through it a compliment. We Nevzorov performed an excerpt from «The Possessed» by Dostoevsky, Oleg was present at the show. The next day in the classroom for the skill of the actor Monyukov at all suddenly said:

— Do you know of Light boss you yesterday praised the «brilliant girl you have to know Karlovitch, is that Lisa in» The Possessed «was playing. She’s like a cat. If you throw a cat from a height, it is sure to fall on their feet. And this girl to cope with any situation. » So proud.

— Ooh — we roared. They looked askance before, thought I was the darling of Monya Cova, and now there is a new topic for gossip.

— Thank you — only I could say. I flushed with pleasure and embarrassment and caught a very strange look Karlovitch. I liked him not only as an actress, not for nothing that he is from the beginning because I was helped, but Monyukov behaved correctly, no proposals, even a hint, do not, and I could not understand the nature of his sympathy, but had heard that our master of big admirer of girlish beauty. Almost every issue found itself muse. On this course after having an affair with my girlfriend Anyone Nefedova, everyone knew about it.

I did not notice anything, thought only of Yefremov. His compliment he awakened dreams and desires that were previously presented unrealistic. Hide feeling I could no longer, but absolutely no idea how they admit. Finally I decided to give flowers. The yard was May, all the trees were in bloom. Somehow, it seemed to me that Oleg should like cherries. The guys at my request, chopped off a huge bouquet. For some, they did not know.

I had no address, no phone Ephraim, only the number of the receiver. I called his secretary — Irina G. Egorova, called and asked for permission to transfer Oleg flowers. It is not all to start up, even on the phone is not connected the favorite with all the chief, and I just said, «Well, come.»

This remarkable woman deserves a separate story. Egorov played an important role in our history and in the history of the Moscow Art Theater.

Her whole life was devoted to the theater, and the last sixteen years — and Ephraim. She adored him. In his youth, Irina G. was married to the son of the Moscow Art Theater director Nikolai Yegorov, imprinted Bulgakov in «Theatrical Novel» in the image of the all-powerful Gavriil Stepanovich, but then, I do not know, for whatever reason, was left alone. Theatre has replaced her family.

For all his intelligence and delicacy Egorova he was strong and powerful man could solve any problem, often — one phone call. Efremov, spent whole days in the theater, and she sat there from morning till night. Answer calls and letters, typed play in a variety of instances. Irina G. received a little and lived very modestly. For years, I went to the same skirt. Oleg liked to tease her. It was a man of the old school, and he belonged to the Soviet regime is critical. One asked:

— That you are praising the Soviet government, and tell me the sweetest Irina G. that she gave you?

— Yes all! Work at the Art Theatre, an apartment on the street Nemirovich-Danchenko.

— Not an apartment, and a tiny apartment …

— To me more — the one?

— Yes, and you do not need the money, so you all my life for a penny humpback, most feared and did not see anything. Never been abroad!

— Well, okay — she waved. After a pause and suddenly very sad said: — That’s normal shoes could never afford it so …

On the Efremov she was not offended and very worried if cultural officials did not miss any show. Once, when there were problems with the play «So we will win!» Earnestly advised: «The next time you need to put something duhopodemnoe, with the bells.» This phrase is quoted in the theater then.

When I arrived, Irina G. said:

— Let your bouquet. I put flowers Oleg Nikolaevich office.

— Do not tell from someone!

Then she told me how Efremov came to himself, he saw an armful of wild cherry on the table and asked in amazement: — What’s that?

— The fan is your transferred. One young lady.

Efremov long tried to find out who it is, but Egorova silent as the guerrilla. «You know, Svetlanochka, — she said to me, — Oleg Nikolayevich was very intrigued. And he touched. «

A few days later I was going with the spirit, and then called Irina figorevne, ask to speak with Ephraim. And barely uttered:

— Oleg, hello. This student Svetlana Rodina. That I gave you flowers. I love you very much…

— So are you, — he drawled after a pause. — I do not know what is, but I just thought so. Maybe you come?

— Well, I come …

That evening we sat in the office of Oleg Nikolaevich, drinking tea with sweets — Irina G. tried — and talked about my studies and his theatrical affairs. So it all started. We started dating.

It was not easy to move from Ephraim, «you», I rarely call him Oleg Olezhka or, more Oleg. He called me his girl, and his attitude is sometimes reminiscent of his father. In a sense, I really replaced him a daughter, it’s not just liked, but revered. Efremov often shared with me by what could not even share with loved ones.

With a native daughter of Oleg Nikolayevich did not have much contact. Anastasia was born out of wedlock: after parting with Lily Tolmacheva Efremov lived for several years with Irina Mazuruk — a graduate of the Faculty of VGIK scenario, the daughter of the famous aviator. She bore him Nastya. When had a daughter, Oleg was not up to the cradle-raspashonok — theater «Contemporary» took the first steps. With Mazuruk he broke up after three years. Formalize the paternity of a few years later. At that time Ephraim had been second wife, Alla, and son Michael. Irina is also married. Her husband was going to adopt Nastya, Oleg not allowed.

Perhaps if it were not for Mike, their relationship would have turned out differently — the son of Ephraim, was always closer than the daughter. Although because of the work he did not really engaged both children. All the time and energy spent on the theater — first «Contemporary», then the Moscow Art Theatre.

I am from him, and only heard — theater, theater, theater. Although Oleg talked about his family, childhood, adolescence. Once Ephraim lived in a communal apartment on Arbat Street, on the corner of Starokonyushenny and Gagarin streets. His father, Nikolai Ivanovich, worked as an accountant in the People’s Commissariat, mother, Anna D., stay home. In the thirty-ninth, fearing for his life after the arrests of relatives, Efremov Sr. enlisted in the North, he worked in the financial planning department of one of the Vorkuta camps. Oleg with his mother went to his father for the holidays. In June 1941, they also went to Vorkuta and stuck there for two years, because the war began. The boy quickly took the turnover of «thieves», learned to smoke, drink. Efremov said that he could become a professional burglar, «I was so skinny that he could climb everywhere.» The parents feared for his son decided to return to Moscow.

In 1945 Oleg entered the school-studio of the company with childhood friend Sasha Kaluga — the grandson of one of the founders of the Moscow Art Theater Vasily Luga. Efremov was often at his home in childhood and imbibed a love of the Art Theatre and admiration for its creators, especially in front of Stanislavsky. At the competition, he read Pushkin’s poem «The desire of glory» and won the selection committee, despite the ridiculous and absurd form Oleg was trimmed shaved and dressed in a chat on him as on a peg suit, which was inherited from his uncle, who was shot in 1937.

