Accounting and breeding records in dog breeding

B. Kalach, the expert and the judge-Union category

In March 1955 approved the «Rules and regulations for hunting dog)», including the «Regulations on the organization of accounting entries in national and national studbooks hunting breeds of dogs.» For several reasons, this method of breeding accounting practices were not implemented, they were not open and studbooks.

In fact, breeding records of hunting dogs every society of hunters is to your sample and often unsatisfactory. This is partly to blame, and one of the points of the «Regulations», which states that the certificate of origin shall be issued only hunting dogs from puppies odnoporodnyh producers with established pedigrees and evaluation of the exterior. Thus, it was stipulated that when breeding dogs without pedigrees, such as huskies in fishing areas, the data on the origin of their offspring did not accumulate.

It is no accident editors received letters from different places of the hunters that they can not even draw, albeit incomplete, but nevertheless necessary certificates of origin of their puppies from parents who breed and work well, but do not have «full pedigree.» Write about this M. Schekochikhin of the East Kazakhstan region, I. Polezhaev of Khmelnitsky, A. Shvidky of Cherkasy Oblast, Ukrainian SSR and others.

In the interest of dog should be taken to breeding and keeping of dogs of unknown origin poluizvestnogo if they are good for the breed and working qualities. For a number of dog breeds such constitute the majority of livestock, hunters take them puppies. It is therefore accumulate the pedigree of their offspring.

To address the shortcomings in cultivation and further improvement of breeds, Glavohota of the RSFSR in 1962, introduces a new «Regulation on jurisdiction in the RSFSR tribal documents for hunting dogs.» This «Regulations» provides «Certificate for hunting dog», which is issued by the Company each received hunters registered dog. The «evidence» shows the origin of the dog (up to four generations of ancestors) whether full or part time in her pedigree there. It is even recorded «origin unknown». «Certificate» contains gradually filled with records of the passage of the dog litter, exhibitions and field trials, its tribal use of the change of owners and of the dogs on entering the All-Russian pedigree, studbook hunting dogs. Rules of filling, storage and issuing «Certificate on the hunting dog» are listed in the special instructions sent out Rosohotsoyuzom all regional, provincial and autonomous republican society of hunters. By the end of the current year in all societies of hunters RSFSR should be completed exchange of old documents about the origin of the dogs on the «evidence» of a single sample.

In a number of places and in a number of rock hunters are still quite a lot of pedigree dogs are not «set origin. To use these dogs for breeding, it is necessary to evaluate them in breed and conformation to check the quality of their work. The dogs of unknown origin, breed and get an estimate of the exterior of not less than «good», you need to take on the breeding records and give them «Evidence», marking the beginning of the accumulation of genealogical data and systematic selection.

In some cases it is possible to restore the origin of the breed dogs certainly left without pedigree (not executed or lost). If the hunting public (section Kennel regional, regional, Autonomous society of hunters), authorizes such a recovery should be to fill the genealogical records, respectively, in the «Certificate on the hunting dog.»

Breeders, members of societies of hunters (through its sections) and dog breeders societies to plan for breeding species, to recommend to the selection of pairs manufacturers, record mating and whelping and to issue «Certificates for hunting dog.»

Register mating is based on acts that constitute dog owners-producers. The acts specified breed, and belonging nickname manufacturer and the date of mating. Acts matings must be registered with the society of hunters, to whelping females mated.

In the three weeks after whelping member of the public hunting-dog breeders inspects left on rearing and of «inspection report puppies.» The act specified data according featured young breed, the number of pups, sex and color of each. This act, and is the basis for registration of the corresponding amount of «evidence to the hunting dog.» «Certificate» issued for each puppy derived from odnoporodnyh parents unregistered societies of hunters, even if they do not have a fixed origin.

Such is the case with the primary breeding documentation. It remains to add that the copies of the «evidence» is stored in the societies of hunters, where the dogs are registered. These copies and make tribal card file, you need to work with the rocks on the ground.

For centralized accounting breeding stock Rosohotsoyuz produces a free listing in the «All-Russian pedigree, studbook hunting dogs» (VRKOS). In her presentation on the societies of hunters made all hunting dogs, accepted by society at breeding records, pedigrees have four generations of ancestors and at least one field diploma. However, some domestic breeds that are in the stage of formation (different offspring huskies Eastern Siberia and the Far East, steppe and medium-Russian Greyhounds) temporarily for some reduction requirements. For dogs of these breeds that are born to 1964 inclusive, only two full generations, and for dogs Birth 1965-1968 years — three full generations of ancestors of the same breed (offspring), each of which must have an estimate of the exterior at least «good» .

Entries VRKOS made on the basis of certified «certificate on the hunting dog» and are regularly updated with information from reports about refereeing and expertise, as well as reports of hunters of breeding dogs. Summaries VRKOS entries will be published once every three years.

It is to wish that all societies hunters have introduced a new system of breeding records.

BOARD Rosohotsoyuza outlined in 1962 a number of measures for hunting dog breeding.

Hunters Society of Rosohotsoyuza 61 will be held the exhibition, 353 broods, 478 field trials and competitions of hunting dogs. In addition, organized ten zonal field competitions. They should take part in almost all societies of hunters RSFSR. Will be held contests Huskies belonging to hunters of the Far East, Eastern Siberia and the Urals; beagle — central regions, the Volga region, the Urals and Central Black Earth region; greyhounds, setters, spaniels — the central regions of the RSFSR.

It is also expected to hold inter-republican competition hounds with societies of hunters of the RSFSR, Ukrainian SSR and Byelorussian SSR, the Moldavian SSR, the Estonian SSR, the Lithuanian SSR.

Section dog reign Rosohotsoyuza spends work on the revision of existing standards and regulations of rocks litter, exhibitions, competitions and field trials with a view to making the necessary changes on the basis of experience. Suggestions and comments for the revision and improvement of these materials should be addressed to Rosohotsoyuz.

Scheduled plan can only be carried out by the apparatus of hunters. A large share of the work should take the dog section of these societies.

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