We met in the theater, for Tatiana Doronina Gorky Moscow Art Theater is not just a place of work, and a second home. and maybe even the first. After all, she created the theater, almost three decades, holds it in his hands as the artistic director, jealously preserving the Russian classical tradition, and, in addition, put on plays as a director and comes on stage as an actress, for starters, how hospitable mistress of his house, Doronin told about his office, where she spends the lion’s share of time. Here, all-time favorite. Photo by Mikhail Bulgakov, near Bulgakov images of other dear people: the icon of St. John of Kronstadt, photos of Maxim Gorky, directed by Andrei Goncharov and George Tovstonogov, a job which Doronin considers it a point of reference in the profession, Tatyana me and said that equal Tovstonogov no and it will not be until it stops at the stage of the absolute reign of hooliganism as a avant-garde theater when the play alter, rearrange emphasis when negative characters become positive and vice versa, and my tongue all the time hovering question of Oleg Yefremov. Clearly, someone put it. As a partner of filming, I noticed Tatyana, Efremov never scandals on the set, demanded nothing, did not create a nervous atmosphere that sometimes people tend to his position, as he was shot, being the artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater and People’s Artist of the USSR. In this context, he admitted Doronin, Oleg rare exception, but as far as directing, it’s just a good average, so put Oleg Nikolayevich Yefremov on a par with the great professionals such as Stanislavski, Tovstonogov, Efros and Goncharov, it can not. .. About all that relates to the theater, Tatyana can talk long and passionately, n o interested me the thread of her life from the beginning, parents, childhood, youth, students, personal life, causes and consequences of certain actions. In preparation for the meeting, I read an interview Doroninoj her memoir «Diary actress» (the book I brought with her, and Tatyana left her autograph) and the autobiography of one of her husband Oleg Basilashvili «I do it ?! Lord … «looked record multiple TV programs dedicated to the actress, and, realizing that» following the barbaric destruction of the Art Theatre, which some call the section «Doronin and Ephraim became bitter enemies, but still it Yefremov once invited her to work in Moscow Art Theatre and was a partner in an unforgettable film «Three Poplars at Plyushchikha.» So his picture as a tribute and expression of generosity may be able to stand on a shelf somewhere in a corner. On this occasion, Tatyana said that nothing like this can not be, because Efremov of «detachment acting directors» of the district, of course, an amazing actor and an amazing partner, not only talent, but also organics, recognized Tatyana, but with regard to the historical and classical roles — past him, but as a social and Soviet hero, he is certainly the first one, and on a par with them is difficult that the topic of our conversation, it may seem like deja vu, he warned Tatiana Vasilyevna that original in his curiosity will not, but that Tatyana was glad. She said well, if I’m not original, therefore, will be sincere, and it is — the best for a good conversation: be original already unoriginal, and the slogan «What are we going to surprise?» Has now become cheap, vulgar and unacceptable, because some in an attempt to surprise reached the extreme of absurdity. So do not try to surprise someone and you just need to be sincere. Reading «Diary of an actress,» I involuntarily noticed that Tatyana tells about the facts of life of their parents in such detail, as if the whole was a witness. Naturally, I wanted to know how she knows such minute details about seemed mother often told her of her youth. While his father, Vasily, a professional chef, worked and lived in suburban health centers, mother — Anna — two daughters remained in Leningrad. To go with her husband she could not deterred that the eldest daughter Galina was in school, so whiled away the evening and telling daughters the story of his life, Anna each time to paint it with new details, Tatyana said that my mother kept repeating, because immersion in the memories of what is called the homeland, it is required to her heart. te mother’s stories of little Tanya remembered the music, listening, intonation. and now with the same my mother’s intonations Tatyana recounted to me the story of the life of her parents, that was before she was born, our conversation turned long, and it Doronin, a great storyteller, shone different facets: quoted his favorite poets and philosophers, rather frankly beginning to talk about family and about some moments of his personal life, and sometimes suddenly shut theme or advised to see about it in her autobiography, «Diary of an actress.»

