Taganrog: Director of «Taglift» let-up faulty elevator that killed a child

Using new powers, regional prosecutor’s office canceled the illegal decision of SU RF IC in the Rostov region and sent for further investigation of a criminal investigation into the death of a child in a dangerous polutoragodovalogo elevator.

The prosecutor’s office area has studied the materials of the criminal case brought by the investigation department of the Investigative Management RF IC in the Rostov region into the death of a child (Art. 1, Art. 109 of the Criminal Code).

It was established that April 1, 2009 a small resident of Taganrog lost under the following circumstances. Returning home after a walk, a resident of Taganrog in the entrance of the house caused the elevator, started in his first young son, and then try to go by herself. However, the elevator doors began to close unexpectedly, protective automation did not work and the door was badly squeezed her shoulders. Elevator with open doors began to move down. She tried to pull her son out of the elevator, but the boy caught the top of the leg lift, and fell on his roof.

The woman ran down to meet the elevator, but before reaching the second floor, she saw the elevator stopped on the first floor and then started moving back and stopped at the eighth floor. At the entrance to the tenants and officers arrived MOE mother tried to rescue her son from a dangerous lift, but all the attempts undertaken by them did not help. When the elevator opened, they found that the baby is head down, caught pants for the elevator door opening mechanism, no signs of life.

It was found that in March 2009 a specialized firm said the elevator was inspected for suitability and found numerous violations entailing a ban on its use.

However, specialist firms on the certificate, these violations are not reflected, causing the elevator was approved for operation. Director of «Tug-lift», responsible for the operation of the elevator, and aware of the problem, did not stop its operation.

Despite evidence of causing death by negligence and proof of guilt, specialist company that issued the illegal act of inspection of the elevator, a criminal case was not initiated for a long time. Moreover, the investigation was zavolokicheno, and six months suspended.

Repeated demands regional prosecutor’s office to resume the investigation at first wrongly ignored SU IC Russia in the Rostov region. In October last year at the request of the next of the regional prosecutor unlawful decision to suspend the criminal case is still canceled and resumed the investigation. However, the investigation later again took an illegal decision, but now dismiss the criminal case.

Because of the current Prosecutor, in accordance with the law, given the power to cancel the illegal decision, prosecutors region decision to discontinue criminal proceedings canceled. The criminal case was sent to the SU IC Russia in the Rostov region for supplementary investigation.

The investigation is controlled by the regional prosecutor’s office.

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