At the water.

Leaving the planet, they took everything — plastics, ceramics, metals, composites. Even stud fastening walls of houses. Removed from orbit satellites. We dug capsule lighthouse that stood for the right of discovery. Parts, accessories, sensible things — every detail was the gold.

In my opinion, they had fuel on a flight at one end. The nearest developed colonies. Most had nowhere to return. Their parent planet in ruins, burned Plasma vihrem.Nasazhdёnny of forest withered. The dam collapsed, the ground water level has gone down. Biotope collapsed without support, and I rushed to save survivors of its crumbs. It seemed as if the ground beneath me to stone, and the seeds go out in it. At night I was drawn to the moons, calling for rain clouds. Sometimes udavalos.Koe-how to survive. Accommodate with great poter.Potom noticed orbiting something moving in spite of the rotation of the heavens.

Will they come back? .. But it was not oni.Eto were you.

Sun kalilo as a soldering torch; burn-the sky was whitish. Dry wind carried the smell of the wasteland of rubble and flowering kolyuchnika. As if spiky wire can blossom! .. But this bitchy vegetation bloomed and smelled pungent, recalling ancient times when the world was rich with life.

However, as a look back, a host of thorny bushes suddenly disappears. Obsession, and more! .. Circle concrete flaerodroma. Oil stains, trash, stick hangars with shabby walls.

— Well, I can still choose the passengers who — after a pause, spoke Bran, turning lighter between his fingers. — So, I do not like.

— Half paid cash right now, — hastened to reassure the little hairy female. Shorthair, rat-like suit, with light eyebrows, she was dressed in its stowed position. That is, in wide trousers up to the knees and a jacket the color of sand, with a lot of overhead pockets. Inverted hairy cheeks and big velvety nose makes it especially attractive for odnovidtsev-yaundzhi — but not for the earthlings.

— Other — on arrival at the point — added the second. Nha-race. Too small, it was more elegant first — legs, figure, everything. But the ears and tassels and tail whisk somehow spoil the charming impression of its forms. In addition, enormous eyes round no-no otblёskivali green fire, as indicators.

— Maybe the amount is not satisfied? — Shaggy yaundzha Stalking without pauses, as is customary in their business negotiations. — Then — three hundred and Bass.

«To say that I’m nationalist soldier? — Bran wondering in your mind. — Served complaint — their de infringed by species basis. Walk, explains to pay a fine … «

— No business in a wasteland not fly — he began, lazily chewing the word. — Especially worthless place. I know that area. Seen from above. Hollow dimensionless in her pool of brine.

— There was a large body of water. — Long-eared nyagonka announced angrily, as if he wronged vaporized the lake.

— When he was? .. To the beach — two o’clock aboveground. Bass to Bass back. And you are giving the three hundredth, to breathe the salt dust. Suspiciously it.

— We — ecological mission. We investigate the nature for its revival.

From surprise Bran dropped izzhёvannuyu toothpick from his mouth:

— From what nature? .. Sroda she was not there. We arrived as the years drag — and caught a solid wasteland. It’s … — He frowned. remembering school course — Biosphere reduction! The collapse of the unknown reasons. Where the river, well — here and nature, and step aside — a wasteland. IPT Gates of the Dead. All Mosley has long taken out and buried, there is nothing to profit. In addition, — with a hint primolvil it — over the remains of blasphemy is punishable by law …

— We are interested in living there is there. — Although increased in yaundzha Sentral City reprimand she sometimes got lost pas your clumsy way.

Even if from the eyebrows to toe shave, does not become more beautiful. Breed!

— Getting used a curiosity, eh? Ego’m not your planet.

«So that! Remember, we are the first. «

— Twelve centuries ago, and it was not your — reminded nyagonka not without venom in his voice. It seems tailed desperate to hire a pilot to the Gate of the Dead, and finally decided uest its history. What got something! Arched ultёrla foot in the hip, twitching ears and tail wags. — Boles of seeeer, there is evidence. tuantsy landed here.