…In seven years, Basil Doronin sent from his native village Bulatov Danilovsky district of Yaroslavl province to St. Petersburg to study at a French cooking school, and ten years of study, he was never able to come to his native village, since it was very expensive, and his mom, «Grandma Praskovya,» as it calls Tatyana, only twice got out to visit his son, for the same reason. The family of Old Believers Doronin aboriginal children were treated strictly, discounts for pupillage did and regret, like «my boy had gone so far away from home for so long,» currently not allowed. At birth, Basil was baptized twice. First, by the canons of the Old Believers — lowered into Botschagow. It turns out, not a barrel, and a recess in the creek or something like a small forest pond. Later, Basil and was baptized in the Orthodox canon, in the church font. Throughout his life Vasily remained a deeply religious man, never shy and did not hide, even for his career, he worked as a cook, chief of production in the departmental health centers, where rest those who were called the party elite, Doronin was loved and respected by all — from the heads up a rest — for an honest attitude to their work, which in this profession are rare, the familiarity of his parents Tatyana began to talk very picturesque: the village, the evening, the smell of manure, warm road dust swirls from the bare feet soldier Vasily Doronin, who, passing the first imperialist — as he called it — and the Civil War, returned to their homes … and then asked to see her book as «everything is already there.»

«Bride» was barely sixteen, so that under the law she could not get married, but the father — Ivan T. — arranged in the village council to daughter credited with two «extra» year, so Anna all my life and lived — in the passport she It was listed in 1903 birth, but she always said: «I’m nine hundred and fifth.»

The first in a family of Doronin born twins — a boy and a girl, MR lived babies in the world for a few hours, and conductive escape from the pain of loss and the village needs, Basil and Anna left — first on Volkhovstroy, and from there moved to Leningrad, where Vasily got a job specialty — cook. Soon Doronin daughter, Galina, and a few years — Tatiana.

Tatyana recalled how they lived four in one room in a communal apartment in Cossack Lane, near the Gorokhovaya Street and Vitebsk Station. Neighbors — eight families with children, and all, two gas stoves, one toilet and one sink. Apartment This once belonged to the same family, but they are so «condensed» that the owners have completely disappeared, and the room Doronin, which once occupied the hostess of the old life were two mirrors — mirror stood between the windows overlooking the alley, through views of the Fontanka River, and on the opposite wall hung a large vanity mirror … Tatyana told everything in such detail that I can easily imagine their room, equipped Anna Ivanovna: clean white cloth on the table, and Galinin white sofa covers .. . According to Tatyana, her mother, was brought up in austerity Old Believer family, his daughters always keep their distance, no familiarity in a relationship are not allowed, as a punishment for infractions placed them with his sister in a corner, which is already considered the «highest measure of» Anna Ivanovna was unusual CHISTYULYA and daughters accustomed to cleanliness and order, Tatyana said that even during the war, living in evacuation and without elementary means of hygiene, they washed the ashes instead of soap and washed too, ash, and then the laundry was boiled, and in my next the question «Do you remember how the war began?» Tatyana said that, of course, remember, but the details about this can be found in her book «Diary of an actress.»

Tatyana said that the evacuation they had to go with my mother, and men-but «failed» because of Leningrad were evacuated only children, MR, fearing separation, Anna hid Tanya and Galya room neighbor, and «comrades from guardianship authorities «who came to take the children, said that her daughters are now, unfortunately, not at home. White lie. Then, once in the Danilov, they’ve been waiting for letters from the front of his father and rejoiced when it was first and every time, reading it from the line «Hello, my dear …» everyone in the house began to cry. Then his father was shot in the leg, he was in the hospital and after discharge, found unfit for military service, he came to the family in Danilov. and when it lifted the blockade, Dr. returned to Leningrad. In this new peaceful life could already be thinking about the future plans for Tatiana question «what to be» has long been settled — she was «sick» of the theater before the war. Retell me their childhood experiences from the first meeting with the theater Tatyana did not, ask to see in the «Diary of an actress.»

Tatyana remembers how delighted when accidentally saw an ad: «Moscow Art Theater School holds audition applicants in Leningrad at the Palace of Arts on the Nevsky Prospect.» The fact that by the time she finished only eighth grade, it did not stop, she decided to try. This «audition» and its plan was logical: if now it will be mastered at least the first round, then two years later, after graduating from high school and already knowing what was going to audition successfully pass all three. It was in May, and issued certificates to graduates in June, so the age of Doroninoj issues have arisen. They came later, when Tatiana successfully completed three tours in Leningrad and two tours in Moscow. Then she had to confess everything, and even promise to be able to graduate as an external student. But the members of the selection committee, the old famous Moscow Art Theater, was relentless and was told to come in two years.

