Difficult fate of Vicious Rumors

What grunge — music for the last idiots now, probably already understand everything, even the penultimate idiots. But only a few had time to realize before the end of the destructive nature of these siettlskih lumpen. Two and a half years it took the bubble to burst; but during this time the vandals in greasy Pidorka unchallenged sway in the gardens of the music industry, selflessly trampling all that was left of an already exhausted beriberi heavy metal scene. Things reached the point that majeure record companies, one after another began to organize an audit of their musical foundations crowd getting rid of teams playing "outdated" music. Not escaped this fate and power metal thugs from Frisco Vicious Rumors.

At the beginning of 92-th year the band’s future looked bright, behind left past on «Hurrah!» Tour with Savatage, live album ‘Plugin And Hang On’, recorded in specially for this purpose organized a mini-tour of Japan occupied the top position in the shopping chart Japan and Mad Samurai, was in full swing working on writing new material for the next studio album, which is planned for the autumn of this year … and tug, like a bolt from the blue struck the first of the troubles, unless can be called a nuisance that you cramp reduces brush both hands, and excruciating pain does not let go, day or night. In medical terms, this unusual complex of sensations is called ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’, and these words I heard the leader of the group of guitarist Geoff Thorpe, ask for help in the hospital.

‘At first I was not going to go to a doctor — says, shivering, Jeff — because I thought it was all nonsense, but when Mark — our second guitarist — told me that he had once been the same, and he was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome ‘, I decided to be tested. «

This decision followed a long odyssey of wandering on doctors. Thorpe consulted one specialist after another, until finally it like an ax head did not hit the staggering news that surgery is needed.

Sadists in white coats slash precious hands Thorpe in October, 92-year, post-operative but the process was delayed until next summer. At this difficult time for the band mates Jeff showed himself not with the bad side. Like Def Leppard at the time, Vicious Rumors refused to go into the studio without his fallen into disability colleagues, and whiled away the time, licking the arrangement of new things, what took active part himself Thorpe. Moreover, the guys have organized a charity concert in San Francisco with Forbidden, Vio-Lence and Vain, so that the victim of the American health care system managed to pay off the doctors expose sickly bill for the operation.

Such solidarity with Comrade cost Vivious Rumors expensive, played a role in the decision of management of the company Atlantic to terminate the contract with the group. However, Jeff believes that cooperation with Atlantic was doomed from the start:

‘In 1990, they signed to a bunch of commands, and then began to act according to the principle; «Throw all the hole and see who will come up.» Atlantic never given us real support, so amazingly still that we were able to release their three albums, including a live album.

And yet, in spite of but obtained from the fate of slap guys did not get depressed, and as soon as Thorpe appeared finally ready to fight, they took off but my own grandmother studio and started to record the album, sound reasoning that would be the master tape, and the publisher there. And it has paid off: very soon in the apartment of Jeff rang and squeaky voice asked to speak to ‘Torup-cana’. The rotten time grandzhovogo interregnum cunning Japs picked without exception melodic metal cults thrown mindless American firms, and Vicious Rumors were no exception. Following the Tokyo Alfa Records appeared on the horizon and the German firm Rising Sun Productions, which is; thanks professed recent Japanese doctrine in the field of repertoire policy, has every reason to share with their compatriots Noise laurels ‘Heavy Metal label N 1’. Thus, in the late spring of 94-year new album ‘Word Fo Mouth’ was released all over the world, except, of course, the United States.

By the time tested was a new bassist Tommy Sisco, who, in his dark past, among other characters worked with a vocalist Carl Albert Vicious Rumors, and with former guitarist UFO Atomic Tommy M. And what happened to Dave Starr, co-founder of VR? Jeff: ‘Yes, as usual musical differences. We have come to try on the new album some things, unusual for the genre, in which we work. It is necessary all the same to develop, and Rauer metal moving on. Now, Dave is broken off. Now, as I’ve heard, he again turned to the guitar — he’s started a guitarist — and plays a New Age ‘.

But back to the American tour, held under the slogan ‘Test The Best!’: Jeff and his guys are going to live from 200 to 600 people. Do not shame them that such a talented team of innovative remains purely a cult phenomenon, while the trash is sold in millions of copies? "No! Just some people breaks faster than others, that’s all. We were very pleased that after such a long pause in the US there are many people who want to see us and enjoy our music! And if we, despite all these economic crises, continue to record albums, touring, have fun and meet cool people, do not say it for what — a successful artist? «

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