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Typically, when the salary is up 3 days, the money we almost does not remain. But do not go hungry also! I have been invented for the family economy — menu. For a long time, of course, it will not last, but a couple of days to withstand quite possible.

So, for breakfast (adult): oatmeal, cheese, slice of bread or toast, tea.

Lunch: soup or soup, baked fish, bread, fruit compote.

Dinner: baked potato, salad (eg, cabbage, cucumber, green onions, parsley,), and tea.

For a child at breakfast: oatmeal with raisins and milk tea.

Lunch: any fruit.

Lunch: soup or soup, mashed potatoes, chicken, compote.

Afternoon snack: yogurt, cookies.

Dinner cottage cheese with sour cream and tea.


Tell us about your way of saving, or rather the process of accumulation of money for the right purchase without taking out a loan.

So last year I planned to buy a brand new plasma TV and decided to act. Initially estimated price, and then divided it for a year (12 months), and I get a certain amount. Her I will need to «pay» yourself. «How?» — You might say.

I went to the bank and opened a term deposit every month and translated it to calculate the amount of «payment». A year later I closed my contribution and bought a TV. And I still have the interest on deposits.

Perhaps my experience useful to someone.

Again about LAMPS

Some people think that a lot of electricity not save. Well, a lot, not a lot, and saving still there. And every month I see a receipt for payment of utilities.

How do we save? First, replace the old incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent (their service life and luminous efficiency is much higher, and if you do not like to switch off for a light, then for longer than incandescent lamps, they will pay off the cost quickly enough) and energy-saving. Recent bulbs are more expensive, but having them comparable light output, are up to 8 times longer and consume much less energy.

Also, we do not use high-powered lamps. First, they consume large amounts of energy. Secondly, the use of such lamps can cause a short circuit, and you have to spend more and to replace the burnt wiring.

by the way

Fluorescent and energy-saving lamps; It saves about the same amount of energy, equal to nearly 60% (compared to incandescent bulbs).


Without frugality is now nowhere. As would be sad as it may sound, but most of us have to save.

I’ll tell you about the secrets of his frugality. Always take food with them to work, not to spend money on a cafe or buy a snack at the store. The stores try to buy domestic products, not to overpay for the brand. Most purchase products in bulk: for two weeks or a month in advance — so it turns over savings. And I never go to the store if I’m hungry.

Unnecessary COSMETICS

It so happens that I get completely the wrong cosmetic. Like, you choose a long, look, pay so little money, and it

— It does not fit! What to do? Of course, many of us can simply someone peredarit birthday or holiday. I recently read other ideas. Perhaps they are someone — that will be useful.

So too fat cream for the face or body can be greased hands. And the inappropriate shades of lipstick and nail polish can be mixed together. You can try to trade with a friend or my mother, who may have not approached you on the funds will be ecstatic.

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