But why Tatyana decided to enter it in the Moscow Art Theater School? After all, in his native Leningrad he was also a theater school with very good teachers, a tradition to live at home and still more comfortable than in a hostel in the cold and hungry post-war years. The reason was simple — the youthful desire for freedom and independence like. And the fact that the choice has fallen on the Moscow Art Theatre, were «guilty» of the newspaper. In 1948, when celebrating another anniversary of the Moscow Art Theatre, this theater have written. On the other — the Small and Vakhtangov, in which also has its own school, Shchukin and Schepkinskoe — then wrote nothing had happened «newsworthy.» And young

And she came already with a certificate as a full Applicant.

Tatyana is now recalls with a smile, that habit went to Leningrad to Moscow on foot, and knew all the lanes at their fingertips, because two years in preparation for this trip, studying the capital of atlases and travel guides. And all of it in Moscow to admire. This property is a youth, said Doronin, emotional, impulsive all perceive, at the maximum. And over time, this property is admirable in it subsided. Although she is now is quite emotional and impulsive. But this is purely acting property, it should be.

In the Studio School Tatiana I met her future husband — classmate Oleg Basilashvili. About Tatyana says it briefly, they say, it was a student affair, common training and the overall enjoyment of this training. In addition, admitted Tatyana, she in Moscow, almost no one was there, but one of her relatives the distance, and suddenly there was a family, relatives of her husband.

At the time of distribution of the mind itself it was found that Tatiana is the best on the course, take the Moscow Art Theatre. But suddenly Doronin with her husband was sent to Stalingrad Regional Drama Theatre.

In Stalingrad, first came one Tatiana, her husband at the time was on his first movie set, and then she found out that she was pregnant, but devotion to the theater (with a capital letter) took precedence over her feminine nature, Tatyana does not become me to develop this theme.

Stay in Stalingrad Theatre was originally for a young couple nonsense. Moreover, the news came that besides them nobody went on the distribution, almost all settled in Moscow, went on Basilashvili about this period of his life in his book «Mr. euzhe whether it’s me ?! Lord … »says:» Stalingrad Regional then produced a sad impression. In the hall — fifty and sixty people. Performances are made in haste, as it is to make money and attract the audience a new name, the theater was not up to the education of young actors, he needed experienced actors, with a name on it and we did the main emphasis, begging us to let go of the leadership. And let us go with a sigh, I thought with relief! «

By the way, before arriving Doroninoj and Basilashvili in the same theater served Innocent Smoktunovskij. Tatyana recalled that he, like the races have been told in the theater, is not always a success with the public, and very rarely the actors. This is what Doronin said that his acting level was already exceptional and unique personality, from Stalingrad Smoktunovskij went to Leningrad. After a few years of creative ways, and Tatyana Innocent Mikhailovich crossed in BDT, where they met, and then in the Moscow Art Theater.

But first, arrived in Leningrad Doronin and Basilashvili came to the troupe of the Lenin Komsomol, for the very first Doroninoj her role in the play «Factory Girl,» based on the play Volodin was a happy start, we speak about it in theatrical circles. After a couple of seasons, when the bank Tatyana was not as loud premieres, it invited itself Tovstonogov BDT and immediately gave a major role. Soon she became a prima BDT and Georgy Tovstonogov been building a repertoire specially for it. In Basilashvili debut in this theater it passed unnoticed, and personal life went wrong.

In his interview to the Oleg Basilashvili, Tatyana speaks only kind words for a long time forgiving him to change during the filming of «Garnet Bracelet», as stated in one of the TV shows about the life of actress Tatyana correct me: it happened in the film «The Bride» and «Garnet Bracelet» was much later, when they had parted … and the separation happened for many reasons, including because «the beginning of the theater,» she was more successful than her husband. Success is sometimes difficult to accept than the failure, and this, according to Tatyana, distanced them from each other, while they continued to stick together, try to improve relations, but something important among them was gone, and yet, according to Tatiana Vasilevny about youth, the best pore in his life, she always remembers with great fondness.

