Duck hunting

Once upon a time, when there were no guns in the world, charged shot for hunting birds with the network. And what else? Get into a flying duck boom is not just contrived to Robin Hood! But choosing the right time and place, it was possible to throw a small square network covering prey from above. However, certainly already autumn campaign on the duck was a time of light sadness and philosophical reflection. This is the best cure for heartache, unrequited love, and sometimes the most opportune moment to rethink his life. I can already hear reproaches and curses of experienced shooters have read this far. You can say anything you want! I assure you: not of game we reach for the autumn hunting, but for the fact that the great Aristotle defined as «catharsis.» For the purification of the spirit through the passion and reverent worship of the greatness of nature, and perhaps, through the compassion of his murdered victims. Thoughtful and honestly admit to myself — it’s really true.


Selection of waterfowl in Russia is rather wide. At least a half dozen all ducks: mallard, wigeon, pintail, teal, Garganey, kloktun Gogol. There are all kinds of dives and other trifles. However, more than half of duck trophies — is our common mallard or yellow-nosed subspecies. There are also rare species, even the «Red Book.» Some waterfowl nest here in the middle lane, and some — far to the east or to the north, but the southern flying through our flat land transit. Ducks are known to be migratory birds. Autumn «stand on the wing» and drawn to warmer climes, and spring back to their native nesting, to form a pair, and produce offspring. It is believed that the ducks live up to 10 years, although in nature rarely one of them died a natural death at such a ripe old age.

FUNDAMENTALS fundamentals

There are three classic ways to duck hunting: Skrad, and because of the surge-Sidqi (stuffed with and without). I must say that sto- len is not for beginners. It requires a thorough knowledge of the bird and its habits, skills and masking technique virtuoso discreet approach to the game. With experience comes the hunter himself figure everything out, and one novice article are not trained. It is much easier to explain the basics of surge. If the pond is not very wide, the number of partners will be able to successfully use this method. Ducks prefer to keep water away from the coast, so take them is not easy. First you need to split into two groups. Some hunters cork on the beach, while others go to the opposite side of the pond. If you move without sharp movements, the ducks do not withdraw from the scene, but just otplyvut away, just closer to the place where the group hid shooters. In principle, the surge can be realized together. The main thing in this method, of course, — compliance with safety regulations, and is a separate issue, to understand which is best under the guidance of experienced hunters. However, the most venturesome and exciting way of hunting, which requires patience and genuine craftsmanship — it is an ambush.

Sanctuary for shooting (skradok) hunter-result of individual creativity where the builder has the opportunity not only to demonstrate the skill, but also realize their design taste. It is necessary and appropriate costume. Some people prefer to work on their own disguise, conjuring and experimenting, someone is using a proprietary camouflage capes and simulating a dry reed or cane bundles, good choice of such modern stores very rich. It is useful to wrap rags camouflage rifle, their brilliant details and especially the optics, for a duck — poultry Zorkaya. Now, two hours before dawn, you can climb in skradok and wait. And do not make noise, do not smoke, do not move! You are holding? That’s really when you change your mind about everything. Remember is that quite forgotten, and rethink their whole sinful life, sometimes pitiful «clearing his throat» of the surging emotions in a decoy.

just do not get carried away, because of the sound of ducks is an alarm.


If you’re hunting with stuffed, then floating on water rubber or plastic copy of bird should be made with great precision and very authentically painted. At one site should be located not less than 10-15 scarecrows, precisely those types that you want to entice. Moreover, the «feathered dummies» must be placed in different positions: one «feed» other «asleep» on a wave with his head under his wing. Incidentally, the «dormant» stuffed particularly effectively blunt the vigilance of migrating ducks, who did not hesitate to decide to join the «rest» of the company. And the most experienced hunter necessarily throw up even stuffed headed Gull yes appoint a pole with a «sheep». That one that the other — the birds are extremely vigilant, so that they serve the best duck indicator tranquility. In short, before you unfold your own «natatorial theater.» From his «director» to decoy «extras» on the water should not exceed 30 meters. This distance will serve as a yardstick for determining the distance to the ducks that podsyadut your scarecrow. Here already require a sharp eye and a steady hand. But will have to wait for hours, motionless and pre-loading his gun (sensitive duck hears clatter the shutter from a distance). If you beat a greater distance, then the probability of a successful shot and falls off sharply, most likely you will only injure the bird. Duck shot stung instantly dive — and remember, as he was called.


To find a wounded animal in the bush or in flooded areas is very difficult. And it is unlikely you will experience the pleasure of bathing water in the autumn and go for a prey someone needs! It was then that our four-legged helpers and useful, whether it’s the cops, Spaniels and Retrievers of various species. Besides hunting dog — a great pastime with the loyal friend, with whom communication compensates for even the most unfortunate setback. With the already mentioned doruzheynyh times specially trained dog is game, raised her, and themselves went to the ground as soon as possible, not to get on the head with a heavy sinker at the corner of hunting nets. Such rocks were called cops. There is another of their professional designation — Retriever (from the English «waiter»). It is he who brings the trophy, no matter where he fell: in the swampy marsh in prickly bushes or into ice water. That is, in principle, all Labrador retrievers, but not necessarily just to be Labrador retriever. My old friend ornithologist and an avid hunter Alexis Murashov told a funny episode from his practice. He hunted in the quarries under the Shatura. At the weekend there is thundering cannonade, each planted more than a hundred rounds a day. A wounded animal, of course, was not counting. On Monday, the extraction out local children with a clever mutt. They picked up the wounded and not found, and the birds got home from head to toe hung with trophies.

In the gun!

Flying ducks … But do not think that all waterfowl such and idiot, not an example of the wise savvy crow or magpie. No! Duck fine eye for detail, think quickly and instantly make the right decisions. And if you get in and be able to avoid redistribution of fractions, such experience will not work for her in vain. Duck hunting opens in the last week of August and continues until the most snow. While duck north or east will reach central Russia, they have learned well the lessons of survival. Seeing a man in camouflage, and even more so with a gun, they do not substitute a triple shot and become vigilant. Most likely, your only become easy prey not yet shelled feathered local youth. It turns out that the later you get out on the duck hunt, the more chances to really go without «down and feathers.» Well, is not it time to think more seriously about the vicissitudes of life? Believe me, this is possible only in the autumn on the Great Duck Hunt!

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