Czech Republic: Mysteries and discoveries

Pyrotechnics and special effects PYROFEST, LOG 250 kroons.

Until now, Russian as a foreign language is very popular in schools, moreover, to a certain degree in fashion! No, it certainly is not the love of the language of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Just chat on it for the Czech youth a kind of code, possibly with the older generation talk about their stay and unappreciated.

We, the tourists, it was very helpful.

ROUNDABOUT start acquaintance with Prague, I decided to walk through the city center from the Wenceslas Square, looking into the lanes and gradually moving towards the Charles Bridge. Vaclav (by the way, I had no idea that the Russian analogue of the name Vyacheslav) stands on the horse right in front of the National Museum, the walls of which survived the potholes of the shells of Soviet tanks. It would seem that these memories enough to Czechs had little love for us, but nowhere I have never faced any rejection or aggressiveness. In general, Czechs surprisingly quiet, slow, measured, and always smiling people.

About time, about morals!

Literally the first lane brought me to the mall, in the middle … which is the same as in the central square, Wenceslas, but here the horse upside down. Then I learned that created a work of the famous sculptor David Cerny, whose popularity is slightly scandalous. Ink composition: hanging upside down with his tongue hanging horse tied by the legs, and Czech king, sitting on her belly. The vision of the artist explained by the fact that the Czech Republic is still independent and true to itself, but the world is literally turned upside down, especially when it comes to moral principles. Century consumer … By the way, directly below the hanging Vaclav you can eat: wonderful fresh sandwich with ham or ham will cost 78 USD.

Haunted house I turn to the Church of Our Lady of the Snows and into the garden with ghosts. Cast metal ghosts in a small garden look a little scary. Listening to the story of the guide, pay for travel

Single ticket purchased in vending machines AT

Subway stations, in kiosks or supermarkets. In the subway or at the door ground transportation HEREIN punched DATE AND TIME.

CONTINUE can be safely moved for the paid period. Note: fine for fare dodgers will be 300 kroons. CHECKERS A LOT! Individual tickets for 15 minutes COST 8 kroons for a subscription for a day, 3 days. WEEK two weeks will have to pay 240 CZK and 50,130,190, respectively. EASY TICKET «90 Minutes» in 32 know that the place is really mystical. The temple was founded in the summer of 1347, when Emperor Charles prayed for the prosperity of the city. Suddenly the snowflakes fell from the sky, and Karl found it a divine sign. Temple is really impressive: the delightful frescoes, high arches and white light streaming from above … But what’s the ghost? They symbolize the spirits of those executed here Carmelite monks who were victims of one of the many religious wars that shook the Czech Republic in the Middle Ages. Entrance to the temple is free. If you get on the subway to go better at the station «Mustek» (Mustek) line B.

Classics of the genre Next go to the Old Town Square. The famous Prague Orloj gathers crowds of tourists, everyone wants to see the dance of intricate figures, obeying such a complex mechanism that the master, to make them was blinded immediately after the creation of a masterpiece. (Yes, the history of the Czech Republic abounds in mysticism and bloody drama!) Every hour, comes the time of submission. To the audience are the four figures. The figurine’s death reminds us that nothing lasts forever. Once the skeleton pulls the rope, go twelve apostles. Figurine holding a vanity mirror, as if hinting that narcissism is not the best thing, the statuette greed shakes purse and figure symbolizes the Turk Ottoman Empire, threatening at the time of the Czech Republic. Holy Apostles are one after the other, protecting us from our sins. Then the cock crows, actually letting the coming of the new hours. After enjoying the show, do not take the 100 CZK (approx. 40 USD) and was picked up at the tower of the Old Town City Hall: from there the whole of Prague at a glance captures the spirit! Below you will see numerous tables of restaurants. If you wish to dine certainly the main square of the city, keep in mind: the prices are about three times higher than average and the service is lame, because the people too much. And if the soul asks for comfort, have a little walk and crossing the Charles Bridge, to look into the cafe «Ferdinand» on Carmelite Street ( It will surprise the original «farm design», huge portions and very reasonable prices (average bill without alcohol 200 kroons). I recommend!