After their divorce Muscovite Basilashvili remained in Leningrad, he became the leading artist of the BDT, and from Leningrad Doronin, prima BDT, moved to Moscow, the reason for the move Tatyana says that there is work for the same impulse that is for her domestic law and the cause of many actions, and I read that the reason for that was her affair with Edvard Radzinsky. But Doronin flatly disagreed: Radzinsky talented, extremely interesting, it is a decent man, and the reason for her move was not in it. In addition, they spent four years with Edward Stanislavovich in Leningrad, so there was no need for her to move to Moscow, it was the «other side of life.»

Doroninoj debut in the movie took place in 1955, that its role — Zoe from the movie «first tier» — remembered today except that the film critics. It’s really a movie star ta-Tian Vasilyevna made the film director Georgy Natanson «older sister.» In the early 1960s, the play and leksandra Volodin, on which George G. decided to make the film, was a success in many theaters of the Soviet Union.

Therefore, the heroine of the film director in search of the first thing reviewed all theatrical productions. It was the best performance in the BDT, and the best actress respectively, Tatiana Doronin. She herself reacted to the proposal Nathanson very cautious, because already had experience of working with him. Rather, the co-operation did not work, a few years earlier Georgy Natanson offered her the lead role in his film «All remains to people.» Gone sample, d oroninoy said she approved, the district will soon come to a long letter of apology from the director of the district reported that, to his great regret, was forced to take another actress. It is a pity that the letter has not been preserved by his impulsive nature Tatyana threw it together with the envelope, so it it seemed offensive, n on the other hand, seeing the finished film, not at all sorry that this role has passed, and when Nathanson second time offered cooperation Doronin, pretending that no letter from him received, agreed to audition in a holiday Monday arrived at the «Mosfilm». When the shooting began, something went wrong constantly: the camera will «jam», then suddenly quenched the light, Mr. ikak mysticism that was not — the usual cinematic tricks. Time was running, it was time to release the film set for the next film group, because the production was then planned, and Mr. Atanzón completely harassed by these malfunctions, asked Dr. oroninu «on camera» just say a monologue about the theater, the famous: «You love the theater, like love I have it? «Inside the actress then all seething with resentment, she promised herself never to mess with the movies, it does not give it to her. So, with all the anger and pain, she read a monologue, and no matter what is not hoping, went to Leningrad …

About how to remove «older sister», I told George G. Nathanson: «When I offered to film the play Volodin» My older sister, «artistic council took this ironic, because» what is this movie if the action takes place in the same room » . However, since the estimate picture was very small, the director of «Mosfilm» Ivan Pyryev hudsovet said: «Let the lift. If you get married — you sleep a little money. » The theater at the BDT I saw Tatiana Doronin. She immediately agreed to do it and come to Moscow for trial. However, those samples hudsovet «Mosfilm» did not like, because «Doronin — unknown actress said with a gasp, softly, with her sound engineer will have to be extremely difficult.» I had to walk through a lot of offices, prove to beg officials to allow it to run a movie with her. And allowed! Doronin came from Leningrad to appear in their free time performances because Tovstonogov BDT nobody wanted it replaced. Doronin very carefully treated to shoot. We had a great makeup artist, she has worked with Tanya the longest, but also after the Tanya by the time the shooting was adjusting his make-up, which is very annoying her partner, a famous Mikhail Zharov, but he did not hurry, waited patiently. And when we took almost half of the «older sister», Tanya came to me and said, «George G., we shoot and shoot, and you are viewing the material?» «Sure. Until I was happy with everything «- I say. «I’m playing the lead role, may I, too, see?» «Please,» — I said. We came to a small assembly hall, and I showed her stuff. Tanya said that all horrible: it is art, I am directing all its grounded, there is no single actor’s outburst, she was very upset … And we went to continue shooting. Tanya had the wisdom to anyone of my colleagues did not say their views on the film. A few days later, she asked if she could show our working material is a lady with the opinion that it is very considered. By the time I was already all the same, I think, «arts council» Mosfilm «opposed, the main character’s not like … Whatever.» The next morning, Tanya came to a strange little thin on wome short reddish hair and burly, about any of greeting me and sat in the front row, and I sat back. After seeing signs of tannin May said: «It’s brilliant!» And as I was very excited, I heard: «It’s all g …!» I walked over and said, «about the list of regret that showed you stuff because in the middle of the work usually do not show anyone anything, «the woman says Dr. oroninoy:» Tania, the main your task to continue Started thief in the same style, «Dr. oronina immediately zaulyba opinion actress, a very easy compared to work in the theater.

