Table of bed …

So was the bed at the right time in the right place! This was the frame of the sewing machine Minerva. These are sold and the Internet, and at flea markets. Immediately I must say that the process of transforming the old things in a new — creative, not a quick and requires patience, perseverance and certain skills.

Purifying the base frame from dirt and dust, I clean off the rust iron brush. Then began the search for a desired color. And she found — a two-component, high quality and color! Conventional brushes (not roll) must be applied so the paint in several stages, so she had time to fasten, and better — in two layers.

While dried out prepared podstole (frame), was working on top. Another trip to the Leroy Merlin in search of the desired workpiece ended buying laminated furniture panels made of particleboard. Color was not impressed, but the main selection criteria was the size of the shield matching table. However, still it had to cut off a portion of the preform, rounded corners, and then process the edge sander and the surface to give it roughness. It turned out good.

Finally came the most crucial moment of decoration — painting. I love this stage of the work, when starting from scratch, and the result is achieved fairly quickly and pleasing to the eye!

Countertops painted in golden color. Roll caused the first layer, and when it dried up, walked sandpaper, his so-called fray. The second layer has laid down as it should, since the effect of antiquity. Aging technology was simple, she shared with me her husband. He said: «Take a small foam roller. And while the paint is still wet, slipping movement as a cover to shoot in some areas. » It turned out great!

A new countertop laid on the old building, also pre-painted on the same technology, connect with each other on the glue and dowels.

I must say that the boxes could still well preserved. They were just a little abraded and painted in gold. It turned out — pleasure to watch! Screw on the drawer handle new (old have been lost). The existing holes where the mounting bolts were old, hard boiled, and set a new pen.

Well, everything — dressing table is ready! Lampshade on the table (also hand made), mirror on the wall, all sorts of stuff on the boxes …

P.S. You could use other methods for decorating tabletops: oblitsevat tiles, paint or acrylic paints to decorate by decoupage techniques. Another option — to put on the table glass of the same size, but by its end sticking fringe, which can be bought in any shop of sewing accessories.

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