On the second or third year at the Studio School Oleg, Alexander, and a few other guys, one of whom was Alex Adjoubei, swore loyalty to the blood of the Moscow Art Theatre. She completed all but Adzhubei. He fell in love with classmate, who decided to go to Moscow State University on the faculty of art criticism, and to be closer to her, too, was transferred to the University — to journalism. After that, life went by Alexei different scenario: he became Khrushchev’s son in law, and has had a distinguished career in journalism.

Efremov found most luminaries of the Moscow Art Theater. I recall with pleasure, in his student days, «lit» with them in a holiday house in Pestovo — boating, campfires, playing cards. In the evening, along with classmates Michael Pugov-kinym and Alexei Pokrovsky Oleg was cut to a point with Yanshin and Gribov. And often he won.

The Moscow Art Theatre after graduation Ephraim did not take. He worked at the Central Children’s Theater and taught at the Studio School of the students who organized the «Contemporary». After more than twenty years «old» finally called Oleg Nikolaevich Art Theatre, is experiencing its worst times.

The historic meeting took place at the home of Yanshina the summer of 1970. Ephraim remembered a huge dish with cherries, standing on the table. The talks ended only in September. Oleg did not want to throw the «Contemporary», I wanted to bring it back under the wing of the alma mater as an autonomous studio. «The old men» did not object, but Ephraim did not support students and colleagues, he said: MAT dead, did not revive. Then to it still left Evstigneev, Vertinskaya, Lavrov, Peter Shcherbakov and several other artists.

From mhatovtsev against Oleg Nikolaevich spoke only Boris Livanov. He wrote to the Central Committee that Ephraim can not be trusted with the best theater in the country. Following the appointment of Oleg Nikolayevich say hello to him, he called the Red Guards for the eyes. Ephraim was a shame: they used to Livanov friends, drinking. Efremov student played with him in the play «Green Street» and related how Livanov rehearsals tempted another maestro — Mikhail Kedrov. On the cuff he had drawn ink dial. Boris pounded on it when the «burning of the pipe»: «Michelle, it’s time» — and they are under some pretext to interrupt the work and went to the legendary Café «Artistic» across the street from the Moscow Art Theater. In the theater, it was called «Artistyk» in the French manner.

We basically went Ephraim to the «Metropol» and «National». There was good food, and he knew a lot about food and drink and loved to entertain me, «Try this. And now this. Well, good? And if we drink champagne! Oh-oh-oh … «The House of the actor did not happen, did not want to once again» light. » Although Oleg never went unnoticed. To him came all sorts of people — say hello to express reverence. He was simple and stayed on an equal footing, never «gave a star.»

One day — even after I graduated from high school studio — together we went to Leningrad for shooting «Red Arrow». We sat in a compartment, dinner, and suddenly appeared on the verge of some guy, solid, in age. Then it turned out — a former military man. I said hello, asked permission to give a bottle of brandy. Oleg invited him to the table. He asked:

— Where are you from?

— From Chelyabinsk.

— And there is life?

— Reporting — the guest replied. And he began to talk in detail about local issues. Efremov listened attentively and asked questions. He really was interested in what was happening in the country.

Oleg did not do anything special for the audience, not moralized, did not give instructions, but I learned from him how to relate to their work and build relationships with people. In his youth he was too hot. Efremov me «extinguished», held by hasty decisions and actions. In the third year, I was thinking to go to another master, or even change the university, he convinced the wait, wait. But more about that later …

Oleg was an honest, straightforward man, hated intrigue, but try to avoid direct conflict and maintain a balance in relations with people. Unlike some famous directors, artistic director of the popular theaters never shouted at the actors are not trying to humiliate them. I could swear, but not to someone’s specific address, but in general — about the situation. Intransigence and tough Efremov became only with those who cheated and betrayed. Not only him personally, but the cause to which he served. The theater was for him a partnership of like-minded faith-based. And faith — one of the key concepts. More important than love.

Of course, he did not refuse the gifts of fate, the energy of a woman’s love, especially disinterested, helped him to live and work. Efremov said: «When you’re here because you sit and listen and look with shining eyes, I feel young and full of energy. It’s a blessing, if you just love, without demanding anything in return. «

The theater often «industrial novels.» Many consider the relationship with actress artistic director and principal director as an opportunity to get a role or remove some other benefits. Oleg Nikolayevich also tried to use, but it was possible to nobody. If Ephraim began to press, he just stopped the relationship. I did not expect, did not ask for, and it is appreciated. «But I do not put Oleg performances on their wives tires — Doroshin, Vertinskaya?» — You might say. Yes, but only if they responded to his vision of an image.

Many girls I did not realize, as an adult, experienced, knew that Oleg loved nobody really — that is passionately, devotedly, all the forces of the soul. Some women were dear to him, and he called his sense of love for them, but put in a word some kind of a special meaning, not the one that they are. Tender friendship, affection, craving could not be compared with the joy that gave him the job. Divine Ephraim was the theater.

In God, in my experience, he did not believe. I often went to church on the street Nejdanova but Efremov never asked to light a candle or to submit a note. By novitiate actress Ekaterina Vasilieva, suddenly came to believe after years of fun and reckless life, remain in doubt. However, not so ironically, as one of Katya’s husband — playwright Mikhail Róisín. It was a wonderful, intelligent, subtle and very witty person. Best friend Oleg Nikolaevich.

He introduced me to all his friends — Ro-schinym, Adzhubei, Alexander Gelman, Mikhail Shatrov, Yegor Yakovlev … I got into the inner circle of Ephraim, although few people fend for themselves, take care and worship, but kept at a distance. «Lone Wolf» — an expression often used by people who knew him — not just a metaphor, and the definition of the normal state of Oleg Nikolaevich. To break it, he allowed a little, only to those who believe.

We went to the guests for banquets and premieres. I understood my confused state, I tried to refuse:

— Maybe it is not necessary, Oleg? What do your friends think?

— Come on, let’s go, you might be interested! They understand everything correctly.

When it comes, Efremov said: «I ask to love and favor, a young actress Svetlana Rodina. She is studying at the Moscow Art Theater School, but soon you will hear about it. » And I was well taken, I do not feel any embarrassment.

Once Oleg declared: «Today we go to the theater at the Moscow City Council,» The Curious Savage «. Starring Lyubov Orlova. You will be helpful to look at it. Such actresses almost gone. » The play was put on the Faina Ranevskaya, but she turned down the role, when at thirty-five died favorite partner Vadim Beroev. Orlov played a role in its own way, but also wonderful. We went to her gris-bushel after the performance. Lyubov overjoyed to see Ephraim and treated me cordially.

