Manufacture of aircraft and their components in Czechoslovakia more than 906-year history. It received the greatest development in the fifties and the subsequent decades of the last century. Most of all, developed the production of gliders, sports aircraft of training planes and planes for small aircraft. In the creation of these aircraft have been significant advances 6 both in terms of technical level of production, since the volume of its production. Aviation Industry of the Czech Republic full-fledged heir and successor of glorious traditions.

Located in the Czech Republic plants "Yugostroy" Traditional manufacturers of units and fuel systems of aircraft engines and aircraft. The company was founded in 1919 as a carmaker, and since 1936 there began the production of components of aircraft engines. It is located in southern Bohemia near the international highway E55 PragabPints ​​(Austria).

"Yugostroy" initially to manufacture and supply of aviation piston engines, carburetors, fuel filters and other engine parts company Walter (Prague). In the early fifties on "Yugostroy" the Soviet Union was handed the documentation for the production of aggregates of fuel control M05 engine installed on the aircraft MiG615. Series production began in 1952. In the same period, "Yugostroy" based on the transmitted document also provides a full-scale production of the fuel pump piston engine ALU6S2T.

In order to ensure their own development and mass production of units for aircraft engines and aircraft, in 1959 the firm "Yugostroy" He based his design bureau. The first project was to develop a new design bureau units M701 engine control system of the training aircraft L629 Delfin. This project has been very successful. The mass production was issued a large number of aircraft 29 L6, M701 engines and components for them. In this period "Yugostroy" prepared for the reconstruction of fuel pumps 46i cylinder engine company Motorlet Prague. Pumps were in production at the company in the next years.

Jaromir Shilganek engineer "Yugostroy"

In 196561970 years. OKB company "Yugostroy" carried out the reconstruction and modification of the control system of the engine units AI625 to install the engine on a single-engine airplane the training L639 "Albatross". Reconstruction was carried out in parallel units of fuel and oil systems APU Saphir, who was also a part of the aircraft L639.

In 197161975 years. EDO is developing its own system of regulation of construction aggregates M601 turboprop engine. The project was very successful and received by units required to operate the certificates. In "Yugostroe" It began mass production. The first copies were delivery to the customer in 1975. The units control system (fuel pump and regulator) are in mass production until now. Engine M601 is mainly installed on airplanes L410, but it was used for many other types of aircraft (such as the "Orb face". "Gzhel", Air Tractor, etc.) in 197761980 years. OKB company "Yugostroy" develop a pilot control system with fully electronic control which has been functionally tested on the engine M601.

In 198161990 years. on the basis of intergovernmental agreements DV62 engine was designed for the next generation of the training aircraft L59. The engine was created by Zaporizhzhya "Progress". Complete control system consisting of hydraulic parts (pump, fuel control, management of mechanization of the compressor 6 cylinder), a digital electronic control unit and the sensor parameters of the engine was developed by OKB company "Yugostroy". Design Bureau of the hydraulic units are designed and developed software (SW) ECU. EDO has prepared terms of reference to the control unit (HW) and the required sensors. Serial production of control and regulation systems, and hydraulic power units provide firm "Yugostroy".

In connection with this program "Yugostroy" He developed and produced (as an experiment) prototype of a hydraulic control system FADEC, which was successfully tested on engine DV62A in ground tests.

In 198461994 years. OKB company "Yugostroy" proposed and developed a set of control system (fuel pump, fuel control and an electronic digital control unit level FADEC) of the turboprop M602, it is supposed to be installed on the aircraft L610, and its system of regulation screw. The regulator screw provides all the standard features, including phase synchronization with electronic control. Within the project "Yugostroy" It developed its own solenoid valves and two-stage converters. Engines M602 this construction, and have been tested in the ground and flight test prototype aircraft L610. There have been about 80% of the certification test, when the program was stopped because of the economic changes in the country and the world.

In those times, EDO "Yugostroy" Designed for aircraft kit 1.610 units of fuel system. For certification testing machines and systems at the enterprise "Yugostroy" It was made a special stand with original wing aircraft 1.610. The tests were successful.

