Baker’s dozen

In the TV series adaptation of the structure on a literal level, and at the stage of an idea or concept of the phenomenon is not surprising. Even if a big Hollywood movie has never been shy of borrowing, then why not do it on small screens? Especially if the rights of creators are protected, and to adapt the working team of serious writers. Thus, in recent years, the American channels «moved» respected by critics and loved by audiences «Murder», «At Home Among Strangers,» and many others. And what we have? After the breakthrough of television «Iron Curtain» on national TV influx of Hispanic first, and then the rest of «telematics». A look at the rich family adventure from Santa Barbara was interesting, but the audience wanted to approach the reality. And it happened, rushed Russian channels adapt foreign products with an energy worthy of more useful things. We remembered some of the most striking examples of immersive home heroes.

Sasha + Masha (2003-2005)

Un gars, une fille (1997-2003)

Sasha + Masha «was not the first TV series, adapted for our television, but the body of a number of products he stood out significantly. The basis for this sitcom was the French-Canadian series, which was wildly popular not only at home, but also around the world. Not surprisingly, the adaptation of the show has received in 29 countries, and the main condition for the transfer of rights was not «blind» copy it and show meticulous adaptation to local realities. About how organically Quebec couple Guy and Sylvia fit into the familiar to our eyes, Sasha and Masha, can be judged by five seasons of Russian adaptation held in the channel THT. Actors George Dronov and Elena Biryukova the people got their names on-screen characters, and reruns of the series so far with success go on TV.

My Fair Nanny (2004-2009)

The Nanny (1993-1999)

It is not often the subject of adaptation becomes a show that viewers are well aware in its original form. Before «Amedia» and Sony Pictures took up the transformation of Jewish Fran Fine in Khokhlushka Vick Prutkovsky, American «Nanny» on Russian television had shown twice. The undoubted success of the Russian adaptation was the choice for the lead role of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk — the actress, though not able to express themselves clearly enough is TV, has become a real decoration of «My Fair Nanny». Through careful approach to the transfer of the realities of life Broadway producer and his family to Moscow land the series managed to stay on TV seven seasons from time to time excite the audience with rumors about the return of the air. Critics also not left behind — our «Nanny» has received two awards Television Academy «Taffy».

Not Born Beautiful (2005-2006)

Yo Soy Betty La Fea (1999-2001)

Ugly Betty «Katya Pushkarev came to our TV from Colombia. With characteristic Latinos operability creators of «I — Betty and I’m ugly» (literally translated as the name of the series, the founder) Difficult year aired 335 episodes and won the national love. Wait attention from abroad did not take long, and the first of the adaptation took Indians from Bollywood. Russia to the worldwide enthusiasm for «Ugly Betty» joined in 2005, and suddenly got a new telehit — radio song won the opening episode of Julia Savicheva, Nelly Uvarova of theater actress became a teen idol and a fictional brand of «winter-letto» was realized. It is noteworthy that Russian TV adaptation of his surpassed even the US, where private «Ugly Betty» was published only in late 2006.

Luba, children and the plant

Grace Under Fire (1993-1998)

Perhaps. One of the first serious failure of adaptation on Russian television. What was the main reason for the viewer’s frustration, hard to say, because «Luba, children and the plant» were not bad terms for success — an experienced group of producers under the Rodnyansky, the audience favorite Tatyana Dogileva in the title role, the support of a friend back in by hits 90 x series «Grace Under Fire.» But alas. Russian story about a single mother trying to prove to others their independent work at the plant, to be not so easy and fun, as in the original — one of the first projects of the famous Chuck Lorre, the show Runner «Two and a Half Man» and «The Big Bang Theory.» However, the process of the domestic soap operas is that they close at the first failure is impossible. Hence ninety episodes aired.

Happy Together

Married … with Children (1987-1997)

Gena Bukin shoemaker is both one of the favorite TV heroes of Russian cinema, and the subject of constant ridicule about how funny we look adaptation, dragging the plot details of their overseas ancestors. Where did the wretched merchant shoes maisonette — this question was not asked just lazy. Such a straightforward blueprint of the American satirical show about the life of American average has not prevented the series «Happy Together» to become the darling of the audience — the number of episodes aired already exceeded three hundred and fifty, and to announce the closure of the creators ventured only in the spring of 2013. The series, though, and it is accompanied by scandals related to the abundance of talk about sex and not very respectful attitude to religion, did the actor Viktor Loginov star of such magnitude that it Gena Bukin, Yekaterinburg won the monument.

Humanoids in the Queen

Third Rock from the Sun (1996-2001)

Another example of transfer clumsy American counterpart to the Russian firm. NBC’s sitcom talked about the research expedition alien subspecies locals studying the population of planet Earth in a particular suburb, and stayed afloat for six seasons thanks to actor John Lithgow works, Kristen Johnston and young Joseph Gordon Levitt. The Russian version of the «Aliens», though headed by Valery Garkalin, the great love of the audience is not earned, he disappeared from the airwaves after a miserable series for the Russian-building forty episodes. Officially — because of financial problems, the company produces related to the financial crisis struck. Nadel, the Russian sitcom just did not hit the audience -vskormlennye classic story about aliens, Americans found themselves strangers in the land of Russia, where there is more faith in Baba Yaga than Alien.