— Lies. — Bran snapped. — Their capsule is not here, Colombia is not labeled. Let roll in slime with their claims, damn clams. Are you employed «tuaisky trace» look? Especially not lucky. It is necessary to you? Go nёhom. Fifteen hundred kilometers, most it for your legs. No roads, no water — just come to that. Successful excavations agents!

With that, he turned to the flyer and deliberately put the key to the lock-plate. Yes, my unit broken and shabby. Yes, it is not new. But zaslantsev external worlds he does not carry on walking. Look, turn up! .. For some measly hundred Bass! .. Current repairs will cost hundreds five …

While Bran lowered the ladder behind him whispering excitedly. Naturally, in the lingo. Its something lemuriha languages ​​and volkolachka cherish for home, family and home town. What are they confer? Clearly, a planned scam. Cherished capsule will be found and will be called the Imperial Kosmoflot — «Lovely slugs, your planet, we select only half of the world for the service …»

— Listen, Pilot …


Nyagonka crept noiselessly on soft paws:

— You can earn more …

— Yeah?

— Say, four.

— Earth is not for sale.

— Dead in the gate there is an oasis. It should be. If you make a cartographic shooting, examine the sources of water, landscaping … then you can settle there.

Froze for a few seconds. Bran counted profitability venture, and pulled his head in the negative:

— Brad too far from town.

— From you do not need a lot. Deliver us, and to plant.

We’ll stay. Then, a couple of weeks, arriving.

«Stay? The black spot? .. Uh, little creatures, you do something really know! «

— The water is fresh? — In short, business-like, he said.

— There used to be fresh. But many years have passed …

«Fresh. Next to no plants or burial … Pour and sell! — Right there at the Bran logistics scheme, wholesale and advertising. — In the no man’s land! Clean, tasty, useful, from the bowels of pristine … strained through seven layers of porous clay immaculate … «

— The share I would walked — he suggested gently. — Twenty Percent enough.

— During one flight?

— … And return! We need to trust each other, right? So I’ll search you and luggage to any means of radio communication and gravel. Will you wait for me. To all honest, the news of his — who hired a flyer.

— A license is something you have? — Yaundzha asked, going to the other side.

It could be indignant, but when bazirueshsya on provincial flaerodrome where there is half the systems equipment, better restrain ambition. Shaggy has the right to doubt.

At Bran’s heart even a little warmer: «Look, burning shaggy — a concept!» This is not spend it.

When they no longer lie about «examine the nature», he began to treat them much better. Tsentralki Also, although animals with a view. Look for opportunities for financial growth. The City business niche-perezahvacheny captured when poked nowhere and heathland, with all the difficulties can be given a chance

Who came up with that tuantsy — slugs? They obviously humanoids are pampered and refined. From the excitement on their faces appear narrower coffee patterns, so tuantsy always in makeup, so as not to betray his feelings. Similar to the sexless mannequins in the window. How to talk about them — ‘he’? «it»? «It»? ..

Near Bran did not see them. Yes, not very much and it is necessary! Enough that the city is full of hairy. At least, people from Yaunge regularly catches the eye, and irritated by his view of the wolf. A eared — they are much less — rather amusing. Like Easter hare ran on its hind legs but the city. These kawaii lemurok often hire dance or prisluokivat. And stories about them! .. What to believe, is not known.

Without extreme need Bran finger would not have touched neither one nor the other, but I had to. He came to the point of scientific and consciously — skorenko bummed hand-held scanner, experienced mechanics on duty — «Do not move! Stand up straight! «- And then to do it.

Yaundzha named Panta feels like a big dog nervous. It must be the fact that microchips are looking the wrong way — the mane, tanks, Ridge, the outer surface!

With nyagonkoy Miris that is easier — to hide her close-quarter inch can only be curtailed hairstyle, ear and tail brush. It would seem that time, and is ready, but — with a little spark it not rained. The ears were red, lifted her tail, nostrils flared:

— No, better scanner.

— He luchit.

