Edged weapons holy

It seems everyone has got used if the action-game is the first person — a shooter. Naughty thrust to the whole shoot lots tires. How I would like pofehtovat, expecting gunfire in the back … This idea permeated the young Spanish company Rebel Act Studios, which decided to please us toy Blade, — 3D, no worse than any of the "Q killers"But without the shotgun.

For a game that provides free switching between "view from the eye" and an outer chamber, will be the main Fencing

Iё1 Yb ^ # ‘_ ^^^^ W occupation. And in order not to offend anyone, the right to carry firearms, as well as the cold and the long-range, and will be deprived of monsters.

Medieval mystical storyline combined with a good waving a sword and a dagger. And a swinging for authors principle: In the game there are a few characters, and everyone — his arsenal. However, some types of weapons will be available once all the characters, but the effectiveness of any sword will depend on who will take it up. For example, the diminutive leprechaun holding a sword, will feel uncomfortable, but with an ax this guy instantly make themselves respected.

Of great importance in the game will have monsters and susceptibility to a particular weapon. Something will certainly be evident (impossible to slay the Minotaur small dagger), but something will have to find out through bloody experiments. In addition, in the game there is an additional equipment whose use can not hurt you in any critical situation: for example, can always be a crowbar to open the door and … you guessed it … a foe to prove that it is better scrap no reception .. .

Game authors indicate that the art of this or that weapon will be given not for everyone and not at once. But remember: the complexity of managing the sword pays pleasure of seeing severed (again — realistically severed) limb of the enemy.

Blood tests (they are the same — the struggle for a just cause) will be held for fifteen levels, each of which is distinguished by its unique architecture. However, the main difference between the levels of the Blade creations competitors is that the levels are high. Highly. More than anywhere … it was promised that the passage of each will take several hours.

This scale requires appropriate engine’a. The problem "be no worse than others" decide correctly: LP-only objects up to 2500 polygons on each monster, dynamic lighting and shadows … Thanks to "skeletal deformation" monsters can walk, run, swim, crouch …

Effects of transparency, reflection and mist operate today — in the version with software rendering. But the authors are thinking about how to release the game only in hardware.

In addition to graphics (only 16-bit color!), Assuming resolutions up to 1024×768, the game still stand out and fully three-dimensional sound (used technology QSound). So, useful support MMX. And the finishing touch — Support for virtual reality glasses, such as i-Glasses. The main platform — Windows 95, but will be supported, and Windows NT, and almost forgot DOS. When? The following winter.

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