In the early nineties the economic situation of the company had a great influence socio-political changes in Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union broke up Comecon (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance). As a result, the loss of orders and contracts signed by the company was forced to make significant cuts at the same time intensively to seek orders and customers, as well as trying to expand into new markets. In 199561996 years. to ensure the future development and stability were vedeny reorganization of the company, with the result that it was converted into a corporation. Naib greater impact on the further development of the company was the fact that 100% of the shares remain in the ownership of Czech individuals. In the preparation of the strategic development plan of the company, including in the field of aviation products, we decided to preserve and develop the design bureau as a core long-term growth of the company.

The task was to initiate collaboration with leading foreign companies and the gradual development of cooperation between the release of parts, assemblies and complete units. On the basis of the successful development of such cooperation was supposed to receive orders for the development, debugging and certification of units of the technical specifications of these firms. It is clear that the achievement of these goals require a lot of time. For the successful implementation of the plans needed to adapt and learn new processes for themselves, modern organization of production, the use of both branded and foreign standards. And should provide the required level of English language skills of the company employees.

JSC "Yugostroy" systematically and on a sustained basis lasting invested in new technologies and modernization in all areas of the company, including processing, heat treatment, surface protection, assembling and testing. Particular attention is paid to compliance with technical regulations and maintaining a high level of quality throughout the entire process.

Now the company’s production program includes a wide range of products. The basis of the program is the production of aggregates regulation turboprop M60 This is not only a major overhaul of the operating units for the engine, but above all a gradual increase in orders for AGB regatta N80 engine company GE Aviation (Prague). Besides that, "Yugostroy" has developed and manufactures various modifications units systems APU type Saphir, which supplies the firm PBS Velka Bites (Czech Republic).

Iconic products of the company are the regulators of the screw for piston engines, * which have been developed here. These in every sense ^ exemplary products are manufactured and supplied in different versions that have been tested and is now used in engines Rotax, Lycoming, Continental and others. In conjunction with screws Hartzell, McCaulley, Hoffmann Propellers, MTcPropellers, Whirlwind Propellers, Woodcomp. Regulators vinb, » that is used in dozens of types of aircraft, as well as on the drones (UAVs). To date, customers were supplied more than 6,000 copies of different versions of this controller.

"Yugostroy" develops aggregates sets the fuel system for the new aircraft L410NG company’s Aircraft Industry (owner of 51% stake in this company is UMMC Ural Mining and Metallurgical Combine 6). All units have high technical specifications and are certified by EASA as part of the aircraft. Separate units of this set can be used for mobile

Modernization of existing or projected aircraft with piston engines, turboprop and jet engines within the operating range of units. "Yugostroy" may make necessary modifications according to customer requirements. Series production is planned for 2014.

The company can provide customers for the supply of prototypes (prototypes) for estimations in their projects.

In accordance with the technical specifications of the company Samsung Aerospace, the company has developed a control system for two types of APUs that have been tested and fully tested by the customer on the product. Both engines have «* d are in mass production and are available according to customer requirements.

"Yugostroy" cooperating with the company Microturbo (France), J for which, on the basis of the technical specification has been designed and built a new modern concept sisteb we control the APU. Tests the developer and the customer has been confirmed by reliable operation in all specified conditions. Certification APU will be completed soon. "Yugostroy" ready to start production.

In accordance with the technical specifications of Honeywell Aerospace "Yugostroy" developing three types of fuel pumps for gas turbine engines. The first type of pump after the test developer and the customer is already in production. The first series of the unit delivered to the customer. Prototypes of other types are in the process of testing. In case of a positive result, it is scheduled to begin production in 2014.

Systematically continuing and expanding the joint production of components in the manner of cooperation of the original documentation for other products manufactured by Parker Aerospace, and Honeywell Aerospace.

OKB company "Yugostroy" also actively working on solving the technical problems of international projects of the European Union Programme CESAR, ESPOSA and others.

The firm "Yugostroy" there is great interest in the establishment and renewal of direct cooperation with Russian companies, which, undoubtedly, will benefit both sides.