— Yo, any second! .. I can not stand your feet. Sorry — hand. And the desire to pull the tail. Your girl complained to me.

Finally, «checking belongings, removing the camera from the markers positioning. Bran let a couple on board. Under the roar of the engine and the car lurched emerged in a cloud of dust over the broken-down area. Instantly both passenger were on either side of the pilot’s seat:

— Look, there was a river bed! ..

— Oh, rainbow, which the ancient layers!

— Can we go higher?

— Right now. I want it removed.

— Cheaper ordered shooting from the satellite. — Muttered Bran, tilting steering wheel.

— Much — Miris nodded, rolling his ears. — Once all the orders on the account.

— Sit down and fasten — he ordered, pointing to himself: samochki premeditated all share the details. Enterprising, horror. But water is not stocked, for two weeks it should be a lot. Just know where to get?

Heath stretched beneath them to the limits of the review. Once it was called No Man’s Land. Because soil fertility settlers had to rely on food synthesizers and start fishing — in the Colombian Ocean living creatures far more than on land in a draw the Earth began to take out waste and discarded. Then Sentral City expanded the city limits, and rested in his own shit.

Career and ravines, filled up to the top petrified mud. Man-made lakes, where the bladder, burning, light and exploded toxic swill … There always something kurilos, flowed thick and sticky; gaping dismal failures. The heavy fumes rose above the suburbs; then just plug the filter-ionizer, not hlebnёsh smoke — three o’clock coughing provided.

In some places in the city is girdled by a broad ring megasvalok and giperpomoek swarmed giant excavators, dump trucks crawling — descendants of immigrants mogapnikov extracted from the useful things thrown ancestors.

Above all this fuss for dirty high platforms, similar to a chain of white arches, lightning flashed express. These fly fast flyer. If someone out there in the car, pleases pick damper on the window to look out, he just shake and frown: «Ugh! Wasteland! Hurry to rush. «

— It’s not the river. It dug — instructed the meantime Bran clever, but not all-knowing female. — And then slid. There was some years rains, meteorologists … conjured from orbit.

You actually have to wastelands?

By brooding «Yyyy …» and the like Miris pryadaet ears, he realized that he is a fount of knowledge about the infinite space between the cities. That may be, study the cards! This is necessary to touch the ground, and hairy nose touch to understand.

— In short, there is a full Shmak. Without spasmayachka immediately dig his own grave. There are areas where the military tested a new weapon — there and rescuers will not fly. Or the place where three hundred years nobody looked. Heath — they are! They are not overflights and obedesh.

From space, do not look here — there is no need. Just check the progress of the winds and the clouds, or the temperature of a pound. Something of value can only be found here by accident … or correct tip.

— Fifteen degrees to the left — Miris interrupted his speech. It turns out, she closely followed the Plotter.

— The Gate of the Dead — a blank area. Previously, there were road -peskom skidded …

— One way. With gold mine. At the edge of the lake.

Passing at the height of the edge of the smoking ulcers and purulent rivers. Bran opened the hood. Fresh breeze wasteland rushed into the cabin, bypassing filters. Soon blew out a faint whiff of skunk musk emanating from two inomiryanok.

— Reduced. Yes fasten you finally! ..

Bare yellowish-gray hills flat domes went to the horizon. In the valleys sparsely clustered and Stela spots primordial stunted flora Colombia — pupyrchatki buffs with a touch of gray spores, purple fluff low iglolistov. Wine-red shoots gerbiny. Blond languages ​​descended the slopes of rock slides, as if frozen streams.

— House no … — somehow tearfully uttered Panta. — Houses no! Earth!

— As if a fairy tale … — whispered Miris stretched to the windshield. Bevels, Bran saw what her flexible neck and a vein beating excitedly suede leather. Not hare not lemur — most toy antelope.

«I wonder who I seem them? What beast? «- Thought Bran.