I admired before it was ready to kiss his hands. They, by the way, and given her age. The figure Orlov was beautiful. A person well-groomed, young (although the neck — to «C grade» wrinkles). A terrible hand. She tried to hide them, but I have a tenacious gaze …

We went to other theaters, including in the «Contemporary», and never had any problems. But in the «native» Moscow Art Theatre I once experienced not priyatnga moment. After the premiere, which Efremov played together with Tatiana Doronin, he invited me to dinner. Female actresses but us with Tatiana Vasilievna was not observed, there were only make-up artists and Irina G. Yegorov. I congratulated Doronin with the premiere, she said she always liked me. In response, Tatyana managed a single word «thank you», uttered in a tone that I was just numb. At the table Doronin talked only of Ephraim, though showing that the other her uneven. I felt horribly embarrassed and then complained Oleg:

— You should not have to congratulate her. And in general to go to the banquet.

— Why? You’re well rested. And from it should not have to wait for something else. It’s Doronin …

The people went to the legend of the novel two stars too significantly Efremov and love Doronin played in the film «Three Poplars at Plyushchikha» in the theater often became partners. In life, no love between them was not. More than that — Oleg did not want to take Tatiana Vasilyevna in his theater. First, she asks for it then «requested» Culture Minister Peter No-Lovich Demchev or Nilovna, as it was called for the eyes. Efremov said to both of them: «I such solutions alone do not accept. It is the prerogative of the artistic council. «

Hudsovet section. More Oleg Nikolaevich discouraged all contact with Doroninoj Innocent Smoktunovskij. He knew her at the Leningrad Bolshoi Drama Theater, once they both worked at the BDT. But Tatyana still held — by a majority of one vote. And Oleg called and congratulated her.

Another diva Theater, then was Anastasia Vertinskaya. Beautiful, cold, on stage it looked impressive, especially in historical costumes. And in «The Seagull» directed by Ephraim played just fine. I’m with her in those years, almost no overlap in the theater nor Oleg Nikolaevich. Vertinskaya came to Ephraim, and tried it at home on Chekhov Street. He said that Nastia beautiful kulinarka. She loved to hit Oleg Nikolaevich some unusual dishes, but treated him pretty tough and pragmatic. And anyway, Vertinskaya had little to do with the air and romantic creations, images of which it is embodied in the theater and cinema.

And I, on the other hand, was too naive, I believe that our relationship with Ephraim at the Studio School, no one knows. But for me very carefully and jealously watched and fellow students, and master. Karlovitch often clung on trifles, as though looking for a reason for scandal. Once invited to «Lenfilm» — now on trial in Rezo Esad-the «love at first sight.» The school did not applaud the shooting of students in the movie, and I drove to Leningrad at the weekend, did not tell anyone. But my enemies somehow learned clocked Karlovitch and fanned unthinkable scandal staged meeting, began to «work out» outraged and ashamed. «With Nevzorov all clear, he headman course — I thought. — And why others try so hard? «Asking for forgiveness, and sprinkled ashes on his head, I did not, sat in silence, marveling at the human meanness. Monyukov without waiting for repentance, enraged, went to the rector. Stated, or homeland, or me.

I was about to transfer to the «Pike» or the VGIK, but Efremov told not to get excited. Ultimatum Karlovitch angered him: «What kind of nonsense! The teacher can present the question! Okay, I’ll take care of. » I do not know how he managed to reason with our master, probably helped Radomyslensky, who was then rector, but Monyukov calmed down. Although still left me without a diploma puff roles in productions that are coming head of the Moscow theaters in search of fresh personnel. If the graduate department director Igor Vlasov (student Ephraim) is not invited in the production of «Home and Away», it would appear there is nothing.

Perhaps this Monyukov wanted. He had long wanted to create a theater company and finally got permission to organize the New Drama Theatre, where the target distribution had to go our entire course. And I’m including. But I hated to work either with him or with some friends, had already managed to show themselves. Helped case. In the play «Away and Home» came Boris Tolma-call, chief director of the Pushkin Theatre. Boris Nikitich, I liked it, he decided to take me to her.

Monyukov heard this upset. He asked:

— Maybe you change your mind? In New Drama you a great future.

— And I have no such certainty. And I do not believe the people with whom you are going to build a theater …

Then we made it up. Monyukov came to my performances, praised. I quickly became one of the leading actresses of the Pushkin Theatre, and he was briefly at the helm of the New Drama. Students betrayed his teacher and artistic director, made his dismissal. In Karlovitch then seriously ill mother. He followed her ear, she had lived in the theater been fitfully. We took advantage of his detractors.

A few years later Monyukov died suddenly in Kiev. I do not want to blame anyone, but I think the betrayal of the students played an important role in his life …

Efremov thought I did everything right. He said: «I know you’re dreaming of the Moscow Art Theatre, but you have to take Karlovitch would be unethical. I myself was once just created the «Contemporary» — from his course. Yes, you and you should not go now to me. It is better to work in the Pushkin Theater, the Moscow Art Theatre until things settled down. «

For this topic, we did not return. The Art Theater nothing was settled, on the contrary, the situation is getting worse. And I have all developed well.

I often came to Ephraim, the Moscow Art Theatre, in fact worked in front of the new building on Tverskaya Boulevard. Wits joked about the dismal construction of dark red brick, «Dantes Theatre across the street from the Pushkin Theater.» He had a heavy aura.

We met at home Oleg Nikolaevich, on Suvorov (now Nikita) Boulevard. Once he was given two apartments on one staircase, «three rubles» and «kopeck piece», one — for his family, the other — for the parents. When Oleg I was no longer living with Alla Pokrovskaya and Misha. His wife and son were placed in the «three rubles,» and he and his father — in «kopeck piece.» (Mother Ephraim I have not found.)

I’ll never forget the first time I came to this little apartment. Father and son Ephraim lived modestly, a bachelor, lived on somehow. Oleg was not engaged in life, and Nikolai Ivanovich because of old age was difficult to farm. He suffered from vascular disease and could not remain long on the legs. The same ailment later caught and Oleg Nikolaevich. He smoked too much — two packs a day. The apartment ax could hang up, I did not have time to ventilate. With the feet of Ephraim had already started to have problems, it was hard to go up and down stairs.

I remember vacationing in Sochi «actors» and decided to go to the seaside restaurant. Nearby construction was in full swing, we had to go down a steep sandy slope. Oleg took my hand, «Ran!» — And how sprinted! He laughed, and I was dying of fear: God forbid, refuse foot — fall and broke all the bones! Fortunately, nothing happened.