Let my additions will be a slight digression from the dry data of objective presentation of our partneb moat of the Czech company "Yugostroy". I, happened, and it is better to say, was lucky enough to work for many years with several companies in the Czech Republic. And business relationships, whether we like it or not, is always a personal relationship are introduced. And they are very different in our times! Only such cooperation as business communication, common objectives and goals lead to real and sincere friendship can be considered a complete success!

In 1998 (if not mistaken) in the famous Moscow Czech House of Representatives passed a meeting of Russian and Czech companies with the aim of finding new principles of cooperation under the new conditions. In Soviet times, the USSR and Czechoslovakia, was the development of cooperation and coordination in the field of air fighter. Now it was necessary to build a new production and economic relations. The event it was working, Neb pompous and passed in daily mode. And that’s what memories. Among the representatives of the Czech aviation industry was a representative aggregate plant "Yugostroy" Mr. Jaromir Shilganek, the then Commercial Director. And no, we could not start a conversation with him. That distracted him, then me. At the end of the meeting we were able to sit down at a table and start a conversation. The conversation was kind. I must say that Mr. Shilganek, as well as all participants of the meeting spoke good pobrusski. It is interesting that either I or my companion started talking about the same … the same words! So our way of thinking, understanding and action programs are identical. Since then, our communication is almost never interrupted.

In 2005, I was able to visit at the invitation of the plant "Yugostroy". We left Prague early in the morning. My old friend and partner Mr. Vladimir ambush (at the time 6direktor plant "Java" 6pomnite famous red motorcycle) said: "Sasha, now I’ll be your guide, your translator and your driver!" Three hours later a remarkable journey for a good and unloaded the road we arrived at the plant "Yugostroy"Located in a picturesque place, which I would call a resort. A neat area, clean production buildings, and a few friendly staff.

What memories then? Why, for example, we visited the workshop of galvanic coatings. Those who have been in our classic electroplating, would not understand: where they were. Very clean and virtually no odor. Yet there was a question itself: "We have all electroplating from Moscow kicked or closed down, and you then quite fresh plant as it allowed?" "You see, the answer, we have here the same shop occupies 2/3 purification system. That is, no matter how much work do not allow swimming in the pool shop for 6 in the heat still swimming!" I am horrified came 6c capacity, often open, we too drained after electroplating solution, and at the same factory there, too, as&a drunken worker poked so nearly saved! "No, Mr. Tomberg, we understood you correctly. This is the water of the pool is in water and swimming is prohibited to pollute the water is not!" That is such a small difference is obtained.

There were business negotiations. For example, the plant was designed and then began to produce a new speed control of the propeller piston aircraft engines for engines "LOM6PRATA" and engines produced in the US. For buyers of engines has become a problem that the price of the old controller has grown to 5,000 euros. This new unit has been smaller in weight and dimensions, reliable and improved in many ways. I presented it at its best, and in the drawings, and a cut in the layout. Imagining the price of the old, with a shudder thinking about the cost of a new one! And the climax came. On my timid request to announce the price one&of employee cheerfully jumped up from the table and ran to the printer, we got out the document as a table. With a shudder in my heart peered at the table. And I do not believe it, there is in the box! 63 units was a figure like 654 euros. At the end of the table in the column "! 00 and over" were listed "586 euros". Not believe my eyes! I had to ask again. No, there was no error, all confirmed. Simple: because people work and behave well in the market. Production of high-quality and very affordable.

Another one of the delegation of the Czech factories Max spent on static display aircraft, which attracted the greatest interest of the public general aviation. Among them are amphibious LA63 Samara with Czech engines "LOM61RAGA". Passing my friends looked at the chassis of the plane and cried 6a here wheels of our production! "No, said the representative of the "Aerovolgi", A manufacturer of amphibious, these wheels in the United States we buy!" And both were right: plant "Yugostroy" commissioned by the partner of the United States nalab Dil disc production chassis. They are sold in the United States, and are found proizb 6c Czech Republic. I saw myself how they are doing in the factory "Yugostroy". Customer carefully monitors the quality of the purchased samples of induction, but claims he is not there. I am sure that will not happen!

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