— Meet — he grinned, watching their admiration. — The first time left in the wasteland, also did not believe his eyes. This is a must see. Even better — to sit there. Otherwise there will be interruption in the brain — and it seems as if painted landscape in the ZD-simulator, an illusion.

Of course, they thought about it. Each in its own way.

«Golokozhy pig shit» — usual appreciated his Panta. No offense, people from the Earth all the same. One is forced to get used to live among pigs devils. Only then you will understand, «the TRP among them and the people there.

A Miris thought about it a different way:

«From grew Peoples and naive. That’s right, we went to him. His woman would immediately become tokens provide, to flirt and more. With us it is a little confused, suspended; it’s good. But paws, paws! .. «The greatness grew People, earthlings, embarrassed her — a powerful neck. hand of a giant, soft palm-shovels … Brrr! Goosebumps running along the back and tail strain.

— Won the radar mast. Automatic, her once a year, surveyors charged. On cue, we moved away from the six hundred keme City. Further towers will not. Yes, for mine? ..

— Abandoned. Even dumps screened. Through the Gates of the Dead was a trail there. I found the archives — boasted Miris and recollecting himself, pressed her ears with shame.

Long ago Bran did not say to himself: «I sleep, it’s a dream.» Probably since the first amorous encounter. And there is a halt twice in one hour.

On one side of the Gate of the Dead stretched pale yellow from the salt crust basin, sediment podёrnutaya beige dust sticking out here and there weathered stones.

On the other stood a rock fyada — gray steep ridge, cut gorges.

And at the feet he ran ifala clear water glass. It flickered okatistye stones ranged shaggy yarn purple seaweed, scurried —sniffing shmyg- brisk bullock crustacean foxtail.

Water is at the Gates of the Netherworld!

Along the creek juicy bristled heroin. Upstream, in the shadow of the rocks, slightly pinkish reeds swaying with panicle.

— Go ape … — He knelt at the edge of the water.

She murmured, Manila, breathing fresh, so desirable in this scorching day. Central instinct held him back — you can not drink! Guaranteed water — only cranes in sealed bottles labeled sanitary control! ..

But the call of the second clean water was more driven into fear of the plague, poisoning and radiation. Bran lowered his hands into the stream, and allowed him to fondle himself. Unusually! He accumulated water in the palm of your hand. He drank from the brook, for the first time.

How delicious! ..

Now wash.

Wiping, he saw a flock of insects, curly dance over the water. Gray-pearl, the size of bees, they were cast in the sunlight shine and volatile very quickly beating wings. They seemed wingless — a bullock-veretёntse surrounded by a misty halo quivering air.

Such Bran in the City are not met — there cockroaches, flies, and shurshavchiki kleschehvostki. Bees — those in Klimatron under pressurized dome. They carefully filtered air so as not to become extinct. «Fauna of Old Earth» — as a visual aid.

Involuntarily he admired nimble little insects scurrying in the air. Then he scooped up some water still — purely for the pleasure of drinking savage.

— Uh-LL! .. Offering and you — Vodicka suite, cleanliness first ka-Teropini … — turned around, but then his voice stuck in his throat. The second time Bran thought, «I sleep.»

His eyes took Miris nails behind the side seam of the jar with water and opened it like a book. From crockery poured down no, literally vyvachilas and flopped like a jellyfish — black mass. It turned out that in a jar in the middle hangs a well-known on the inhabited worlds nyagonsky machine gun «shorba.» A hair’s breadth of the advertising slogan: «Protect — convenient, compact, easy! With «Shorba" Your life is in your hands!

Then tailed podlyanka deftly removed the weapon and brought to the battle:

— I’m sorry, we have been deceived.

He looked wet gelatinous mass in the legs Miris on the muzzle and back. Ah, that’s it. Nanka. Nano-liquid snag scanner. Come and scanner — counterfeit prosthetic, luchit and does not see. Conclusion — flasks should be checked for weight in the hand.

— Stay there. Throw Panth REJUVINATING key to the flyer. — Disposes of long-eared, holding him at gunpoint.

