Cabin Uncle Ron

Cavedog 1995 — 2000

"All Dogs Go to Heaven"

That’s the epitaph is engraved on the erected fans tombstone over the body of a charming dog with terrible jaws, a company logo, for five years maddening gaming community, the company that produced the blockbuster Total Annihilation, and — most importantly in this case — which hosted the first fugitive from LucasArts, God games and a living legend Ron Gilbert.

Ron Gilbert. It was he who in 1992, along with Shelley Day, a professional fugitive from EA, Accolade and all the same suffering LucasArts ("Theater is not present! Salary!"- Urged Shelly Ron), based near Seattle, Washington, the company with the pompous name of Humongous Entertainment, and in 1995, her department Savedog Entertainment, by 2000 became one of the most promising — literally promising — teams have thrown off the slave shackles developers. First Person Shooter Amen: The Awakening; rolevikov classic role-playing adventure game Elysium and Good & Evil, Ron personal project; Iron Plague, a set of missions for the legendary TA: Kingdoms. You remember? Now forget. February 11, 2000 abolitionist GT Interactive, owner of Cavedog, said that for his outstanding setbacks, laziness and lethargy shown by the third quarter of 1999, toothy dog ​​to be quiet and painless to Sleep.

The Grapes of Wrath: the fate of the heroes

Symptoms Cavedog itself, knocked together a pair of runaway development (and in those days they had almost the same rights as the Negro on a cotton plantation in the sweltering South Carolina), picked up the run of the young designer Chris Taylor, naively dreamed start in his native Canada, his own company, to develop a "biting Military Toys" (Chris always had original judgment) appeared awfully long time. In March, the 98th, is the first super successful expansion for superuspeshnoy TA, where Ron Gilbert produced the still flew in the warm embrace of publishers, Chris Taylor fully repay their benefactors of their kind, jerked from Cavedog in a neighboring town that close to Microsoft, and founded Gas Powered Games, and even seduced with a dozen key members of the brotherhood of the fugitives. From despair Cavedog urgently makes TA: Kingdoms, but our hero Ron is not irrelevant.

In October, the 99th canceled Amen, which is not related to Ron. Good & Evil, the game is almost mythical, rumored to blossom in the corners of vile hirelings of slave publishers, in reality does not exist, it has never been officially canceled and sometimes even showing signs of life, gathered optimistic "pervovzglyady" and even once it was just a year from release. Officially it "Live" Even now, after the collapse of almost Spartak formation of runaway development, not broken insidious machinations of the slaveholders, but delivered by his own brothers. However, well-fed patricians received from the slave market on all cards Infogrames have not yet decided which of the faithful slave to give a blue dream was crucified on the cross of the eternal martyr developer Ron. Dreams that he will not have any relation.

Uncle Ron: a beginning

But what led a successful Ron contented Ron famous Ron cult Ron nineties, has already made Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island 1, Monkey Island 2 and Day of the Tentacle, to escape from the company, which he faithfully served for eight years ? Answer that can itself Ron. "I just felt it was time to move, — he said in London on January 99th — and I never regretted what he had done. I met with people who did not dare to run away with me — they have grown old and still humpback on my old plantation. I divide them into two groups: those who talk about how wonderful it is — working on new games on "Star Wars"And people who say that simply can not believe what they were working on another game on "Star Wars". I hope now you understand why I did it. " He always wanted to create a game about pirates — one of my favorite rides at Disneyland were Ron "Pirates of the Caribbean"Where the boat carries you between the persecutors of the ships guns. Little Ron always wanted to stop and see what’s going on and get to the deck of the ship. He never liked the pirates themselves, Ron called them terrorists seventeenth century (you’re right, Ron!), But he liked everything that surrounds them. He nurtured the idea of ​​Monkey Island (MI) two and a half years, distracted by a hit Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, handed over in record time and was one of the best, if not the best quest LucasArts. Working version of the MI — writing code and Dave Grossman, hello, Tim Schafer suddenly showed itself from an unexpected quarter, and sketched out a good three-quarters of the dialogues — was created two months. Then there was the MI2 with its three levels of difficulty — a very difficult or very easy, but also a very long quest. Ron said that pored over them for so long not to frail timidly making their way (the 92nd year, remember?), Fans of his talent abandoned subtly inventive MI2 half. He also said that then it would be better not to do all the fucking second half. In the end he agreed to the levels of difficulty. It was a shame for the adventure, but Ron Gilbert did everything I could. Ron did not participate in the work of the planters on Monkey Island 3 and was pleased with the fact that the ending Monkey Island 2 has turned their lives into hell. Of course, you know what I mean (you still want to know what the Big Whoop?). Looking back on his early work, Ron thought that a couple of puzzles would be nice to move, and some location fix, but MI2 he did easily, in one breath, without any stress, using a bunch of finds, and are not included in the first Monkey Island. And, as a second embodiment "A farewell to Arms", The game gets better and better. But if ever, says Ron, he had to do MI4, it would really feel the tension. And this is another reason why he chose freedom.

Mr. Adventure game: the heyday

He left with pure thoughts, dreaming of a three-dimensional quests (and even then these dreams discern the outlines of Good & Evil), and I took up any dirty work, just to save money for their implementation. I do not hesitate, even for their children razvlekalochki grim company with the monstrous name Humongous. Four years "hardships" and children razvlekalochek — mocking Putt-Putt and Freddie Fish — broken to anyone, but not Ron. Jobs Humongous helped him persuade GT Interactive, tolerant of a fugitive, to open another subsidiary — Cavedog. After two and a half years they have made TA, and Ron made a fortune.

But then he saw what was going on around — ripened grapes developer anger, developers, deceived snickering, raking in millions of publishers, get in packs, and in America founded the Gathering of Developers, sort of union, later became known simply as GOD — ominous rumbling that makes shiver under a blanket hatred creaking teeth publishers GOD. "It spreads in waves, — said Ron, smoking cigar. — This is not new as there is nothing new under the sun. I’ve seen how it works: Teams split, and someone is alone and makes the state and out of the business and hires his old team to scrub toilets — it happens. But now everything is happening too fast, all of these guys are too fast, they can not wait even five years". When ran Chris Taylor, Ron said he was not upset by this, it is stupid to be upset, since he had gone this way from LucasArts. "The only difference is, — said Ron — I somehow ottrubil eight years at LucasArts".

Through all his life carried complexed Ron blue dream: Good & Evil, chimerical combination of quest fantasy RPG and strategy. "Tells the story and is able to throw a puzzle adventure game, the characters will grow RPGs and fighting — well, the fighting will Rial-taymovaya strategy — Ron reasoned. — To hell with it, with this system step by step battle, I want action!" In the scenario Good & Evil appeared medieval kingdom, Wild West, space aliens, ancient Rome and kungfu fighters. Ron is always difficult to give the names of the characters (Guybrush Threepwood — well it is necessary to come up with a!), And the character Good & Evil has remained nameless. He had to assemble a team and travel through the worlds, and in this sense Good & Evil was a real role-playing game, because any real role-playing game should be at least a little quest.

Exit Good & Evil had this year.

Ron did everything I could.

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