It is difficult to fundamentally change the traditional tools such as cutter. But if it fails, it takes on a new quality of not only the tool, but the machine is equipped with them.

The cup turning tool, at the time set records of performance, came to the forest industry of the metal. Mounted on stvoloobrabatyvayuschuyu car, it is easily and quickly removes the bark from the trunk. But the cup cutter — a truncated cone, and a pretty high. Once found in the way the branch cutter passes. Just prune the branch podnutritsya and stop — no longer cuts the edge, and a third of the wood of its generator. Here except that you can get the fire by friction, rather than to cut the branch. Therefore, we first have to pass through the barrel delimbers, and then after debarking from the cup cutter.

You can certainly create delimbing, debarking machine for the sake of fashion with articulated arms and electronic eyes, guides debarking tool to bypass branches and twigs. But will it not work on the factory floor, and felling the rain and snow? Associate Professor of machines, technologies and design of timber production, Ph.D. PM Mazurkin and colleagues candidate of technical sciences, NF Pigildin and S.X. Galeev chose a different path — inventive. By the cup cutter, they added disk (also successfully used in metal), placing last in the pan and above its cutting edge so that the main cutter remove the bark, and the additional cut twigs and branches. That’s all the invention number 733,981, now seemingly simple and obvious. And the effect is obvious: the machine with one working body — the easier, more reliable and cheaper than two.

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