— Creatures. — Angrily he obeyed it. But the key is not thrown hairy and made to vanish into the creek. — Go psitsa, catch. Just nothing you started it. If I do not vzlechu an hour saving lighthouse work. Without me you did not raise your flyer. And yet — I told the mechanic where flying. So while I’m not angry, I put the gun. Yes, from that moment my share — third.

Something that he lied, but about a third of it was serious.

— We’re not going to fly — at an owl blinking announced rubbish ears. — The main thing that you have not flown. We need your on-board radio. And in an hour., An hour here rush to the media, scientists, military. We invited everyone. You can be positive views teleporter-man! When more submit such a case? He was the pilot on the old cheap flyer, was the figure of the day, rocked the entire city …

— I thought — damn pig with no brains — Panta muttered, going knee-deep in the stream at the bottom and groping in search of the plate. — It does not have to sail far … Shoo! — Dispersing spray yautschzha wet hand waved pearl bees flitting before his eyes.

— Dura what you started? — Forgetting the high-velocity gun barrel, Bran has attended many thousands of its profits that flowed, washing hairy calf pant, and threatened about to sail in the column «lost profits». — Why the media? Well this is pure water, it is not the price! In the no man’s land, in the wastelands! .. Apply, stake out land from here to the source … you can get rich!

And cubs enough, though you rhodium dozen! ..

— Do not place the machine intake. — Nyagonka thrust out her lips and made a hand gesture as if pushing Bran with his words. — This is the water of death. Therefore, the Gate of the Dead. Who does not know the measures rocked tons — she was dying. Golden convoy toured the creek, the ban was to fill the tank.

Bran felt as if he were imported within pantsirnnki from the creek. About twenty. The thorns and poisonous mandibles.

«Urgent out!» — Pleaded stomach

Soaking wet Panta, lazivshaya in the creek already on all fours, exclaimed:

— There is! Found! .. Ugh! As these beetles bored!

Overpower stomach cramps, Bran began to move as if involuntarily to Miris, throwing up his hands and rustling indignantly:

— Bullshit! Who hunted in the wastelands, all concocted stories — about the bones of the shadows of the walking dead! .. It’s just a desert, where the machines break down, flyers are falling, and people are poisoned from a common pot! How many times! .. What is that out there in the archives, I read, no fables? Settlers lied to be healthy!

On the new planet, around all foreign to the mind … not touch — yes it is possible! Hardly noticeable where stone tract, someone’s grave — already a legend! Names million, gotishnee one another — you will go-not-be back, three skulls, the widow of the river,

Twisted Pad …

Convince — art taken from the earth, along with cockroaches and bees. Here it honed and strengthened — for nothing, or something, neutrals revered masters of the genre ORAL. Chattering incessantly, Bran won several steps. The desire to disarm completely replaced the long-eared bitch all the stomach feeling. He’s already trying on foot to move on foot Miris compresses «Shorba.» Fortunately for him, Panta, got out of the creek, waved from the pearl of bees and distracting the attention nyagonki:

— Pfe! FIA! .. What a misfortune, gyyy!

«Well, I love you! ..» — Bran to make. But the tone of tension — or maybe breathing or admixture of epinephrine in sweat — touched a sixth sense eared. They say they see the back of his head and fuzz on the skin hear. How to capture feedback, Miris quickly retreated a step-dance and gave all but ground — ta-ta-ta-ta!

Instantly all froze. Only the bees buzzed rough — shshshuuuu, -ele heard circling overhead.

— Do not try to — osteregla Miris — will be worse.

— You could have killed me — Bran said slowly, otshagnuv ago. Play rollback is not a shame, it’s just a maneuver. — Count — reporters … and here I lay, covered in blood.

— I would say — to defend themselves.

— Come on, lock in the flyer — sideways went to her friend Panta. — Let him do what he wants.

— Why call together the audience here? — Do not let Bran. — Understand oasis — our …

— It was created tuantsy — Miris squeezed it with a force against the will. And immediately reprimanded shaggy:

— A need to know it? Who is he? I saw the creek, just «deflated!» And there is no need to explain to him, do not understand.

