Catch the last 7 days

So imagine living a normal life, learn, work, go on dates. Rejoice in the mirror. But a week later loomed megavazhnoe event. And you jumped pimple face was dull and languid blue under the eyes. Take urgent measures.

We offer to make some targeted killings of nouveau trouble.

Dim complexion

The first thing that comes to mind to solve this problem, — massage, beauticians and agree with us. After all, the main reason for unhealthy complexion — congestion, and for the improvement of such a procedure could not be better suited. Do traditional massage courses in 10 procedures, but in such a short time to help you and two visits to the beautician. Spend the procedure at the beginning and at the end of the week.

It remains only to choose what type you prefer: chiroplastic, lymphatic drainage, LPG, sculpture. The latter is not simply accelerates the blood, but also has a firming effect. The procedure has a cumulative effect, so it is best to hold it for 2-3 days before an important event.

When ready for more radical action — forward to mesotherapy. This is when the top layers of skin injected nutrients, and it is changing before our eyes: younger, freshens. Among the new techniques you can try derma roller-mesotherapy: the result is visible immediately, plus bruising and swelling can not be afraid.

Another proven thing — biorevitalization, ie injections of hyaluronic acid. The treatment improves the complexion, moisturizes and improves skin tone. It should be remembered that the bruises that heal after a few days, so if your task is «to have time for a week» — a decision must be taken now or select an option without injections. In the latter case gialuronka penetrates the skin due to an infrared laser. This procedure makes the machine in Vitalazer "Embassy of Beauty". The pain you feel is not, but the complexion improves, and even smoothed fine wrinkles and folds.

Eye bags

They appear in the pre-mess, to remind you: «Peace of mind! Just calm! ‘And the hint: you need more sleep and go to the lymph drainage therapy.

The combination of lymphatic drainage and gas-liquid handling low-intensity laser-sensitive areas — effective method. During the first treatment the skin affect the pressure of the cooled oxygen, which activates the blood circulation. And thanks to the laser in the eye restores the skin cells. So you can quickly achieve noticeable results. Of course, if it is only a lack of sleep and stress, not the diseases of internal organs, in this case — to the doctor immediately.

The «Center of Cosmetology for Smolenka» limfordrenazh worth 3,500 rubles, and laser treatment — 1950 rubles.


Princess is known to be completely devoid of these annoying errors, because some spots are perceived as the biggest trouble that can happen on the eve of the ball.

Do not worry, and do it!

A week before the «Day X» sign up for cleaning of the face. Choosing the right procedure will relieve you from the existing inflammation and prevent the emergence of new and more narrow the pores and removes shine. The clinic «Time Beauty» multiphase cleansing involves peeling, ultrasonic and manual cleaning, mask for your skin type. The whole process lasts 1.5 hours and costs 4,500 rubles.

For the «lite» cleaning head for the Cosmetology Center and Spa «Territory». There’s this service called «Sept. 1 2 weeks.» After cleansing mask wizard opens local inflammation, and then applies a soothing mask, which reduces swelling and helps get rid of redness. Cost — 3400 rubles.

For the treatment of problem skin come to the oxygen therapy clinic Intraceutical Kraftway.

In the deeper layers of the epidermis under the pressure of oxygen is injected drug chosen for your skin type. For the problem is well-suited program Clarity, which is dried and cures inflammation. Cost: 10900 rub. for the procedure.

Lack of tone

This problem occurs most often in the skin with age-related changes. To reduce their occurrence can only be careful daily care. If the effect is needed here and now, help biorevitalization and mesotherapy (see above). The «Symphony SPA» you can try the procedure with injectables mezovaroton. The interaction of stem cells triggers the natural regenerative processes of the skin. After applying local anesthetic injection does not bring any discomfort, but little redness and bruising may remain, so it is not recommended to do earlier than five days before the event responsible. Price: 11,600 rubles.

If injection methods do not you like it, pay attention to the more forgiving. For example, in the cabin Lanna Kamilina can do care «Precious shine of youth» mask «Cocoon» with makeup Maria Galland. This procedure affects the facial muscles, stimulates and gives vitality and shine, and if you add to it a sculptural massage, the effect will manifest much more quickly. Price: 6500 rubles.


Most often it is expanded vessels create the impression of redness. Will you neodymium laser, which instantly narrows blood vessels and helps to remove the vascular network. The easiest to deal with this problem in the wings of the nose. The main thing — after the procedure to avoid the sun, solarium, sauna and use makeup with panthenol. The clinics’ LINLINE «neodymium laser processing zones to 6 centimeters will cost 3150 rubles.

Another option to combat redness — rejuvenation (skin exposure luminous flux of high intensity). Improve complexion, dark spots and blood vessels become less noticeable. Bear in mind that the recovery period after a rejuvenation — not less than five days. We like doing this procedure at the Clinic of aesthetic medicine «Ottimo» price is an average of 7,000 rubles.

Concentrate youth

Serum — a great option for those who want the effect of «here and now». The high concentration of active ingredients provide quick visible results after the first use.

1. Hualurides Expert by Dr. Pierre Ricaud

If you expect an instant effect, apply 10 drops, instead of one, and wait until the agent is absorbed.

2. Derma Cellutar Ultimate Derma Optimizer from Doctor Babor.

Use this serum as a base to one of the four serum-boosters selected depending on the problem of beauty.

3. Skin Regimen of Comfort Zone

Moisturizing and by the way, delicious smelling serum suitable for mature skin.

4. Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector by Clinique

The peptide complex consisting of whey increases the production of collagen. Suitable for the eye area.

5. Advanced Genifique by Lancome

The new product is 40% more active ingredients than in the first «Youth Activator» Genifique. Advanced refreshing texture pleasantly cools the skin.


Maria Kuznetsova, aestheticians-beautician beauty studio Volifert, shared with us the recipes home beautiful and radiant skin.

From the swelling compresses to help grated raw potatoes.

Give up smoking and alcohol. Both of these bad habits directly affect the complexion, cause rosacea, dryness and dullness of the skin, but also «attract» to his bruises and bags under the eyes.

Devotes a few minutes morning exercises and walk clockwise in the air. This will help improve lymph and blood flow, which will affect the appearance of the best way.

Give up the greasy, fried, salted, smoked foods, and limit consumption of sweets. Everything should be in moderation. Enter in the diet of more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, do not forget about the fish. Drink a day for at least 1.5-2 liters of non-carbonated water.

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