Electrolytic and tantalum capacitors Hitachi AIC

Electrolytic and tantalum capacitors Hitachi AIC company for many years known for our developers. The company is constantly improving technology and improves the parameters of its products. The article deals with a well-known and new series of capacitors, which no doubt also be interested in development of power electronics, and other electronic equipment.

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Hitachi AIC company was founded in 1965 by Mr. included currently in the Hitachi Chemical Group — an integral part of the giant corporation Hitachi, based in 1910. Hitachi AIC yalyaestpa well as some of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality aluminum and tantalum capacitors chip capacitors, developing the latest technology of production of capacitors with improved performance, fully responsible paibolee t Required for market power plektronnkn.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors Hitachi AIC

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are available in several versions:

• a bolt-pin (Screw Terminal);

• with reinforced pin-zashelk.tmi (Snap-In);

• For repairs Azha PCB.

The main parameters of the electrolytic capacitors with bolted conclusions are summarized in Table 1.

When selecting electrolytic kondachka tors should carefully evaluate the parameter called «lifetime» IPT «service life». This characteristic of hiding the manufacturer for each lot and for a series of FXA, such as 10-12 thousand hours. This is a guaranteed period of work at maximum temperature and maximum current ripple at this temperature. That is the manufacturer’s documentation specifies the maximum service life for the word hard use. N If the temperature ripple current are Men Pte maximum allowable, and the guaranteed service life may be increased tenfold. Actual (typical) operating life is usually 1.5-2 times higher than the calculated. This is from razheno column «Tilova lifetime» of Table 1. By the end of the life of a manufacturer means point in time at which 10-15% worsened the basic parameters of electrolytic capacitors (Zoom familiarize capacity factor increased ioter tg 8, increased leakage current). This is illustrated in Fig. 2.

From Fig. 2 contained in the documentation Hitachi AIC Series FXA, it is clear that under the end of the life of a manufacturer involves reducing capacity by 10% and an increase in losses of 12-13% at the maximum allowable ripple current, and * at the maximum temperature for a given series of Noah. All the more interesting behaves leakage current. In the first thousand hours of operation op even decreases sharply, then for most of the life of the leakage current remains practically unchanged, increasing only at the end of the performance guarantee period. Of course, this chart types, but they give a visual representation of hectares wounds tirovattom uptime.

Dependencies of the guaranteed period of operation, taking into account changes in the current ripple in which the work of series capacitors RAC (85 «C) and GXA (105 * C) are shown in Fig. 3 and 4. Measurements were made at a frequency of 120 Hz ripple (NC data are the manufacturer’s documentation for the series RAC iSKHA).

Hitachi AIC does not emit Circo electrolytic capacitors with low equivalent series resistance (Low FSR), but the documentation for each series listed values ​​LSR (equivalent series resistance) and ESL (equivalent series inductance I. Some series Gar | ggirovanio can be regarded as having a value of F pshkoe .SR, so the developer is desirable to carefully examine all the options to close a series of optimal choice of the electrolytic capacitor.

Reducing the current ripple and the temperature being published Expl electrolytic capacitors allows q-schespkiio (in pekotoryh cases even dozens of times) increase the service life of these components — it is the main conclusion to be drawn NZ graphs in Fig. 3 and 4. End of Life (End of life) ARI allowable temperature and electric modes s means that there comes a catastrophic failure of the capacitor — there is only the output parameters specified by the manufacturer for the permissible limits. On this basis, we can suggest a few ways to increase uptime Continue telposti electrolytic koidepsatorov:

• Choice of a series capacitor with high reliability.

• Selecting a capacitor with a wide operating temperature range.

• Reduced current ripple capacitor -etogo I can achieve an increase in capacity.

• Selecting a capacitor with a greater amount of allowable working voltage, if possible.

• Selection of the capacitor with low equivalent series sonrotiv laziness * (Low ESR). For each value of the electrolytic capacitor Hitachi AIC in the documentation indicates the value fcSR and ESL. Capacitors with low ESR allow high levels of ripple current, so under the same conditions of service, they will be more. Note that at temperatures of about -40 «C equivalent series resistance increases sharply.

• Relief temperature operation (condenser installation on the heat-lootvodyaschee chassis or heatsink, Fig. S). It should be noted that all products for fasteners have their own names and in the delivery of the electrolytic capacitor are not included. Proper installation also eliminates capacitor damages mehaiiches Kie impact and vibration equipment.

• Selecting the capacitor with minimal leakage current.

• Selection of the condenser from the world’s leading manufacturers.

The operating unit capacitors are floor standing and influence of ripple voltage. Contributing to the loss of heat and makes the capacitor and the electrical resistance of the leak, which characterizes the quality of the insulation between the plates. Power losses introduced by the leakage current, the leakage current is proportional to the square or the square of the constant component of the capacitor voltage. When the nominal operating voltage of the capacitor is not enough, they have to be connected in series. In this case, the voltage on them can be distributed unevenly due to technological scatter denominations. Consider a specific example of series connection of the two electrolytic capacitors with a rated voltage of 350 V DC, the capacity of which has a tolerance of ± 20% of nominal value. In the worst case, with a maximum capacity of one spread of them will be 80%, and another — 120% commemorated. Theoretically, the total voltage of 700 V to one of the capacitors is applied 420 and another — 280 V. And the ego without scatter leakage resistance. To uravpovesig voltage iarallel each capacitor connected equalizing resistors. Specially for this purpose A1C Hitachi manufactures resistors with a maximum capacity of 5 to 20 watts. screws that attach directly to a bolt terminal of the capacitor.

Also capacitors bolt pin Hitachi A1C produces electrolytic capacitors with reinforced the findings (Figure 6).

Capacitors with the conclusions of the latches have long won wide popularity. Fig. 6 allows to navigate in pravilpom choosing to achieve the optimum balance of price and quality. Constructs findings Snap In simplifies the installation of capacitors on a circuit board. Options electrolytic capacitors Snap-In are shown in tablptsu 2.

Fig. 7 shows the relationship between the nominal operating voltage (Rated Voltage) and permissible short-term voltage (Surge Voltage), and Table 3 in the numerical gavnsimost veil between these voltages.

When working together with the inductance of the capacitor on the first surge occur. Limiting resistor and an electronic key, a shunt current limiting resistor after the capacitor charge, allow to completely eliminate the overload) ‘(Fig. 7).

Tantalum chip capacitors Hitachi AIC

Also electrolytic capacitors Hitachi AIC produces a wide range of tantalum chip kondensagorov standard sizes standard and high reliability, low equivalent accompanied tiplennem. There ninkoprofilnaya and miniature series, special series of capacitors with integrated thermal fuse. Operating temperature range of tantalum chip capacitors -S5 … 105 ° C, -55. ..125 «C, -55. ..150 4 ‘.. The relationship between the series of tantalum chip kondepsatorov Hitachi A1C is shown in Fig. 8, and their main parameters are summarized in Table 4.

Fig. 9 shows the recommended productivity driver’s safe operating area for the tall tan chip kokdeisaggorov. The main conclusion that can be drawn based on the IA Fig. 9: it is desirable to have a two-recommended supply voltage UQ.

For additional information about elsktro litpcheskih and chip tantalum capacitors Hitachi AIC with PDF files from the manufacturer I datasheets) can be found at Hitachi A1C w ww.aic- «irope.c ora. at

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