Higher and higher

I eat, go back to the Charles Bridge, as I almost forgot to make a wish! To do that I need to «help» St. John Nepo mutskogo whose statue stands on the bridge. In 1393 on the orders of King Wenceslas IV saint was beheaded and thrown into the waters of the Vltava. And at this moment, according to legend, the river came 5 luminous stars. That is why they decorate the statue of St. John. And that is your wish fulfilled, touch both hands to the bas-reliefs at the foot of the pedestal (have a good stretch and flatten slightly as I pictured). Desire, by the way, come true! After completing my magic rituals I have great climbing: on the other bank of the Vltava River stands St. Vitus Cathedral, a beautiful park and Petrin spot the Eiffel Tower, which offers stunning views. There you can walk forever! Tired, I decided not to act heroically, and return to the hotel by metro, good in Prague it is clean, simple (3 lines) and comfortable.


The next day I decided to go to the old Prague’s Zizkov district. Its main attraction tower, the design of which has already been mentioned belongs smiling David Cerny. Faceless black babies crawling on the tower, a symbol of the struggle for the rights of the woman artist, no matter how strange it may sound. Praguers terribly outraged «frightening, diabolical» sculptures. As a result, they were removed, that unexpectedly led to an even greater scandal. Many tourists who had heard about the extraordinary TV tower, demanded to return the babies. After much debate, we decided to put in place the sculpture and tower on the right entered in the list of sights of Prague mustsee.

ON THE WATER At least Golden Prague I was attracted to Karlovy Vary. The city is located 118 kilometers from the capital, so the trip in a comfortable air-conditioned bus takes just over 2 hours. Departure every hour. From the bus station «Florence» (Metro Pogeps) to the bus station «Karlovy Vary» bus company Student Agency run at 6:00. Conversely, from Karlovy Vary, at 16:00, the last leaves at 20:00. This is the budget form of transportation, round-trip ticket will cost 250 kronor. However, if the chart does not suit you, from the same bus station «Florence» goes a lot of other avtobusov.daleko not always pleasant, because the water is strongly mineralized. I also wanted to try the water that could drink every day (I also notable vodohleb, no wonder Aquarius horoscope). Locals advised me to go to Doupov mountains where the natural reserve Kyselka, which has a unique source of Mattoni. The water turned out really delicious, it is not always pleasant, because the water is strongly mineralized. I also wanted to try the water that could drink every day (I also notable vodohleb, no wonder Aquarius horoscope). Locals advised me to go to Doupov mountains where the natural reserve Kyselka, which has a unique source of Mattoni. The water turned out really delicious, the famous «Becherovka» ideal souvenirs. But what about the water? The Vary 15 sources suitable for drinking. Each composition and its temperature, and hence the taste. Incidentally, in addition, its structure is recognized by scientists to maintain an optimum water balance in the body, the normal operation of the digestive system. Good news for those who are recommended by doctors 2 liters of water a day seem to be an incredibly large number, since mineral water is more cells with moisture, so it is sufficient to use only 1 liter per day. In general, those friends who do not like «Becherovka» I picked up a couple of bottles and on his return was raised to laugh! It turned out that water is sold for us and costs about 8 USD for 0.33 liter. I do not think for advertising, but after a month of regular use of the water, I found that the skin is much more delicate and velvety, and the complexion is much fresher!


Finally, I decided to ride to the town of Kutna Hora. Tickets for CZK 200 round trip bought at the central station (Hlavni Nadrazi). An hour on the road, half an hour on foot and in front of me Ossuary, Cemetery Church of All Saints. The church is made up of the remains of 40 people LLC. The story of her appearance is impressive: in 1218 the plague went through Europe, the cemetery could not accommodate a huge number of dead, so old bone shape in the chapel (they were called «ossuary»), well, for a seat again buried. As a result, there were in fact collected the remains of 40 OOO people. In 1511 half-blind monk, all bleached bones, began to put them into six pyramids.

In the XVIII century Prince Schwarzenberg gave the order to create something that people then called «The Church of the bones.» This unusual case was given to the custody of the local woodcarver Frantisek Rint. He soaked in bleach the bones and gradually created his creation. One of the most unusual was the chandelier, where the master used absolutely all parts of the human skeleton.

In gratitude to the employer Rint also resigned from the bones of the coat of arms of the Schwarzenberg.

OUTDOOR Before leaving, I went for a walk in the Prague Zoo in the open air. Hippo charming, luxurious flamingos, buffaloes proud and funny chipmunks, as well as the cable car, shady alleys, cozy cafes Great entertainment for the whole family for a day (200 CZK adult ticket, children CZK 150). I think I’ll come back here!


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