With long-term view

Now all gardeners cares mouth full, because starting from mid-summer until the autumn only manages to gather the harvest. It turns out that the cellars and storerooms are filled, and the beds are released. But you can make sure that no inch of land in our garden was not empty up to the frost. And for that perfectly fit a variety of early maturing vegetable plants. «However, they should be sown in advance, even in mid-summer. This year, make it a little late, but armed with information for next season can be quite.

The first of the candidates in the second run — Chinese cabbage. The best time for planting it — from the mid to late July. If you need to get a few plants or seedlings grown simply nowhere, a couple of «kapustinok» can buy. One of the relatively new species such cabbage — is pakcha. The plant varieties ‘Tatsoi’, for example, can be sown in the open ground until the end of August and the harvest — since the end of September. The leaves of this variety pakcha collected in dense compact rosette. You can cut off the head of the whole or to disrupt only individual leaves as needed. Also, young, tender leaves can be harvested gryunkolya, not waiting until the cabbage forms a dense head. For this gryunkol sown densely, with a distance of about 20 cm between individual plants. Their delicate foliage can be put in a salad, or slightly turned up with meat. Tip: As the harvest planting rows with decimation.

In chard (leaf beet) can also be used to eat the leaves when they are still very young, or grow it as an ordinary sheet vegetable plant. Special taste different varieties of chard leaves ‘Fantasy’ with fiery red soft and thin petioles. Vyseyte chard as gryunkol, thicker, and then gradually thin out the seedlings. By choosing varieties ripening red beet it is recommended to be treated with special care, because not all varieties sown in late July — early August, may have time to ripen. Good will, for example, variety ‘Rote Kugel’. Plants sow more densely and pull out the delicate roots when they reach the size of a tennis ball.

Fennel, seedlings planted in open ground until mid-August, will be ready for harvest in 8 weeks. Meanwhile, fennel growing area near it use for sowing radish, or different kinds of East collard greens. These vegetable plants develop so fast that you collect them before, like fennel need more space.

Grow lettuce Now it’s even easier, because the plant varieties such as ‘Australische Gele’, sold in the form of a seed tape, combined with mulch. In this case, thin out the landing is not required, because the seeds are attached to the tape fine tuned the distance — it’s very convenient. Under the film the soil is always moist, and in addition to inhibit the growth of weeds.

Relish is always at hand

Annual herbs that are so wonderfully complement the taste of any dish can be successfully grown in pots or in a shallow bowl on the balcony or terrace. Coriander is the seed — an indispensable seasoning for Asian dishes. Chervil is a popular spice in French cuisine. Dill is an excellent seasoning for fried eggs, salad and fish. If you want to give the dish a spicy flavor, arugula sow all these herbs grow well in partial shade. They can be sown in September to mid, preferably in several steps (every 2-3 weeks). Seeds slightly sprinkle the ground. And keep under control the humidity of the substrate: Regular watering it — until the seeds will not germinate.

Opting for variety! On a bed width of 1.2 m represented a mix of vegetables that you can land and sow in August. In late July — early August, the center will land gryunkolya seedlings, such as ‘Lerchenzungen’ and krasnolistnyh ‘Redbor’. Right and left of a row of cabbage sow spinach or chard.

On the right half of the beds sow radishes and turnips.

On the left side as a substitute for chives, onions can be grown winter hardy Welsh onion. On both sides of the beds allocate space for lettuce field (2 rows with a distance of 8-10 cm between them).

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