I can still see him in a white shirt with lace firmware, which brought as a gift from the tour. She was unusually him. Oleg loved beautiful clothes and delicious food, but led rather ascetic lifestyle. In addition to the theater for him did not exist. Efremov had no idea about where products come from and things as they are. Shopping, he did not go and spend quite a bit. However, he built a summer residence, but did not live there. They settled daughter Nastya. Later, in an apartment on Gorky Street, Oleg simply add money in the safe in the envelopes, there were quite a lot. The door he never locked. I scolded for careless Ephraim, he waved off «code still forget, have to break. And from someone locked? Strangers here practically does not happen. » One said:

— If any of the kids call in my absence — they say, I’ll be right back, answer: no, come, when the father is at home.

— Why?

— Always something soprut.

— Are you joking?

— No, seriously.

It was found in a child, Misha and Nastia was a game — something to steal his father to show off to each other their agility. They told him sa-mi told about this when we became older.

Listening to Ephraim, I then remembered how once «picked up» Misha, even on Suvorov Boulevard. The three of us sat in the kitchen — I Oleg Nikolaevich and Nikolai, and he spun in his father’s room. Not interested in our conversation, was still small, about thirteen. At one point, I needed to use the toilet. I came out into the hallway and saw the boy sitting on the floor with my bag. Next purse lying open, and Misha plays with money — carefully laid them out like a fan and admires. Denominations were many, that day, I just got a salary in the theater.

— Oh, sorry — said Misha, all collected, put into a purse and gave it to me.

— Maybe you should be the money? — I asked. — Twenty-five rubles can give.

— Yes, thank you — and he gladly took my quarter.

I told Ephraim, about the case, did not want the guy got. Oleg was generally strict father, son loved, but not spoiled. I liked Mike, and I do not see anything wrong with that, to make him a gift.

Efremov was not stingy. I never clung when we went to dinner at an expensive restaurant, said: «Choose what you want.» Gifts do not know how, but tried. One day I went to buy a tablecloth he wanted to table looked decent. Oleg gave much more money than was necessary: ​​»Choose something else yourself. It will be me. » I bought a shawl, very light and warm. It was good to rehearse.

Once presented spirits: — Here. This is for you. I really do not understand in this matter. I do not know whether or not a good smell.

— Nice! It’s Magie Noire.

— So open, put on perfume. Come on …

— In my opinion, the evening fragrance.

— Yeah, you’re probably right … Then many months stores were French spirits and brandies. «The attributes of bourgeois luxury» cost big money, people did not take them, but «La Boheme.» We in the theater, for example, on all gatherings drinking dvadtsatipyatirublevy «Martel». I drank a little and not very intoxicated. Volchek said: «Lucky you, Sveta. How I envy people who drink and thrive, chatting, dancing. And should I take a sip of wine each, and immediately my head hurts. » Because of this feature, Galina, probably, it was difficult with her first husband — Evstigneev. He could and liked to drink, and she could not make a company. But his second wife Lily Zhurkina happy to do it. Friends warned that the good is not over. Galina said, «Jack, you’re responsible for Lily.»

Evstigneeva Ephraim lived on the floor above. I met them when he began to visit Oleg Nikolaevich, but we are closer to the ground, «cleansing», which was held in the apartment of Alexander Sava, fishing, Deryabin. Once he was an opera actor and then became interested in the ideas of the healer Karavaeva and created its own system of healing. It was based on cleansing the body with treatments and enemas.

Subsequently, Alexander organized the whole company, and in those years was just beginning its work and needed promotion. Obviously, Deryabin reasoned that customers are best found among people of art — they are watching their appearance and do not want to grow old. One day, he came at me in the theater, made reference to a mutual friend and offered to pass his course.

Sasha was able to inspire people, and I was hooked. He’s not just a «campaigned» for a healthy lifestyle, and relied on their own experience, showed photos. Through cleansing, herbal preparations and healthy eating Deryabin got rid of joint problems, thinner, prettier.

I have not complained about his health, but wanted to look good, and among my colleagues there was a lot of wishing to lose weight, improve your health and get rid of alcohol and nicotine dependence. Among them was Lily. She Deryabin and began to focus their lt; -seansygt; gt ;. Lily was happy to receive guests, she almost did not work, although it was listed as an actress Moscow Art Theater, all day sitting at home alone. Even the shop did not go, breadwinner in the family was Evgeny. At home, he appeared only late in the evening: a lot of filming and played in the theater. Daughter Mary was busy with her studies and her girlish problems. I almost did not see it. Yevstigneev not let our «gathering», on the contrary, rejoiced that his wife took their health, and hoped that it will help Deryabin.

Cleaning was that we were having a special powder, olive oil, lay on the right side and waited for the slag with the rest of the contents of the intestines will come out from the body. Who it is funny to remember, but then all belonged to this simple procedure, very seriously. Only the best friend Evstigneeva Vladimir Soshalsky laughed: «Well, who are the first in the toilet? Let’s agree — … Only in turn! «Toilet was alone in the apartment, it was not enough. On the floor in the ‘office thinking «was a portrait of the owner in the box seemed Yevstigneev watching all this orgy of improving with an ironic smile.

In fact, the benefits of de-ryabinskih procedure was. The skin is cleaned and tightened, the cheeks appear flushed, leaving overweight. Lily cheered. In my opinion, she was fascinated by the Deryabin, he was a handsome man and an interesting person. But Sasha began an affair with Lena Proklova. Because of this, or for some other reason, but Lily remembered his passion. Deryabin for quite some time trying to help her, but she is always frustrated, and he stopped dealing with it. By the time Sasha was no need to maintain a relationship with Evstigneeva, he has gained clientele and became quite famous healer, but with L Ile was difficult not only to work, but simply to communicate. It is then emptied into aggression, on the contrary, in prostration, unable to find support, did not know what to do with himself. There was no work, the family falls apart.

I do not rule out that Lily knew about the affair with a young husband Ira Tsyvin though Yevstigneev it and did not advertise. He was saving his wife had nothing rebuked. I do not know, maybe they quarreled, but I Evgeny treated very gently Lily.

She died in the summer of 1986. I was on vacation on the Volga, and found out about it from Ephraim. Wherever he was leaving, he called almost every day. One day he told me that Lily is gone and her death raises many questions. Evgeny waited a while and then stopped hiding relationship with Tsyvin, she moved in with him. Efremov Evstigneeva never talked about it, but found it guilty in the death of Lily …

I sympathized with Evgeny. Lily was a pity, of course, but it is his death, as it is bitter, and freed her husband and daughter. Lately Evstigneeva was not life and torment. Masha had lighter than his father, it seems, on Suvorov appeared infrequently. I will never forget how as a child she was driving guests: «Go away, I do not want you to drink here! Mom will again be bad! «

In the Moscow Art Theater drank a lot and seriously. The fact that drinking Efremov, I have learned more in the Studio School. Monyukov once when I was discussing with Villages nym that Oleg Nikolaevich again out of the office, he was «out of shape.» The Art Theatre sobriety has never been the norm.

