The sun in your pocket

Script writers — Olga Sidelnikova Eduard Gavrilov, director — Eduard Gavrilov operator — Inna ZARAFYAN artists — Arsenio Klopotovsky, Eugene SHTAPENKO composer — ANNA IKRAMOV songs on poems OLGA Sidelnikova sound technician — Dmitry VOGOLEPOV

Roles performed:

Anya DASHA Vishnjakova

Irina — FAITH Ivlev Aunt Claudia — Maria SKVORTSOVA mother — JAN Friends Dad — Vadim Andreev grandmother — Maria Vinogradova

Sergei — Sergei PAKHOMOV


Galya — Faith unbreakable


Eugene — Vova KUKUSHKIN

Ira — Anya Sidorkina

Natasha — Kate Shamraeva

Lena — Anya Groznova


Kiddy — Egor Dumchev

Marina — Anya Rybin

Olya — IRA GOLOVIN old man — Yuri Katin-Yartsev old man’s son — Yuri Nazarov

Ivan Ivanovich — Sergey Nikolaev

STUDIO Gorky, 1985

Color. 7 parts of 1931 m. The R /

Number 1101885.

19.1 / 4.

First Class … beginning of a new, very interesting and almost adult life. What it is filled with important events in the first year of school! How to learn, with some unexpected difficulties faced as many new skills to buy! That’s this year and first-grader Anna Ivanova told the authors of this film. However, they rightly believe that children are no trifles — all significantly and therefore offer us a very close look into the workaday life within them and see them for the process of maturation of the child.

…Anya is very awaited the first of September, but a little afraid to go to school — because she was the smallest in the class, and she was not yet seven years. At first, the girl had a really hard time. For example, in gym class. They competed with parallel class, and Anya just did not let his entire team — in fact, it is doing a lot slower than the rest of the guys who were a little older. Because of this, the same happened with her and other unpleasant — once in school … she lost. But every time someone came to her aid — attentive teacher Irina, Ira counselors, kind nurse aunt Klava or friends who Anya acquired fairly quickly.

It was more difficult in the independent living to learn to distinguish right from wrong deed. For example, Anna wanted to call on your birthday from the closest new friends — Sergei, counselors Il. But brisk girlfriend did not approve of her choice, and she agreed with them. And only then I realized that was wrong.

Another time in the class went on the offense judgment girl who corrected a note in the diary to not upset sick mother. All voted in favor of the most severe punishment for it. Only Sergei was not afraid to speak out against such a decision, to say that he was sorry for Vera and her need to forgive. The teacher supported him. Anya thought just like Sergei, but did not dare to go against all. Now, however, she realized that if convinced of the correctness, it must be defended.

But perhaps worst of all came at Anya with Aunt Claudia. It seems to be, not wishing that, again having gone on about her friends, she hurt this good woman. After a while, feeling guilty before her, he wanted to apologize, but it turned out that Aunt Claudia seriously ill at school will not work anymore. Here the girl has experienced true remorse and realized that, no matter what was to be to find Aunt Claudia and ask her forgiveness. And because it is very like this, then in the end, achieved their.

Anya gradually matured. To understand their feelings and thoughts, learn to correctly assess their actions and helped her parents — intelligent, sensitive people, and tactful teacher, and friends. So passed this year, the first year of school — in the unrest, mistakes, striving to correct them, in the first acquisition, on their own experience learned rules of life.

Directed by Eduard Gavrilov is not the first time addresses the educational theme, the theme of education of young. It can be seen in such films as «go past the windows of the train,» «Kindness», «Last Chance», «I want him to come.» In young audience enjoyed a special love of his film «Shoo and two portfolios.»

Put into a film ma terial familiar Scriptwriter OLGA Sidelnikov — a former teacher, worked in a kindergarten and school.

The main role in the film played DASHA Vishnyakov, which during the shooting was six years old and, unlike her character, she is still in school did not go. Despite such a young age, the girl has managed to star in the movie «A squadron of hussars volatile», «Richat — grandson Zify» in the television movie «TASS is authorized to declare …».

For Kinopanorama and recommend the use of television transmission hours. 1.

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