— Tuan … — Bran stopped short in mid-sentence. — So after all they hired you? ..

Like every Central, he was firmly convinced that the government of selling out to pluck imperial slugs. And now he dreams of how to pass the planet (yes there! All the Federation!) Vymorit earthlings and populate the vacated land werewolves and lizards. It goes without saying that not slept with these treacherous plans, the authorities easily hire two alien females and turn a small business of their paws.

This belief is paradoxical to live with faith in the power of the federal army and the vigilance of counterintelligence. It always happens when the program faced zombie head with common sense. What could be the man to find out where is the truth? We can only get angry and rage.

— They died before you began to settle on Earth — muffled spoke Miris. — Do not Imperials, and old — who was hegemonic until the plasma storms.

— Stop me rub propaganda. We know these things -zayavit right, chop off a tuft itself, and then the whole thing. The capsules are not, there is no trace, they were not here.

— What next after three thousand years … They are not really here and climbed. We tried to reboot the biosphere, to revitalize the soil. Brought habitat from the active world, he did not catch. Your have rejoiced that all alien died. And now we decided to wipe the place itself. Gate of the Dead took a landfill! — Miris last almost cried. — Everything that you see around, burn. In order to avoid suddenly Sped there. No politics, only routine testing of weapons.

Panta vain hastened to write it in hopeless pork devils. The thought that the ILO would become an oasis of his estate, Bran playfully switched brains.

— When the start? — He looked gaze district.

— In a week. Area cordoned off and declared a «no fly zone». INFA correct the error is eliminated.

— And, uh, I cried my money … So who do you work?

— You would not believe — nyagonka down the barrel and Panta grumpy warned:

— Miris this male thinks Bass. Ogpravim treatment, we pay the money — and a light wind at his back.

— Vykchadyvay, stop to pull the ears — goaded Bran. — At least lie. but so beautiful. With you on top of hundreds more.

— And why is that? — Amazed yaundzha.

— Damages. Threatened, shot in the legs …

— We are from the Green Church — finally confessed Miris. It is a pity that not lied.

How Bran said, «Oh, my mother, with whom I contacted!» Heard even weeping trees, jutting far. The reddening sunlight fluttered a pair of reeds krultyh silverfish and rushed to search for a place poukromney.

— ..da Better if I drove thugs stock! And then — green! .. Well this is the end of everything — will be deprived of licenses on account of the eternal popadёsh! .. Why do not the bridge collapsed when dragged me ?! And the bugs on you, as litter, flock! .. — In the hearts of Bran like a bee bite pearl, but she dodged.

— You watch the first TV channel. — I catch him with contempt Panta, pointing a finger as the teacher of morality.

— Is the protection of nature — the evil? — Miris stood up for his righteous belief in the leaves, flowers. — If you were brought up at least one blade of grass …

— Take your money. I’ll break down the on board radio — just return the key and let fly. Although the shoot, even cried Nha-Pitch — but without me. You because of the reputation of the creek and midges do not mind, but I still want to live in peace.

— Well, what I said? Zombie first channel.

— A joy … — judging will be, so at least not for treason. Well, from here tuantsev no nail is left! Or the left? .. — The eyes of Bran began some particularly wary. Imaginary pantsirnnki stomach it finally subsided, but the ideas came to life. — And? .. Why do people mёrli in the gate?

— From greed — confidently he said nyagonka. — If you interfere with the balance of nature, to rob her, she fights back. And in a particularly fragile balance of the oasis. He — as a loner at the limit of survival, will be protected from anyone who touches it. It is time to realize that all living eeg soul …

— Oh. do not tell me about the souls of cockroaches and bedbugs. I read your agitation in the mailbox limits. The entire planet — a live ball in her brain indigestion from us: we must urgently okolet that she was relieved. Another way to be the death of us with light, thank you.