Efremov periodically went to «travel», as very vividly and accurately described times when he drank, Anatoly Smelyanskiy, but at the right time «returns» with the new forces and ideas. He was not an alcoholic. People suffering from alcoholism, unable to control himself, and Oleg could never drink or drink very moderately. It all depended on the situation. When he was calm and happy, it is not particularly needed drink. But if Ephraim cornered it to wriggle and «sit», grab a bottle and tench from work. According to my observations, his «journey» were linked only to the theater.

In Soviet times, none of his performances did not go without a grueling battle with the censors. I remember Oleg put the play by Mikhail Shatrov «So we will win!» Mhatovtsy called her «So eat!» Efremov has not been able to pass the formulation, resulting in even had to invite theater Brezhnev himself, getting it «good.»

Finally nerves Oleg Nikolayevich did not survive: «Everything can not go on! We go to Yalta! At least for three days! «In the office at the time of application except for me were Kalyagin and directors Rose Orphan Leonid Monastic. The men immediately called the airport, ordered four tickets (you and me) and opened a bottle of vodka. I did not want to go. A few days later the play had to play in that by the time we come back to Moscow, I did not believe a walk already in full swing. But Oleg Nikolaevich said once snapped: «You fly with me!» Came a taxi. Even getting into the car, I reached into the bag and found that I do not have a passport. Overjoyed — I found a reason to stay. Oleg upset.

Sometimes he liked to experience. He demanded: «If you love me, come with me!» And no matter how long and where to go. One day, together with Lenya Monastyrski dragged to some friend for a hundred kilometers from Moscow, he was forced to sit at the table until late at night. I returned home in the morning. The husband did not dig. We have lived together, but it was going to divorce. And not Efremov became his cause. Our marriage is just exhausted itself.

Oleg suggested converge, move in with him. I hesitated for a long time, not saying «yes» or «no.» Even he hung in his closet a couple of blouses, and then pick them up. I thought that it was better to leave everything as it is …

Our relationship with Oleg were not novel in the conventional sense of the word. We are bound not only and not so much physical as emotional, spiritual closeness. For me, it was paramount. And so I was not particularly worried about relationships with other women Ephraim — Vertinskaya, Miroshnichenko or someone else. I knew I needed him more than anyone else, and that was enough. Oleg wanted to help, especially when he was «unwell» — so called it «travel» Irina G. tactful.

From her I learned that Efremov not come to work. Immediately I went to his home. There was already sitting someone from friends: Burkov, Kalyagin, Gelman, Roshchin … He needed interlocutors. And as he read during the «disease»! Oleg was a real bibliolatry with tour carrying suitcases are not rags or equipment, and books. In the bedroom, he always had a mountain of different fiction, it takes half the bed. On the other half slept Efremov. Books were open, he read them all at once.

His «journey» were like a holiday drink, read, slept, talked with friends. Efremov called a «patch up the battery.» He enjoyed freedom, but never lost his head, in the morning everything is very well remembered. Some «clever» tried to cheat:

— Oleg Nikolaevich, you promised yesterday …

— It is not true, it was not so.

In those days came to him only those who he believed. But sometimes Efremov albeit not very close friends — who, after all, had to fill up «supplies for travel.» I categorically refused to do so. Oleg respected my position and did not want me to participate in the gatherings. One said, pouring a glass: «You are with me, she asks, do not look! I am a man, and you’re a woman and actress and must follow the person. You see what my vascular grid? And so will you, if you’ll be taking with me an example! «

One still asked: — Maybe grab a bottle at the grocery store?

— Oleg Nikolaevich, you know …

— I know, I know! Here, you know, Vertinskaya came and poured all the stocks on the bounce, in the sink! And go to the store to no one.

I could not refuse, because she loved and pitied. Nastya, it seems to me, just wanted to assert themselves, and did not fight with the weaknesses Oleg Nikolaevich. When I realized that dominate Ephraim will not be able to have lost interest in him. By and large, it Vertinskaya not needed. It would nikog-but not to take on a cross so as Efremov.

The first time I tried to admonish him, but he said: «I understand, but you must understand — I need it!» I resigned and since then just trying to support.

Once decided to have a holiday — in my opinion, was the Old New Year — brought a pig. I prepared it and brought directly to the theater fan — Chef «National». Piglet was milky, but is quite big, stuffed with apples and prunes. The men were stunned when he saw. Ephraim was sitting an ordinary company — Kalyagin, Gelman, Burkov, tents. Snacks almost was not.

When went to the bathroom to wash his hands, slid Kalyagin me:

— Sveta, maybe somehow we meet?

— No, San Sanych. Will not work.

I stayed at the Ephraim little longer and went back to the theater — to prepare for the play. During the intermission, call:

— Well, like a pig?

— Burkov already eaten ears.

— And what do you try anything?

— I tried, I tried …

I lied — all skharchili friends.

Efremov in this state almost did not eat. Somehow suddenly I asked:

— Light, I want kilechki! You take a piece of little black bread, anoint a little butter and lay the fish.

— And take your head?

— It is possible and with the head. But better to tear off. And added a sprig of dill!

On another occasion, at the exit from the «crisis», asked on the bone beef broth. I went to the Central Market, has decided that there is a better selection of meat. Usually I went to Palashevku near the theater and the Central confused. Fortunately, I met Yevgeny Leonov. To him and asked:

— Evgeny Pavlovich, you do not help a good buy beef for Ephraim?

— Of course I’ll help. Come on, I have my own butcher

He cut off a piece of cool and Leonov paid for himself and for me. He is very respected Oleg Nikolaevich.

Welded broth, put the potatoes, carrots, soup made. Efremov ate and praised: «How delicious!» And when satisfy hunger, began to grumble: «But you are wrong to cut my meat too big. My mother did not. » I’m even a little offended …

On vacation, he never «sick», but we drank all the time, organized barbecues. Usually, it is going eight or ten. All overthrown for ten and a wonderful covered table. Efremov little drunk, was cheerful and happy.

I am very fond of Sochi sanatorium «Actor.» To get there the common man in the Soviet times it was difficult. I was given a ticket to the theater as the «shock troops», I played a lot of premieres. We had previously conspired to get into one race, and almost always going to the same company: Galina Volchek and his son Denis, Valentin Gaft Igor Kvasha with his wife Tatiana — «Kvashonki» as they are called in the «Contemporary», Roshchin , we Ephraim.

