With gold Bookshelf

We arrived in Crimea to-the path to the screen — meet with the heroes of favorite books. «The White Poodle» Kuprin. «Bambi» F. Salten (in retelling Yu Nagibina). How many children (of different generations!) Unconditionally accept them into the world of his childhood with them, and know the section of the first lessons of beauty, wisdom and goodness.

«The White Poodle» owes its birth to the Crimea. Here, in the country in Mishor, Alexander Kuprin became acquainted with the old organ-grinder, a small acrobat Serge, white poodle, heard the story of their wandering life and described in the famous story. Eighty years ago! And alive kuprinskoy pages of prose and Again «narrow mountain paths, from one holiday village to the other, made its way along the southern coast a little wandering troupe. Ahead used to run, dangling on one side a long pink tongue, white poodle Arto, cropped like a lion. «

In Yalta and Mishor, in Sudak and Nikitsky Botanical Gardens, on the peninsula Tarkhankut, where dry feather grass steppe rises to the sea, filmed «The White Poodle» movie expedition studio «Tsentrnauchfilm» led by director Alexander Zguridi. Nana Kldiashvili and operator Vadim Alisova. It was not easy to find the untouched, pristine corners of the Crimean nature. Even more difficult — to recreate the flavor, the old architecture of the Crimea. In Yalta, in the territory of a huge resort with ultra-modern buildings of concrete and glass was found ancient stone cottage, with turrets and a lodge, with terraces, pick up colored patterned glass. This is where the main events were recorded, suddenly flared up around the white poodle, when cranky barchonok Trilly Artaud wished to become a master, but roving performers have not conceded it for any money … But what to tell the story? It immediately recalls the witnesses of the shooting on sight of white king poodles. Handsome, clever (in the life of his name Stepan), it has a sociable and smiling all the time, like a dolphin!

— In the «White poodle» is a wonderful friendship of people and animals, — says the director of the film. — After all, that is what, ultimately, the meaning of the story Kuprin Tell us about devotion, generosity and cruelty, human baseness … We have decided to introduce a new figure in the plot (though very typical kuprinskoy prose). It Lopatin, circus clown, a man gifted, troubled, sensitive to injustice. Circus for him — Stand with which he refers to the «gallery», which embodies the common people. He boldly speaks about existing orders, knowing that this could turn into trouble for it. But keep yourself can not. Dismissed the owner of the circus, it was he who is in the film «A favorite of the public» on the Crimean roads, together with his nephew Sergei and poodle Arto.

Episodes associated with the circus, we were shooting in Moscow, in Izmailovo Park, in today’s «tent», but, of course, with a substantial amendment to the time on the screen viewers will see pre-revolutionary circus. In particular. Yuri Nikulin specially restored and put our picture one of the most famous in the last issue Vladimir Durov.

The second, equally important line pattern is white poodle, strong, adventurous hero who performs independent actions. Equal to the people in this picture. And it’s not that we «humanize» Artaud, it is not. But we wanted to watching the film and turning to the present day, the audience thinking about what can not be arrogant toward animals. After all, in essence, we are all — both people and birds and animals and the natural host of our land. It is sad that in recent years on the streets of our cities appeared so many stray dogs. People are attentive to the fate of our «little brothers.» And it is very important address pattern facing, especially to children. We urge them to greater love, a greater responsibility to the animals. If your friend is in trouble, it can not be dismissed, needs help to save!

For Alexander Zguridi, one of the world’s largest producers of popular science films, appeal to the young audience and the film genre is not unexpected. The spectator lives of several generations of kids, as an indispensable element of moral and aesthetic education, it included such films as «White Fang», «Forest Story», «Forest Symphony», «Black Mountain,» «Rikki-Tikki-Tavi» .. . And for Natalya Bondarchuk (it is known to the audience more as a talented actress) «Bambi’s Childhood» — only the second directorial work.

— For me the book is about Bambi-personification of childhood — says ona.- This is the first tale, which I told my mother. And her story as if intertwined book Felix Salten and the famous Walt Disney movie …

I am very close to the script written by Yuri Nagibin. I would like to make a film on behalf of nature. After all, if we raise a hand to nature, then raise it to themselves. I would like to convey the pain of human nature better your child: what he did with his mother ?! Our picture is subtitled «The education of the heart.» This education-on examples of beauty. Butterfly with a little Bambi talking about eternity. Firefly says that all the lights, the world around you is beautiful. And beauty can save the world, if people do not cease to notice it. Do not be «closer to nature» — part of it to be wise about one of the main motifs of the film meaning.

…But how to tell the «Bambi», without resorting to means of animated movies? Remove «simply documented» can not get specific about reindeer sketch, not more. «Humanization» spiritualization of animals inherent in such books as «Bambi», «Mowgli» directly translatable into the language of feature films. And the authors of the film, in fact, did not have a key to his decision until he dawned the idea … It had to be checked. I had to remove the sketch for the painting, and to convince yourself to make sure.

What is the essence of the decision? However, we learn about this from the screen, from the mouths of storytellers, refers to each of us:

«Of course, you want to hear

Discussions and thoughts of animals?

Try to merge with the characters

With all my heart; between us, believe me:

More — general, less — differences.

Why? .. Let every fabulous beast

Before you — change the appearance … «

This occurs on the screen. In her emotional «peaks» we see the transformation, spirituality animals. That calves are jumping in front of us, and … have continued to run their children, little people wearing reindeer names: Bambi, Gobo, Carus, Falin … Next to the deer herd lives on the screen, «deer people» … We see the Leader of father, Bambi, in the form of a mighty stag and in the likeness of men, embodied Marius Liepa. Such is the language of the poetic picture.

I was filming in her Apminskom forestry, he saw the fight Bambi and his opponent Carus-deer, which, however, portrayed by actors. And then, along with Natalya Bondarchuk visited this deer (and Bambi, and Carus, and painter), who lived in the cordon, already shot the film … At the Yalta studio we saw the material. It has a spectacular scene. Well, in my opinion, it turned out story about swans, birds in reincarnation where people performed poetry and sculpture. Is this the whole movie? I do not know. Yes, it is, perhaps, should not be «all this.» It should also appear very different rhythms, colors, emotions. They guessed the material. But much, much will depend on the installation, selection, alignment. From a sense of proportion and taste …

So, with gold shelves of our children’s literary classics filmed two more books.

I like that they took up such different figures on age-film directing almost patriarch and almost debutant; that they were taken to «Tsentrnauchfilm» and Central film studio of children and youth films Gorky. This is now a sphere of interest in children’s movies.

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