CEM, ready to take away anything on the maxi-mum price.

Well, if you absolutely under-bake — and look to kill, scored all the way, and return home Th-cut half of the continent is not ho-chetsya — vospol-Call can be one of two kinds of divine intervention. It porting television as WHO possibilities of near-me-hundred events — to the near Shem corresponding altar-type guide.

Everyone chooses his move to your liking.

I like to jump (in the flying birds do not stick

— Just can not catch up), although, of course, I had to examine the levitation

— You know, the house Telvanni oblige: we have not decided to do in the houses of the stairs, still every self-respecting magician flies, like a heavenly Ptah. Transport almost do not use, because the road to the cave can be any look, small animals beat, herbs, mushrooms posobirat. But it is seen ahead of time when want to pay more attention to problems rather than slaughter, so teleportation magical guilds and even ships can be useful.


Just explain what the conversation. The set-Gia prefer to skip this Kuso-check in order to understand self parking-enforcement. But the rest, I hope it will help, without spending time on experiment-cops, conjure yourself remark-tional rings and amuletiki (as well as pants, shirts, coats, skirts and slippers) consciously. Detailed race-tale below here — a minimum set of trinkets, which does not pass by anyone, even those who have not read any manuals.

The main contraption — «lo-women, etc.». We caught the first beast by a scroll or a spell of its own — take cheap jewelry and get the prisoner to perform the function of «conclusion» for you. It is cheap, convenient and fast. Over time, especially not drive-Tes — twenty seconds enough for the eyes. A special pleasure from such trinkets that she Burst Vaeth absolutely always, without misfires, so that no useful beast from you

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