This sanatorium even the beach was a special, divided into three sectors: general, male and female. Last we called «Les bischem» — there is only light up ladies, and naked. Gossip, share recipes. Galina taught me to take care of you-Tzom, prepare homemade creams and lotions. She was always careful to look after themselves and to see how it looks actress. I advise them how best to cut your hair, paint, dress. Volchek — wonderful stylist.

In general, it is — a woman to the bone. In any environment can create comfort. In this way, we are like. I’m on tour and in the most hungry edges contrived to cook proper meals, lay tables. And Galina all privechala, regaled. She has always been in the room domestic cups, bowls, napkins lay. She treated me like a daughter, not that other «adult» actresses.

My TV «mom» Tatyana Lavrova (we played together in multiserial performance «In one district») terribly jealous of me to Ephraim. At every opportunity, the pin is inserted, especially when drunk. In this state, it was capable of much. About her adventures were legendary. Tanya and she loved to boast of his recklessness, passing in promiscuity. There was Roshchina epigram: «He does not know the pleasure, Lavrov who is not …» When I complained Tannin sharp tongue, Efremov reassured: «Do not pay attention, it is not out of malice. Avenue and will be different. «

Over time, Lavrov me yet «recognized.» One even sent to the Moscow Art Theater on the «sell» — to cast their coupons. Then, in many institutions organized exit trade deficit. Tanya said: «I do not need anything. Just fetch a drink. » I used only one ticket, bought boots and ran away in terror. There was such a squabble! Watch as folk artists deserved to fight for synthetic carpets, no strength. The next day, the ramp to the Kutuzovsky Lavrov, have brought a bottle of brandy. She was pleased. He promised: «Next time you buy anything else. Coupons will give back to you. » But to visit the other battles of the deficit I had no chance. And mhatovtsam was not up to shopping — beginning of the section of the theater. It was a terrible period.

Efremov wanted to reform the Moscow Art Theatre in 1970, when it was headed. The theater troupe was too much — one hundred and fifty people, so he could not function normally. Even I could see that the artists toil around. Drinking, gossiping, weave. The first time marveled: all the women wore jackets and shawls of the same styles. It turned out they were knitting — and crochet, tried to give us something to do.

On the section of the theater Oleg wanted to seventeen. He worked with only a small part of the troupe, utilizing a maximum of thirty artists, both in the «Contemporary». But where they once were only thirty-five.

When perestroika began, the idea of ​​partition fell on fertile soil. Once Oleg Gorbachev called. He was the Moscow Art Theatre on the play «Uncle Vanya» and wanted to express his delight. Wondered what life is like Ephraim.

— Hard — confessed he.

— Now everything is difficult. We started this! You wait, Oleg. You just have to untwist the flywheel …

Roshchin told that Efremov then … sweating. It was incredible — he called the secretary general, praised, asked how life. Hanging up, he wiped the sweat from his brow and said, «What are you looking? Yes, it is difficult to squeeze out a slave. Previously, only Stalin called Bulgakov «.

Gorbachev’s words sunk into the soul of Ephraim. He decided it was time and he «roll flywheel» — that is, to reform the theater. Special problems have not seen, he’s not going to kick people in the street, just wanted to create two troupes. Those artists who will follow him, offered a contract system and the same principle of a limited partnership, which was laid down in the Charter of the «Contemporary». The remaining guaranteed absolute freedom, the ability to choose their own artistic council, the director, directorate. Both the troupe had to work under the leadership of Ephraim.

Of course, he was an idealist. I did not really thought out, hoping that in conditions of freedom and democracy, his idea somehow she will gain flesh and blood. I do not even imagine that Doronin will not go after him! I wanted to share the troupe, and then deal with more specific issues. Here, in this «later» and laid the bomb. Efremov he caused an avalanche that flooded the theater stream of mud.

We began the endless meetings, the actors did not know what to expect, and became hysterical. Even Smoktunovskij frightened: «Oleg, we are already at the age that to us?» And Efremov did not think about age and some everyday problems. Just about the theater. People were blinded, had become unmanageable, and began to write anonymous collective letters to the higher Party organs. One of them was on the bulletin board at the Moscow Art Theater, where very tough and unfair to say about the «disease» of Ephraim. It was a blow to the gut. Especially as a letter, as it became known soon, written under the direction of Vsevolod Shilovsky which Oleg away in the heads of the «second» Moscow Art Theater!

Shilovsky asked for the title of People’s Artist. Doronin — «roles worthy of her talent.» Efremov them, of course, refused. He never went to meet such requests. And then the two of them and created the opposition of the «offended» artists. They sat nights scribbled paper in the high court. When Oleg understood what the dark forces unleashed, then I horrified, but it was too late. But it is still special to come «well-wishers» — With a bottle and an audio recording of the next meeting, «the opposition.» One day, listening to a tape, Efremov said: «Light, I do not want to live.»

I was very afraid of him. For the first time in the life of Oleg Nikolaevich lost the desire to come to the theater. He did not want to meet with traitors, dreamed of his finish. Terribly worried almost constantly drunk, but a proven tool helped.

Once he invited to the Moscow Art Theater «Duck Hunt» and played Zilov such anguish and pain that I was scared. It seemed Efremov Now shoot himself, like his hero, or die of a broken heart. Barely dosidela to the end and ran to him in the dressing room. Oleg saw in what condition, I began to calm down, «You what? Everything is fine. All is well».

Letter intriguers had not the effect for which they hoped. The scandal became public. After trying to defame Ephraim «top» decided to see theater. Oleg led Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, Doronin — the Gorky Moscow Art Theater. It was she who united around themselves dissatisfied with the Shilovsky nobody wanted to vote. But of the major actors for Tatiana Vasilyevna nobody went.

Efremov never regretted what he had done, but a few years after the partition of the Moscow Art Theater was actually alone, friends and associates, one after another leaving the theater or have died.

Oleg is very upset by these losses. The very first, before the section of Moscow Art Theater, was the death of Andrei Popov. He died of a heart attack. Efremov sobbed, cried in despair: «Who do I replace him who ?!» Andrey was unusual — an honest, kind and very intelligent man.

Then he went Evstigneev — at first only from the State Theatre. He wanted to arrange Tsyvin the Moscow Art Theatre, but Oleg said, «No. And not because the IRA bad actress. It offends the memory of Lily. » Then Evgeny begged to be less occupied, citing poor health and a bad heart. A Efremov learned that he plays with Tsyvin entreprise, and was troubled: «On the side you can work, as in the theater — no heart aches? Well retirement! «Even I was surprised:

— Oleg Nikolaevich, why are you so? It’s still Yevstigneev!

— That’s why I can not tolerate his lies!

In March 1992, Evgeny Alexandrovich died suddenly — in London, on the eve of heart surgery. This loss has shocked many people, not only of Ephraim. Forecast fact been favorable.