For George Nathanson Tatiana Doronin became the favorite actress, she played the lead role in his film «Once again about love», and almost immediately he offered her the lead role in the film «Ambassador of the Soviet Union», n o, as told George G., Mr. ikolay Bulganin , «pro fessional revolutionary» and a former member of the Politburo, who personally knew the prototype of the heroine and the heads of Noah leksandru Kollontai, said Dr. oronina not like her temperament.

When the film «older sister» was released, Tatiana Vasilievna, wherever it at Ride with the theater, the audience invariably eliminates Wali ovation welcoming as a film heroine, and so sincere was this love that Dr. oronina resigned to the «job of work» in the movie. It is the «job of work», because it is, according to the director and the actress handed the role of the other, but about Doroninoj he never forgot, and invited her to his every new film. Georgy Nathanson said: «In the film» Aelita, do not wor wi men «based on the play by Edward Radzinsky main role was to play Tatiana Doronin. and that it prompted me to pay attention to the play. It was during the filming of «Valentin and Valentina» — we will be taking a break from Tatiana Vasilyevna walked along the street near the «Mosfilm», talked about something. and then she said that now there is a play by Radzinsky, «A pleasant woman with a flower and windows facing north,» and this story can turn out, in her opinion, a good script for the film. The script was written, a movie called «Aelita, not at Stavan men» launched in arbitrary GUSTs, and the lead role of artistic council approved Tatiana Vasilievna, newly this time there was a conflict in the Moscow Art Theater between Doroninoj and Ephraim, a very difficult period in the life of the theater, Tatyana asked me to wait, to postpone shooting for a month, then once a month, I went to meet her, waited, and after three months the management of «Mosfilm» announced that if I did not immediately begin to shoot a picture, it will be closed, I had to invite the lead role of another actress — Natalia Gundareva. Now, if I had answers the question of «who I Started talos difficult», the first place I would put Natalya Gundareva, and the second — Tatiana Vasilyevna Doronin. At the same time, — said George, ‘I believe Tatiana Doronin greatest actress of our time. «

Edvard Radzinsky at the time of the events described was already ex-husband Tatyana, she did not develop this theme, referring to the fact that each of her ex-husbands were Gather new families and against them digging up the past unethical. So just enumerate famous husbands that Tian Vasilevny actor Oleg Basilashvili, drama, Doctor of Art Anatoly Yufit, writer and playwright Edvard Radzinsky. The fourth husband — actor Boris Khimichev. Fifth — Robert Tohnenko last official.

The only thing that Tatyana said, is the fact that «one of the men» very well driven a car, so well that even she, avid, automobile sheets with a solid driving experience, once and for all lost the desire of the plant smiling behind the wheel, and when she was, like herself she named one of the first «drove» in Moscow Art Theater and loved to ride with the wind in Moscow. True, the «insatiable ambition» is not allowed to put up with those who overtook on the road, Tatyana sting of gas, preventing descent «insolent.» Now Tatyana goes only to the driver. Yes, and ride something like say, a car specially nowhere. At the cottage? On the dacha at Tatyana relationship did not exist. That is, it is in the nature of this land in six acres, dedicated to her many years ago in the cast co-op. But she prefers to rest in Belarusian health resorts where everyone respects her and she all respects where the wondrous beauty of the place, clean air and quiet as a child in the village. Tatyana has always stressed that the origin of her peasant and it is not going to follow the fashion of the nobility to seek out the roots. The ancestors of her has always worked on the ground, and sent the eldest sons in the army, and the blood of its native Yaroslavl by the father and mother abundantly watered our land. Disown ancestors — a shame. In her opinion, today gloss fashion spreads that for centuries was considered vicious, funny and vulgar — the desire to «look» rather than «being». This substitution of a genuine fake, and it corrodes consciousness summed Tatyana.

And when the time was nearing midnight, Tatyana offered to thoroughly talk about the most for her home — about the theater: the living MAT Gorky, how much effort it is making to preserve the classical repertoire in the «pure» and preserve each author’s word, it is important to educate troupe and carry viewers spirituality and not empty «razvlekuhu» … And we, of course, talked. But to truly understand its theater and love him, it is necessary to come, be a spectator. Remember, as called Doroninoj heroine of the film «older sister», «Go, go to the theater!» So, to get to know itself Tatiana Vasilyevna and what she now lives, go to the theater.

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