Daddy, daddy, our network … No, not even a dead man and a mermaid, but only a demo version of the first game of a huge block, are now preparing infamous Psygnosis. It is called a miracle G-Police What can be said about this touching (producer of the game I always touch …)? Fans WipeOut, two steps forward! Comrades, do not speak OSHZO-compatible card, — three steps back! Right turn Left-equals-Smear-On!

of truth, WipeOut in this story does not hurt something and nothing. The game, which will appear in the fall rather compete Extreme Assault (how many are developers raise a hand on the sacred!). But if you keep in mind the style (a G-Po-lice — the game is undoubtedly a stylish), there is talk of WipeOut very appropriate, how would you treat him any. The same ligature of the letters, «masked» by the characters, and the same

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