A man with an accordion

Based on the story Anatoly MAKAROVA writer — Alexander Borodyansky director — Nikolai Dostal operator — Yuri Nevsky artists — Alexander Boim, Alexander Makarov composer — Alexander Goldstein sound technician — BORIS Vengerovsky

Roles performed:

Dmitry Gromtsev — Valery Zolotukhin

Lelia Glan — Irina Alferov mother Gromtseva — ARINA Aleinikova

Savely Mikhailovich — VLADIMIR Soshalskaya Uncle Kolya — Michael Pugovkin

Savka — Sergei Milovanov beauty Tamara — ELENA Pletnev

Kostya Elkin — Stanislav Sadalsky Aunt Fenya — LOVE Malinowski

Lopatin — Evgeni Evstigneev son Lopatin — Sergey Kolesnikov

Nina Vorobyov — Irina Shmelev

Kohl Prikhodko — ANTON GOLUBEV Prikhodko mother — Lyudmila Ivanova

Arkady Karasev — Sergei REUSENKO

«Mosfilm», 1985

Color. 10 parts, 2539 m. R /

Number 1103185.

22.0 / 3.

The fate of the man who prevented the war to become an artist, but not broken. Being able to maintain a bright outlook, he was a kind and generous soul. And so, without even leaving the scene on the stage, all life gave people joy. But the vocation of the artist always lived in it one day, many years later, still led him to the scene. It was May 9, Victory Day …

Far prewar time to remain in the memory of Dmitry Gromtseva as a reminder of the joyful summer sunny morning. He lived in an old Moscow courtyard, where, as in the famous song of Bulat Okudzhava, «every night all play radiogram, where couples danced, dusty …». He graduated from theater school and was preparing to become an artist Operetta Theatre. He loved Lelia, beautiful and proud girl, and she was to become his wife. But the future that represents Dmitry happy and serene, was crossed out on the same day — June 22, 1941 …

Gromtsev went to the front as a volunteer. Bravely fought. I went through all the tests, saw the blood, suffering and death. At the end of the war was seriously injured, he was in the hospital for a long time, and when issued and fellow soldiers gave him a souvenir beautiful German accordion.

And Dmitry home again, again sees her mother, the familiar faces of neighbors, native Moscow … But the joy of victory, the joy of the return was marred by bitterness of losses. In the confusion of the evacuation had disappeared Lola attempts to track her down to nothing lead. At the theater, a favorite work, he could not go back — turned out to be too serious consequences of injury … I had to start all over again. But Dmitry did not give up, did not give up. He entered the financial institution seriously and studied hard, mastering a new profession.

In the early postwar years, people lived a hard time. It was still fresh wounds, still wet from the tears of the eye. We had to work very hard to endure hardship. Then Gromtsevu handy accordion: with it he instilled vigor and fun first to their friends and acquaintances, and then it began vying invited to play at weddings, parties … He soon became known in the city, his popularity could envy even eminent artists. But once, on one of the weddings, the bride in a smart, he learned Lelia same one he loved and sought unsuccessfully returning from the front. On that evening, Dmitry stopped playing at weddings, and generally scored more than an accordion in his hands.

Flew years … Gromtsev graduated. I started a family. He moved into a new apartment. He grew up the son, grandson appeared. In short, life went on as usual. One day, Victory Day, he took out from the mezzanine forgot accordion and went with him to the park, where traditionally gathered veterans. On the open stage was a concert. Dmitry was strongly behind the scenes. And soon, the compere announced: «… Performs our comrade, a veteran, an employee of the bank Dmitry Gromtsev!».

Finally, many years later, he was back on stage. In front of him — his audience of his peers, the participants of the last war. He pulled the fur and began to sing: «Exactly twenty-second of June at four o’clock in Kiev was bombed, we were told. With the war began … «.

He sang, and the audience laughed and cried and sang along with him. Then there was applause. Such, of which every artist dreams to life …

The painting «Man with an accordion» — the first full-length films by young director Nikolai Dostal. The script written by screenwriter FIDDLER Borodyansky based on the story of a journalist and writer Anatoly Makarov. According to the scenarios put Alexander Borodyansky movie «Athos», «eyes open», «traffic police inspector,» «Ladies Invite Gentlemen» (K. Shakhnazarov), «If I was the chief» (with A. Ter-Grigoryan), » The soul (with A. Stefanovic), «We are from jazz» (K. Shakhnazarov). In the role of Dmitry Gromtseva starred artists of the Moscow Taganka Theater Valery Zolotukhin, familiar to viewers of this film and television, as «Master of the Taiga», «Bumbarash», «Children’s World», «Cold Light of Day …» and many others. In this film, you will also meet with popular actors Irina Alfyorova Vladimir Soshalskaya, Michael Pugovkin.

For Kinopanorama and telecast recommend using h. 2 or 4.

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