— Miris, stop! .. Man dumb as a brick, it will not proshibёsh. He grew up in the City, will die in the City, he saw the walls and pavement. He himself admitted — took the virgin land for 30 graphics … For him, life — a bacterial mass in the reactor. Let’s take radio to me from him no more nalo. Ally nulёvy it, she can see!

Nyagontsev expressive eyes are large, darkly glittering deep emerald. Although they have their own facial expressions, special, feeling utadyvat possible. For example, now Miris sad. Otherwise, why would she lip snack? And the teeth are small, white, like a small animal. Sad Bunny, can you imagine? Bran shook with the effort seems obsessive and continued questioning:

— Bio-something with the active planet — where? Arkonda? Hare?

Active, they are also worlds-phenomena — strange planet.

Their biosphere particularly hardy, there are damn-that usual. For example, on Arkonde — Back-Wulf. From what some of the worlds even lichen taking banned and tuantsy brought out a bio … Park? Zoo? a hold full of demons?

— Not found — said nyagonka. — Headquartered in the Tua burned in the storm together with the documents, and the ship has departed from here, went missing.

— So, over the matter — at war with the soul withdrew two tons of fears, but just in case, he said: — A psychonetics that demons bearing here with antennas go?

— There were. Nothing found. Weak fluctuations in the ether, they can generate and fauna — Miris continued to hold the sack ready.

— I did not slide, what you achieve. The temple was built, or what?

— It’s — as a temple — she cross her arms to the sides. — Oasis to live, you know? Just live! He is one for many kilometers. Child groundwater … We would come here on foot, but were afraid not to have time. We call people raise a scandal in the media …

The sun, falling on the salt basin, dawned Miris — her ears lit up the whole figure clearly stand out from the lawn covered gerbinoy. Even frown frowning Panta brightened, her hair of gold. Behind them piled angular dark flyer, landing heavily spread legs, and before them lay dark shadow of war.

Something alarmed, bees flickers in the air, flying from one to Druten — that hovered near nyagonki, about yauttsiki, then going over the battlefield.

— And if nobody reacts? — After a pause, he asked. — Anything can happen — drown out the signal interception, announced provocation. The military can! .. Finally, Gates cordoned off early.

— We still do not uydёm — grumbled Panta. — We have two «Shorba.»

— Yes, you will fill with gas or sound crush.

— …and gas masks. We’re ready.

— Then just kill.

Resistant wolf shook his shaggy head against:

— Better to die herself, than to see burn oasis.

In solidarity Miris dropped to one knee beside. He closed his eyes, bowed her head with ears laid back and buried his fist knuckles on the ground.

Bran been looking for a toothpick in his breast pocket, found, jammed and finally said:

— Get the gun. Do not touch. Come on.

They got it.

Teach them, do not teach, they claim to remain themselves, with their hair, ears and tails, smelling like a pet store. Fanatic with a roof on one side! .. Females — and take up arms! Instead of their gods — Forever Green Yasetg Yggdrasil linking Hel with Iriem. And do not fix them, these kittens grew up among pigs devils, but consider themselves — Lioness! They lost at the crossroads of worlds, happy to lay down their cat golovg for believing in the biosphere and desiccated wasteland, though they flourish in their blood.

«After all, my fellow citizens! — Almost spat Bran, activating the door. — A hymn to sing in one cashier to pay taxes! .. A month later, in every alley — their ugly cliche: «Sisters in Ash Gate Dead. New heroes for the young of all colors of wool. That’s really a PR because PR .. And for what? If you choose the top, then the oasis is doomed. Department of Natural Resources signed him for cremation … or did not sign? «

— I’ll help you unscrew the radio. — With soft topotkom Mggris ran up after the ramp. They were flying bees, cutting the air on spiral trajectories.

— Wait — stopped and he turned in the doorway. With the height of the ladder oasis it was seen better — sleeping lakes with shady trees bowed, copper-pink canes in tyazhёlgh almost tangible rays of the low sun. Beauty! .. Just can not believe your eyes. It does not happen. Only in 3D. Or, in the south, in the resort, a lot of money.

