Electricity supply in Moscow — a policy of increasing the reliability of

Delivering a speech at a meeting of the Moscow government

January 20, Deputy Head of the Moscow MTU

Employees of the Moscow MTU Technical supervision is carried out not only to supervise and control the construction of power supply facilities, and are often active participants in the construction, helping to place before the commissioning of facilities, to address issues related to ensuring the reliability and safety of construction projects and eventually by issuing a permit for their operation.

Analysis of work for 2006-2008 shows electro-growth in 2008, during which only electrical killed 14 people. Provided, however, in the Concept of transition from outdated to modern, high-tech equipment does not provide for the training and retraining of personnel to work on the new technology. Out of it, and a feasibility study, although in modern conditions prevailing in the country, this aspect should be a priority.

Despite the comments of MTU Moscow

Technical supervision supports the proposed concept, is ready to participate actively in its implementation, both in terms of development of the program and to ensure its qualitative implementation.

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