Smoktunovskij remained with Ephraim until the very end. But in August 1994, he died in a sanatorium near Moscow, where it was treated after a heart attack. Kesha Oleg loved and often scolded for what he did not spare himself: and theater plowed for two, and rushed to the shooting and touring.

One sat alone in his office, and went Smoktunov-lish. I’m glad he did compliment — said that he is always in great shape.

— What sort of shape — Kesha sighed. — All sores climbed.

— Do you fly more! — Angry Efremov. — And now he plays in Moscow and tomorrow in Novosibirsk! — Well, it is necessary to feed the family.

— Nothing with your family is not going to happen. It’s time to stop, you’re not a boy! And a great actor!

— I’m not a genius, I’m an actor space. And you — «Meteorological» the director!

He reduced all a joke. Efremov when the play really gave great importance to the time of year. He said: «Chekhov is not in vain clarifies, winter or fall. This creates a certain mood. «

The final blow came to Oleg Nikolaevich the tragic death of Helen Mayorov. He loved her very much.

The fact that Lena died, Oleg heard the news, immediately called me. He was in a sanatorium in Barvikha, and I in his apartment on Gorky Street — now Tver. Efremov really could not talk, only shouted: «It’s horrible, horrible!» Did not come to the funeral, there were no forces. And rightly so — he would not have survived them. The funeral service was held at the Moscow Art Theater, Chamberlain was crowded with people. All were crying. In the coffin lay no Lena, and some mummy under a white veil. Her husband, Sergei Sherstuk held only sedatives. When I hugged him — he flinched. It really lives lukewarm. Nine months later, Sergei, too, was gone — cancer ..

The investigation concluded that the death was an accident Maiorova. She supposedly spilled kerosene on her dress, and then struck a match that lights up, and flashed like a torch. And I’m not sure that it all happened by chance. Lena loved balancing on a knife edge. She had attempted suicide.

At that time I was living in Stockholm and Moscow are only short visits. With her husband, Karl-Lyungkvis that met in 1990 quite by accident — a performance at the Leningrad Circus. They sat side by side, talking. Carl was going to Moscow and wanted to come to my show. Recorded my number, then I called and really come …

I have already played in the entreprise. The year before, he resigned from the Pushkin Theatre. The timing was terrible, did not set plays, the money is not paid. Even Yefremov could not find funds for the staging of «possible meeting», inexpensive and chamber performance, calculated by only three actors. At first, I moonlighted dubbing American films coming out on video. A year later, Vladimir Pond-kin, with whom we had known each other from the Moscow Art Theater School, invited entreprise, which was organized together with his wife. I’m still grateful to Volodya and now deceased Nonna. Without their «Art-cent-ra» probably would not have survived.

Soon fate gave me a gift — brought with Carl. Such men, like him, pure, loving, faithful, just not there. The first time was not easy for us to talk, he did not know Russian, but I’m rusty French, which Charles said good. I had to take lessons. Over time, I learned and Swedish, so much so that I was able to play movies and teach students acting.

Maybe if it was not Karl, and any other man, I would not dare to go. But it was ready to start all over again. I could not lose it. We have been together for more than twenty years. Often the case in Moscow. Carl loves Russia and happily goes in Suzdal, Ples, wants to visit the Pushkin Hills. His sister said that in a past life he was a Russian. Maybe that’s why we love each other? ..

He immediately liked Ephraim. Oleg, of course, grumbled: «Traitor! Slip away to Sweden, he threw the old man! «- But approved of my choice. He said that Karl — a good, solid guy. He wished me luck, though, and he knew that now it will be difficult to see and communicate.

I visited a few times a year, and called him every day. I worry — Efremov lived alone. Nikolai died, Misha and Nastya were family, children. They are rare, mainly in the case. Regularly to Oleg came only secretary Tatyana Gryacheva (Irina G. was no longer alive), Bronze zavtruppoy Tatiana, her husband Boris Shcherbakov and housekeeper.

At first he hosted MAT cleaner. Housekeeper of it was useless, overgrown mud flats. I once entered, began to clean up all laundered, understand. Climb up to the ceiling and wall clocks launched. Efremov sighed: «All the same without you stand. Nobody needs it. » Once the curtain torn off in the bathroom — it was scary to watch, he zakanyuchil: «Do not! Do not throw! «I took the trash this horror and hung pretty curtains imported from Sweden. Pillows nice and bought other pleasant things, trying to create comfort.

When Tanya Bronze Oleg found another servant — Galina, the apartment was not found. Galya worked for him until the last day.

Efremov miss me, saying: «Well, when my Vitamin come?» All the time, urged him to follow the diet and taking vitamins, so he and I nicknamed. I myself raised his mood and tone.

He was preparing for my arrival. One encounters:

— Hi! I cook the chicken for you. An hour.

I poked a fork:

— Yes, it is ready!

— No. Let even the cook, the meat should be very tender.

I looked after — and there feathers sticking out. No wonder: the court of the early nineties, in the stores empty, even buy a chicken — badly plucked, with giblets — a great success.

— I did not have a pair of tweezers — Efremov said apologetically. — Nothing, then still take off the skin. And while you drink champagne. I’ve prepared a bottle. I will not drink himself, look at you.


— Well, how are you doing?

I’m starting to talk like the Swedes teach Stanislavsky system and use what I have learned over the years Oleg.

— Well done, — he praises. — I always said you were like a cat. Never, never perish, even in Sweden, you let down, even to Alaska. And we have forgotten the real Stanislavsky theater has no use …

It sounds so unexpected tragedy that makes me feel at ease.

— You drink, drink — pours champagne.

— Yes, I drink. We must toast, or something, to make a broth …

I saw how he suffered from «Three Sisters.» He said that the actors are lazy, do other chores. Their heart does not belong to the theater — only employment history, they do not spend ourselves and the director can not hear.

Chicken is cooked for a long time. Finally Efremov decides she is ready. Trying broth, and he bitterly. Oleg cooked poultry directly from the gall bladder. All have to throw it away and drink up the champagne and toast. Oh, how he was upset:

— My God, what is it ?! Even the chicken could not cook!

I’m also bringing him a fish — salmon and anchovies. Once I open the fridge to put goodies, and almost faints. The smell horrible! Rotten cheese. Immediately I throw it in the garbage disposal and refrigerator laundered. There’s almost nothing — only eggs, medicines, sauces and a Shrunken carrot. At this time, Efremov appears in the kitchen. I say:

— Oleg, let’s have breakfast. I’ll cooked two eggs scrambled.

— Good. You have curds cut off. I brought it from France.

— He’s spoiled, I threw it away.

