This should be everyone!

In short, not a game, and candy. Game — inside and out. Not a shadow of doubt. Not a syllable of claims. Although, perhaps, in the form, where no shadows and no syllable, many machines will slow down. But, really, it should and must be forgiven …

It hangs over the fresh arable land

Of course, unidentified flying. And taldychat: aliens, aliens, they say, should be to liberate the home planet. It would be necessary. But judging by the play of others accustomed worse than natives. A typical mission: to rescue three hostages, beating a couple of dozen transports protected by dozens of tanks, supported by half a dozen helicopters and the same number of watchtowers. Solidly entrenched enemy. But we will only nicer. Like it or not, and shooting — on the key "Ctrl".

When you get into the dungeon, you know, that dug Sinister cleaner than … But it does not matter. It is not important, why, when, why dug, who is to blame and why should you have one such courageous, and teammate give one mission of twenty, ammunition time does not drive up, Moscow 850 years, wages are not paid, and where to find who said it would be easy to give in the face, and restore justice.

Because all this fairy tales. Let Tales grandmother told. I turn to the substantive issues.

Helicopter …

Assault Helicopter — terrible force. Especially if you do not waste your time on simulators, and leave everything so that the play was fun, and the effects do not waste your time, the danger of collision with the trees not to exaggerate, life recover during the fight — then you can without landing and taking care of the fuel (not in the game such care) go to the account "time" half a dozen missions and hundreds of enemies uhlopat half.

Feel the moral (and perhaps even immoral) satisfaction in all its glory. But it is on fire. Actually the helicopter is only good that flies. And hit the throttle you will not be. Wishes to have dispersed most vulgar way to fly forward, it is their only chance. But paid tribute to the harsh laws of the genre: the helicopter is able to strafe and comments, I think, unnecessary.

But we are interested not so much the flying characteristics of the unit (it was too simple), and fighting. Please. Homing missiles. One main type (ammunition — up to seven pieces) — and the terrible damage, fireworks, the death of a foreign military equipment in a rather impressive core objective within the neighborhood are guaranteed. Ammunition is limited in principle, and due to the acute scarcity of goods bought all the eyeballs almost impossible.

The bomb is not nuclear — but smart. Cool beyond belief … I do not bomb, and the impressive size cassette homing missiles launched simultaneously. "The impressive size of the cassette" — Is not less than twenty pieces that are guaranteed to burn the enemy from Moscow to the suburbs on the horizon. And this thing occurs very rarely, but also helps in the difficult years! ..

"Cannon default" — A piece frail and vague — in the real world does not apply and is not negotiable. "Cannon abruptly" It shoots very nice and where the effectiveness of its tovarki, if the marked target within certain limits corrects the fire (very effective). The firing range is small, which makes it almost perfect weapon short- and medium combat. "Laser Cannon" different dalnobojnostju greater accuracy of fire, greater destructive power, but at the lack of funds and the rate of homing. There is another pushchonka, cartridges which are in short supply, but … Let this be a pleasant surprise.

In fact, our friend is vertokryly flying tank. Explosion and clashes, he, of course, sensitive, but the trees (hereinafter — "Christmas tree") Brings down peacefully in the house cuts without any apparent practical … get the car. Sioux name AN-23.

…and the tank

And his name — T1. It sounds almost like "brick"But is not that the essence of homespun tank? It looks very funny: torquey heavy tank, bristling with guns and rockets, sticky directly to the body. A certain idealism of such construction is justified by grace missile launch, causing the tank is not inferior to the beauty of the helicopter-martial effect when an external camera. As is customary at the tanks, T1 does not fly. But, as is usual in this genre, it is easy … strafe. Well, it happens. Not a simulator, I suppose. And we

— Obviously not the graph. The more that this miracle of technology is moving rather slowly, and only in the hill-just barely. But the tank. Armored Ural forging, whose thickness is sincere sympathy.

The most touching: all the weapons tanks borrowed from a helicopter. The only difference is the visual (the same rays — from another location), and the rest — a copy.

Life and the Battle

If in the case of a bad game to say nothing special, and the text in an unshared fused into paragraphs abuse, the language here is hungry split in two and lost with the intricacies of their own, so that the snake with their problems rest. Besides excellent (See below.) Charts Extreme Assault is released Yeshe and very decent playable Stu.

