With the scent of chocolate

Scientists say that one of the most attractive human fragrances — the smell of chocolate. Did you know that there is a plant with a chocolate flavor? This is not the cocoa beans. This is a fairly modest flower — Berlandieri.

Of course, the beauty of flowers in Berlandieri many rivals, but it smells like attractive: in the morning exudes a magnificent aroma of chocolate! No wonder it is called «chocolate daisy.»

Meet * NEW!

This plant — a novelty in our gardens. She has beautiful long feathery leaves are gray-green color on each stem bloom bright yellow flowers with a chocolate-colored stamens. The reverse side of each petal is covered with red veins. If you do not hold to the fertilizer, the compact bushes reach 30-45 cm in height.

She loves the sun …

Berlandieri loves the sun, grows well in containers, even if they are in the sun. Although refers to drought-tolerant plants, yet for abundant flowering in summer is more important than regular watering, especially when grown in containers. But Berlandieri detrimental to waterlogging. During the growing season on poor soils and potted plant needs a monthly feeding.

…and does not like lyurozy

In our climate Berlandieri grown as an annual, although it is believed that it can withstand a drop in temperature to -20 degrees. But the long cold winters can kill the plant even when the shelter. However, if you bring Berlandieri containers in a dark basement, it’s great perezimuet.

On seedlings

Grow seedlings easy. Dry seeds are sown in March in a loose, slightly moist soil at a depth of 0.5 cm. Pots put on a bright windowsill. For germination is needed round the clock air temperature of +20 … +25 degrees. It is important during germination and increase green mass to prevent waterlogging.

Natalia DORONINA, garden designer. Photo by the author

TIP: In tandem with kosmidiumom Berlandieri create a special mood in your garden next to the gazebo where you enjoy a cup of morning coffee or tea.

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