USA: Requirements for the elevators on the stretcher, «ambulance»

Company The National Elevator Industry Inc. (NEII) sent a letter of recommendation, drawn up by the International Council for Standardization on recent developments in the international construction standard (IBC). Full text of the letter can be found on the company’s website NEII (, in the pop-up menu Section Codes Codes & Standards.

3002.4 (Optional.) A cage should contain a stretcher ambulance. When the elevators installed in buildings with more than three floors above ground level shall be provided for at least one elevator that provides access to all floors of the fire. The cabin of this elevator should be of such size and shape that it included stretcher «emergency» size 24 inches x 84 inches (610 mm x 2134 mm) with angles a radius of not less than 5 inches (127 mm) in the horizontal plane in the open position . This elevator has to be identified by the international symbol of emergency care (star of life). The symbol must have a height of at least 3 inches (76 mm) and positioned on both sides of the doors of the elevator shaft.

Changes in the standard consists essentially in adding the phrase «with corners radius not less than 5 inches.» The initial cause of changes is as follows.

Reason. All the litter «first aid», currently known, are made of metal tubes with rounded or chamfered corners. Amendment standards reflect the actual size of the litter and allows industry to better fulfill this requirement, with more flexibility by providing the dimensions of the cab, corresponding to the requirements of the construction standards. This change is also an additional advantage to suppliers stretcher recommendations to standardize their products. None of the manufacturers whose products are considered at the moment, does not offer a litter size of 24 inches x 84 inches; the largest producer of the stretcher — the company Stryker — produces standard litter size of 23 inches by 83 inches with a combined rounded and chamfered corners. Moreover, only found standard on a stretcher «emergency» — a European technical requirements EN 1865: 2000. In section 4.1.5 «Frames» says: «All corners of the frame for greater safety should be rounded.»

The Committee accepted the proposal for the following reason:

Reason Committee. It is obvious that a change in the standard is intended to clarify and provide more specific guidance on the design of elevators in which shall contain the litter size of 24 inches by 84 inches. Before this change in the text of the standard was more common «lift should be of a size and design that it included an ambulance stretcher measuring 24 inches by 84 inches in the horizontal plane in the open position.» Initially, construction of stretchers assumed rounded corners, and this fact, of course, could lead authorities to the jurisdiction over the matter, as the proof of compliance with the requirements of the elevator. The revised standard provides the authority for a convenient means of authorization.

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