However, "decent"

— not that word. Superbly built the game world. Licked and polished. Everything can be spoiled. On the walls of the cave are traces of the shots. Firs erupt as matches. From a pastoral village, ended up with the center of the fighting, are quite natural smoky ruins of a burned out windows … to look nice on the enemy. Firstly, a sufficient number of planes. How burn! How to explode!

I am pleased to note and their intelligence. Times "stupid AI"Probably gone forever. Children burdened by their own goals (in most cases they go somewhere or someone guarding), they do not have the habit to break through. Not wanting to die in vain, they maneuver, take into account the terrain, trying to come from behind and broke collectively.

Genre EA — exactly what must be recorded somewhere in the footer: Action Arcade. Active, life-affirming shooting, burdened by collecting bonuses and search for secret (the idea to shoot at the church chime just does not occur), but thoughts of refueling, the selection of ammunition, setting what else, especially the purchase of something. I blow up tanks — got ammo.

But it is necessary to break the senseless and transfer switch to singing war songs. The world has a place in the Extreme Assault, realistic, despite all the shortcomings of this particular game for authorship of speech. I look out the window and compare. Perhaps the fact that I can see a little more real, an exact match between the window and the EA exists only in the field of power transmission towers (they are very similar to those seen in the game), the realism of the EA is more valuable than reality view from the window. I have no way to defeat the power lines, wood, concrete blocks, rack, road and passing on her infamous vehicles, foul home village.

The creation of the Blue Byte — not less than the whole picture, and completely accessible to your guns and your incontinence. Thanks again for the graphics, but the designers have worked. Not so easy to explain what freaks Sand Warriors worse pictures EA … Thoroughness, taste, variety, someone’s talent. Useful, generally speaking, things …

The culmination of war songs

1997 consists of two streams of the games. Large flow consists of games, whose creators are trying from scrap materials riveted something in 640×480 with a certain set of effects. The result is something wound pessimism and undermine faith in the future. A small trickle of new games includes original engine’y and simply dictates standards. Looking at them proudly you think: it is possible, if skillfully … This should be everyone.

Does not yet support 3Dfx graphic looks at many sverhZD creations. About her nothing to say, it is simply perfect. It is not a fog, lighting model, the correctness of ZD-primitives and prospects, or lack of sprites. This made tremendous explosions, smoke and fire. They are built on some clever effects and three-dimensional perception of reality. No, I am not able to figure out what this chart is not enough. Perpetually festering wound of textures, of course, deserves a treat, but what we are seeing in Extreme Assault, much better than many people.

Beauty is certainly demanded sacrifices. Perhaps the statement that on a Pentium 200MMH in DOS-Windows session 95 shows frenzied performance, seem to someone insulting pizhonstvom. Everyone can reconcile speed by itself, because much can be disabled; in addition, available in our version of the game without the support of ZD accelerators demonstrates the performance is several times more than the demo. Notorious MMX significantly refines the sophisticated lighting effects, fog, etc. Jewelry, but not critical.

One way or another, but I do five numbers in a row playing on the same computer, and quite objectively argue that the maximum settings pathetic Shadow Warrior significantly larger brakes than the Extreme Assault with its perfectly crisp graphics in 16-bit color, without a hint of pixelation or any other krivost.

Hello conceptualists

The time has come: I’m beginning to advocate the introduction to this edition of the die "So Nado!" In addition to die "Our choice". If it was done from the beginning of the year, the EA would be a third game, which received these things in this section. Maximum — the fourth.

But it’s the lyrics. There is an experience: heaped briefings annoying. Video makes loading level humiliating, slow … The more attention paid to video, it is doubtful the game (almost always). This preface is clear that a pure form in the EA will not find. But there is a detailed briefings showing with whom to fight, someone to rescue. Interlevel inserts — a flight from point A to point B. All this is done directly on engine’e. And do not anyhow. Effects include the monitor, interference, camera movement … The taste and accuracy, the chatter in columns duplicated text on the screen.

As a result, instead of clogging CD works 3D Studio, get a stylish and useful briefings, and each new mission, without a second loaded instantly. Envy!

As usual, conceptualism became a victim of the ability to save the game. For each pilot remembers its current state (up to the mission), and can be downloaded from a previous mission. Lovers "kill — zaseyvitsya

— Again shoot" can relax. That is life.

All in their places. Extreme — a single block. For example, I forgot to mention support for different versions of the network game — up to eight players, with special cards for these battles. But the loss of this small: half of the review would consist of phrases that the game will not miss any detail. And that would be true.

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