Miris almost buried in her on the run, crossed her face and looked upwards. Funny in her top — with thick short hair, like fluff.

«The time to stun and disarm. Second — I catch up, I have long legs. Let down both in the cargo bay years’ll drive back to the city. Let them live on the streets, as expected, and raise a blade of grass in a pot. Burn it all fire! .. «

From the blue water mirrors quietly exuded cool, spicy smell of mud. Nabivshiysya nostrils to inhale the spirit of the city interfered with clean flavor of the oasis, like a filter in the nose standing.

— You forget something? — Eared shifted impatiently.

Nyagoshki canny, wayward, but grew -to the worship of their blood orange. As a sweet — and take a break off of hope glowing in ogro.mngh eyes full of secret adoration.

Because Miris protruded sullen yaundzha.

— Swim — Bran said, looking at the lake on top of the ears nyagonki. — For once in nature. Vdrut then do not have to? .. Imagine — no per-minute billing … splashing as you want … Well this dream reality. Do not you want to? .. You swimwear grabbed something?

— And … we … — Miris confused novela ears looked gha Pant. She squeezed her shoulders, shook her head.

— Did the same place where we fly. Pistols have and what swim — no? There must live, not to die! .. In short, I went. To hell with tons of cubic meters — I want all the lake where it is.

Parting them, he spusttglsya the stairs and walked up the creek. on the run unbuttoning pilot’s jumpsuit.

— Finally! — He shouted from afar. — There is an emergency suhpaёk. for three days will be enough, and vodigtsi — even drown! .. We’ll have a picnic, take some rest from the stench! I’ll tell you how we Sentral City investigated with the authorities! ..

— How?! — Miris screamed, almost to tears LMG wishing he did not immediately shot this huge, echidna, unpredictable hell.

— Fine!

Gerbina rustled around his knees. Pearl bees kg gnuvshis after — veretёntsa without wings and eyes — dug with a plaque in the neck, shoulders, back into the language and disappeared in his body, leaving no trace.

Compulsory insurance aviagrazhdanskoy responsibility — is everything. As the owner of the vehicle with a mixed gravel-jet propulsion, I pay insurers on three counts — strength, size, degree of wear.

Hide engine wear by strahagenta — a tricky task, but doable. Perhaps ABSTAINED?! Sus describe how we, pilots, owners, do it.

Then take out all the secret of the engine gasket, plugs and inserts, thanks to which he was still breathing, and put the motor on forced startup mode.

Females watched, shaking resonate with his trembling, and at times shouted:

— Bran now explode!

— So it should be. We achieve this purpose.

-Let’s go outside!

— It is early. That’s the smoke will go; Clothing should soak. Hey! masks aside! It is necessary to present a medical watery eyes and coughing.

Well, it is logical dolbanulo. Choking otravnym gas, we tumbled into the air. Then I called all — average commissioner, tow truck and sanitary aviation.

While waiting for them, the girls engaged — they still breathe hard. In such cases, it shows an antidote and humidified oxygen, but by the water, where all life belongs to me, I treat their funds. Miris for the first time lost the speech, he realized: I’m not the same as before.

Then, giving odds avariyschikam we vysvistali others. Three hours later, a swarm of buzzing over the oasis — the military, the media! .. Declared «no fly zone» was too late — where doctors took a tow truck and the place is holy. And the Department of Natural Resources appeared, pretending nothing to do with — they are all the latest de-recognized.

What’s next? .. Grow it! To revive the soil, groundwater urge … The wider life, so I am stronger.

Miris Panta and faithfully looked at me:

— You take us?

Perhaps they would go after me in the swamp until Tina will not cover his head.

L … I’m too adapted to the planet. Three thousand years of what you want. Even forgot where the world from which I have taken. My former habitat dead and mourned now my players — letunitsy, yongery, cats, shurshavchiki, gerbina these reasonable.

— Come all — I said. — Our place -uvody.

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