Margot (2009-2011)

Lalola (2007-2008)

Successfully adapting to cope with a foreign counterpart -problem not easy, but it is doable. But the rise of imported clothes and to bring the show to the solo flight — a completely different level. «CTC Media» and «Costa film» pulled this one of the first in Russia. Argentine predecessor, «Margot» was purely a comedy series repeatedly beat in the movie plot the movement of the male soul in the female body. The Russian side suffered a fairly severe in Moscow journalistic routine reincarnated Goshi all 150 episodes of the saga of Latin American, and then generously seasoned with hints of dramatic narrative, took up a fully independent continuation. However, Argentine creators so graciously accepted the Russian adaptation of the series that allowed to develop their offspring without any problems. Result -Another 90 episodes in the history of a man in a woman’s body.

Dr. Tyrsa (2010)

House. M.D. (2004-2012)

Formally, the creators of the series «Doctor Tyrsa» in every way trying to distance itself from the comparisons with the «House» TV series, for eight years to collect all the possible ether television awards. Indeed, the adaptation of here there was more on a subconscious level, but it too is clearly visible due to the object of imitation to be considered «Stipa» independent work. Critics and viewers’ resentment comparison Hugh Laurie and Michael Porechenkova, carping to the medical component of this medical detective created a much larger scope of discussion than he deserved the series, who died after 24 episodes. The memory was only inept plagiarism yes «National Security Agent» Porechenkov and «lethal force» Michael Truhin. clothed in what for medical gowns and masks.


Everybody Loves Raymond (1996-2005)

Looking at the ongoing «love» Bones Voronin and his numerous relatives and neighbors, association with a foreign TV series there almost at the last moment — the series very well adapted, which is surprising, because it is the brainchild of the company Sony Pictures, ubiquitous in this field a lot of cones. Meanwhile, the American prototype — the sitcom «Everybody Loves Raymond» — one of the most successful comedies on TV, winner of many awards. The Russian side took the case very carefully, to adapt at first were purchased only forty episodes, but impressive ratings and spectator love pushed the founders to continue. As a result of our TV moved all nine seasons of the original (we were transformed into ten), and 11 th «Voronin» went into adulthood by going to your own scripts. The two «independent» of the season took the audience favorably. so that the continuation will not take long.

How I Met Your Mother (2010-2011)

How I Met Your Mother (2005 — up, time.)

The first rumors about the adaptation of the story of the architect Ted Mosby their children stories about that. how he met their mother, they exploded the Russian Internet. Perhaps this flurry of interest (sometimes with negative color) was the only achievement of the creators. In practice Russian adaptation was completely unpalatable substitute, literally reproducing American jokes, the scenery and the topics covered in the series. One replacement of Canada (homeland Robin Scherbatsky) to Belarus (where arrived in Moscow Katya Krivchikov) was not enough — the series covered after the first twenty-series of the season, and already finished shooting the second season showed secretly in the night on TV. Fans of the original sitcom on CBS only has once again convinced — favorite characters just no substitute.

Escape (2010-2012)

Prison Break (2005-2009)

As for the serial adaptation took the first channel in the «sacrifice» himself, he chose not anyhow some Latin American television soap. No, under the knife of plastic surgeons, writers lay cult TV series channel Fox «Escape». American grandparent was laid out in detail, largely due to the fact that its release is delayed for two years, which allowed the creators hone perfect idea, the atmosphere and acting work. The Russian side has thoroughly revamped the few details that absolutely clearly stands out from the realities of our country, but, alas, with perelitsovkoy were lost and invisible «independent» American spirit «Escape». Russian actor and a tenth was unable to approach the grim charm of their Western counterparts. American «Escape» lasted four seasons on the air (though, according to many, the last season was obviously superfluous), Russia is also stopped at two.

Side of the Moon (2012)

Life on Mars (2006-2007)

Connect detective with time travel? British channel BBC One rushed to the undertaking with a head and gave audience to the TV series «Life on Mars», quickly became a cult classic. The Russian side has taken only the basis for the plot plot, too, and very different realities and history of Britain and Russia / Soviet Union. In this way, lies the special charm of our adaptation. If Manchester two thousandth and seventies is small, though significant items, Moscow 1979 may indeed seem traveler from 2011. Mars — it’s a different world, a different country, a different life, which gives food not only dramatic, but also for the comedic element . This divided the opinions of viewers about the show — the adherents of the British version was considered «side of the Moon» affectation and a mockery of its predecessor, the viewers with «uncomplicated» eyes took a nostalgic journey with enthusiasm and look forward to returning hero Pavel Derevyanko aired in the fall of 2013.

Closed school (2011-2012)

In internado (2007-2010)

Mystic serial griller «closed school» Today is probably the most important success of the company «Amedia». Incredibly successful mystical story about the orphanage «Black Lagoon», told Spanish broadcasters, relished many countries, but most of the success achieved was the Russian adaptation. «Closed School» quickly grew its European counterpart and continued self-development, has not lost in the audience. Moreover, the army of fans of the series are actively buying specialized magazine and the book based on the show, I had huge ratings even film about the filming and broadcasting of just aired episodes on the Internet increased the number of visitors to the site «Amedia» at times. On this day the doors of television «school closures» are closed, but the creators threaten the transition to a new level — is scheduled for 2014 output eponymous feature film.

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