Charles Dadan — known American beekeeper, a French national — who was born in 1817 in the village of Champagne (France). His father was a doctor. When the boy grew older, his sculpted to his grandfather as in his native village of Charles had no school.

Charles since childhood interest in agriculture, especially n bees. He first met them when he was 10 years old. On this day he was presented with a swarm in a straw hive. Soon he built a bee hive from the boards. Ho. Unfortunately, this first attempt ended in failure: the bee family was killed during the floods.

In 1863, a beekeeper with his wife and son emigrated to America. They settled in Illinois and at first much needed.

Featuring outstanding abilities great energy, Sh Dadan quickly learn English and decided to take up beekeeping. He broke his attic floor, made the 32 hive, sold them and bought with the money of Italian queens. At the suggestion of one firm, he traveled to Italy for the uterus, but the income from this activity barely covered the costs of the trip. Then he decided to write queen bees from Italy and soon arranged their shipment so that the waste during the journey, almost was not.

In our country, Sh Dadan known as the inventor of the hive, which became widespread in the amateur apiaries beekeepers in Europe under the name of the hive Dadana- Blatt.

The history of the invention is that the hive. Dadan has calculated that a good queen can lay to 3,000 eggs per day and a daily food for folding must have 1600 free cells. Consequently, the beehive must contain nine frames, each of which is enclosed with the cells of 10,5 thousand cells. Such was the frame Kvinbi frame. (470 x 286 mm). It took beekeeper and the basis for improvement of the hive. However, the Swiss beekeeper E. Bertrand, this frame seemed too broad, and he remade the Dadant hives on the frame of the Swiss beekeeper Blatt, which is almost equal to the height of the frame Kvinbn, but it was much narrower. The final size of the frame beehive Dadant — Blatt 435 * 300 mm.

From 1868 he began to write articles in various French beekeeping magazines. In 1874, he released his «Beekeeping Short Course,» which had great success. Dadan actively collaborated in the journal «International Review», published by E. Bertrand. Together with his son, he wrote and published a brochure entitled «Collecting and extracting honey from the comb», which played an important role in promoting the centrifugal honey. Before that honey sold in the United States primarily in the cells.

In 1889, with the consent of Dadan L. Langstroth he reissued his famous essay «Mr. Bee Hive» Wikipedia by expanding it.

He started one of the first to do artificial honeycombs, whose production reached a large size. His firm, producing beekeeping equipment, gained worldwide fame. Very popular is not published by «American beekeeping magazine», which has long led the Sh Dadan.

Charles died in 1902.

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