This style of feeding extremely titanic group hopes to determine even more difficult for mothers maniac classifier. Reviews of the album Therapy? and interview with Muse-Quentin-therapists can be found in a variety of publications — from semi-underground magazines alternative to giants metal press. Some refer Therapy? golimy to punk rock, the other — to the hard-n-heavy. And, apparently, the «victims» of this history of this mess at hand: how many times the fun-teyuschego people something more! Therapists themselves characterize his own work cryptic term «rock ‘n’ roll.» Says guitarist / vocalist Andy Cairns, «the last album — a rock ‘n’ roll of clean water. But not the same as at the Guns N’Roses. and something like ‘London Calling’ band The Clash. I would even say that it is a mixture of all the best that has been done in a rock ‘n’ roll in the last five years. «

The second component of this rapid success, Andy finds its origin — Ireland, or rather its cultural traditions that go far back in history.

«This is typical not only for Therapy?"- He says. «Look: Them. Rory Gallagher. U2 or even Cranberries — all the Irish rock music. Not a gram of the total of any topics, or in the music! Rock. pop, folk — I am sure that these different groups could appear, for example, in America, a country that is brewed in their traditions and culture. Neither Aerosmith, or Ugly Kid Joe, Guns N’Roses or simply can not grow in our country. «

Really interesting theory: the conflict with tradition, indeed, interesting and unity with onymi. Speaking about the band’s music should be noted that of all the albums of Irish trio interest are only the last two. And both giants are quite different.

«I believe that if the album does not sound in a new way — it’s not an album of Therapy? », — Explains bassist Michael Mc Keegan. "Do not argue, first records were pretty monotonous sounding. Moreover, we were called followers of Nirvana! Now nothing but, «Oh, that’s Therapy ?!" we do not hear. And ‘Internal Love’ — another proof, even though we did not put peopredelennoe impact on ‘Infernal Love’."

And more specifically, if the ‘Troublegurn’ dodged a fairly heavy side, the new album was a pan-kov.

According to Andy Cairns: "If you omit such an important moment as the basic development goals muzyred a record of some of the great ‘Troublegurn’ album. Paradoxically, it is the love of his music, and creates the basis for more and more new ideas without repeating old or, God forbid, samoplagiata. Although the same ‘Troublegurn’ had

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