— What?! French cheese ?! It was okay, I ate it.

— When?

— I do not remember.

He brought lunch from the theater. When I came, Yefremov ordered two servings. I warmed them on his electric stove. In one of his visits I saw — it was all swollen. I ask:

— This is how did it happen?

— Well, that’s included somehow forgot, you know.

In the second half of the nineties Oleg began to fail. Legs denied, it was hard to breathe. He progressed terrible disease — emphysema. Permanent care was not, though wishing to brighten his solitude were then.

Ephraim in the bedroom at one time hung my portrait.

I once starred in commercials and gave him one of the posters. He asked the hang of it opposite the bed, said: «I will lie down and look at you.»

Once I come — no poster. Interested in what happened. «Yes, that’s, you know, Ira came and tore. She’s funny, you know. » He never spoke ill of his women. In an extreme case, it could say «ridiculous.»

This famous actress — a bright blonde — Ephraim sought for many years. It demands attention, and he, as I said, was a lone wolf by nature, and could not stand the pressure. For the actress treated with humor, he loved to play. I brought home to him from Sweden different jokes. Then, in the big fashion it was rubber poop, flies and «pukatelnye» pillows. In Russia, nothing of the kind sold, the people broke away.

Somehow Efremov said: «I put in front of the door» shit «on a silver platter, he knew that Ira will come. And here enters:

— Horrible! Maria Ivanovna done before the door! She does not like when I come here! I am surprised:

— Aunt Mary? Can not be!

And she began to cry, to scream that it hates the concierge. » Oleg did not split.

Now in its entrance just not come in there combination locks. And before that there was one obstacle: Aunt Mary. She was sitting in office all the time, in the boots in the winter and summer, and the need to cope under the stairs to the bucket. When someone is indignant — the smell was hideous, Aunt Mary says, «Well, I Kuzia-day pour it?» Residents suffered. Aunt Mary guarded them like a good watchdog, without reason before retirement worked in the organs. Not to let anyone, screaming: «Kuda you’re going ?!»

She had a little room, but, in my opinion, she was taking her, and she sat beside the elevator all the time. He often broke down, and it was a tragedy of Ephraim. He could not get up to the third floor. Once I came to him with his girlfriend, actress Inna Pushkin Kara Mosco. Thought, Oleg still in the theater. He was going to a performance of Peter Stein’s «Hamlet.» The main role played there Yevgeny Mironov. Efremov did not want to go, it was hard to sit in the room, but could not refuse.

The entrance and see it on the chair next to Aunt Masha. The elevator was also like that. It stands for Ephraim. It turns out that Oleg left to play, and the elevator broke down, had to wait until repaired. About lt; Hamlet, «he said,» Staging interesting, Jack is playing well. But, you know, it does not take away! «That was his favorite expression -» does not take away. «

In the last couple of years Yefremov could not live without oxygen apparatus and, therefore, stop going to the theater, rehearsing and solved all the issues at home. But even with the tubes he had difficulty breathing and talking. He often went to the bedroom to lie down.

It was an opportunity to make Sweden a lung transplant. I have it agreed with the Karolinska Institute, and Oleg has collected the necessary tests, but the famous lung specialist Mikhail Perelman said that the patient did not survive the operation. I advised to send him to a good European resort. In autumn 1999, Efremov went to France. He was accompanied by loyal Tanya Bronze.

From the sanatorium he returned refreshed and cheerful. He boasted that the doctor even gave him permission to drink daily glass of red wine. However, his position is no longer matter much. French doctors have said that six months left to live Ephraim.

Finally, he wanted to put the show, which he dreamed of back in the sixties — «Cyrano de Bergerac.» He rehearsed his last legs. The actors had a hard time with him. Oleg permanent withdrawal, silent, crushed cigarette smoking. Even now, he could not abandon the favorite «Marlborough». Artists, of course, also all smoked. In vain I begged the boys to smoke less. The apartment was nothing to breathe. Keep the window open all the time I could not, afraid of catching cold Ephraim …

In April of 2000, about a month before the death of Oleg Nikolaevich, once again came to Moscow. He was very weak and spoke with difficulty, it interrupted a terrible cough. Once seated at the table, and suddenly he burst out: «Well, let them have all hurt, falls off, I’m patient, but when you can not breathe …» And stopped. The air is not enough.

At Easter Efremov gathered the children and grandchildren apparently decided to say goodbye. Then he went to the Roshchin in Peredelkino …

Will he not leave, but said many times that the apartment will depart Misha, cottage — Nastya, and the library — museum Moscow Art Theater. All friends and acquaintances knew about it. To entrust its main wealth — the Moscow Art Theatre, Oleg has not decided. He was thinking about his successor. First seen in the role of Oleg Tabakov, then for some reason Andrew Myagkova, wanted to share the duties of artistic director and assign them to the two men. Everything had to finalize the eleventh June 2000. But Efremov did not live to see this day.

He woke up late and stayed in bed for a long time — coughing and rebounding. I called at twelve o’clock, and immediately felt how he was doing. Twenty-four May also dialed his number. That day I was in Stockholm premiere of «Crime and Punishment.» I myself wrote and staged mock. Oleg was proud of me.

We agreed that I would call in the evening, after the premiere. But the day Efremov died. The apartment he was alone. About four o’clock came secretary Tanya Goryachev, she found him. She called her daughter Nastya. She immediately rushed.

I could not come to the funeral: for ten nights we played the show. Replace me no one could — she sat at the director’s sound-control.

MAT was then on tour in Taiwan. Actors were told: «We met in the lobby of the hotel and looked at each other, we do not know what to do, how to live.» They were not immediately able to get tickets, we had to connect the diplomats and the Ministry of Culture. All this time the call to Moscow: «For God’s sake, just wait for us!»

Oleg Nikolayevich buried the thirty-first day of May, «alley Theater,» in the Novodevichy cemetery. Next to the grave of Stanislavsky, whom he revered. Anatoly Smelyanskiy very well then said: «They will talk about …»

I arrived a few days later and immediately went to him. Efremov said shortly before his death: «You will come to me.» He knew that I never leave, and for him it was important.

Oleg did not show, I felt all kept in itself, is probably why many considered him a hard, impenetrable, and he was vulnerable. He is often bullied, especially in recent years, he suffered from the fact that there were no forces that the right words are not enough, as the oxygen. I did everything I could to somehow drown his pain.

Yefremov could not and did not like to say nice words, but sometimes it still «punch» in the tender. «You have no idea, my girl, I appreciate you, — he once confessed. — Just can not say. It’s all inside. «

I regret that we did not finish a lot that was far away and could not support him in the most difficult time. I miss that man. I will always remember him and love …

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